Wednesday, March 13, 2013

UFO Descends Into Volcano Popocatepeti, Mexico: 12/03/2013

This incredible footage captured on a live cam, shows the UFO descending into Volcano Popocatepeti, in Mexico. The volcano has been an ongoing UFO hotspot and has been covered in the news multiple times this year for UFO visitations. We remind people that due to the volcanic ash, the area is a no fly zone for aircraft.  I would appreciate your take on this footage and what you think the connection between active volcanoes and UFOs (which we have covered over the years) really is all about?
This video was filmed March 12, 2013:
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Anonymous said...

Once again,I'm of the opinion that this light is not going into the volcano,but instead,is "up high" in
a trajectory crossing over the volcano Popocatepeti,and grows smaller towards the horizon.......

On the other hand if this Volcano
IS a hot spot for UFO...excuse the
pun!:) would understand that there is allot of energy released,
not just in the pressure of magma being belched out,but also in the
"extremely HOT" gas and ash,being
released!?This HOT ash,on contact
with the cooler air,can generate a
HUGE charge of electrons:[electrcity]These highly charged particles,release as lightning!! as
sometimes seen,just the same as a
thunderstorm,we've all experienced.

These highly charged particles of
electricity,in the volcanic ash,
maybe of some interest to ETs. and useful for their craft to absorb
this energy,as a recharge top up.
.......ITS FREE!!:)

While we have to pay for our power,
ET.gets it FREE!!!

Holy cow! no such thing as a free lunch,for us sheeples:/

I love FREE.....................

Anonymous said...

It looks like something had spewed out of the volcano and the film w41as just reversed

Anonymous said...

Take a look at the the webcam (timelapse archive)on any evening any you will see that background stars follow the same path across the sky, and some of these stars cross the horizon at the peak of the mountain....

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