Wednesday, March 13, 2013

UFO Over Argentina: 11/03/2013

An interesting report about a bright hovering craft over Argentina, this month. This has apparently been data analyzed, to discount possibility the UFO was a satellite:

Video comments:
March 11, 2013 with unknown orbital (UFO) On Sky Capital of Argentina After a few days of fruitless monitoring, recording at dawn today Orbital unknown element, which also comes out in Schedules Satellite Informed officers as "UNKNOWN OBJETC B", is very interesting to note that the cast if they appear in the lists of scientific dissemination Above Heaben as unknown objects "after searching in various forums and websites have forums observers even" specialized ", I comments found, which also allow the inference could be UFO lenticular, although mostly in the forums, this conclusion is not very well received, but it is important to emphasize that., "if the nomenclature / Name as unknown objects, is something . "Here are some pages which also appoints and analyzes.
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