Thursday, March 14, 2013

Readers Personal UFO Sightings: March 2013

Readers personal UFO sightings for March:
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 9th March Emporia Greensville County, Virginia On 3/9/13
 I was outside in my yard when i called my wife outside to see if what I saw was real . WE both saw a cigar shape UFO with 4 lights on the bottom of it near the Emporia V.A. area it was fast moving and looked like it had heat all around it like you would see on the top of your car on a hot day. It was going from southeast to the northwest direction . About 2 hrs later i saw a v pattern of lights going just about in the same direction and it seemed to be around 20 to 30 lights in this one and was much different that the first and way bigger . Or the second one could have been more than one object . If anyone else saw anything close to the 2 objects we saw in the V.A. or N.C. area on the night of March 9th let me know .

12th march Holly spring North Carolina
I am reporting to you again I have been seeing them every night when it is clear over my house, I have power lines by my house and it seems that they are getting energy off of these lines, they hover over them for about 2 hours and then they fly away due west. And they are near the cell phone tower toohovering over it. They are bright in color with red, blue,green and orange light, with a white light on top. They are here every night about 10:00 pm to about 1:00 am in the morning I have been seeing them for about 3 weeks, as I reported last week about them. I am located in connelly springs north carolina, has any body else seen them, please let me know. And somebody really needs to check on this, like nasa or the goverment.

02:05 13 March 2013 Scottsdale
McDowel Intersection —I was traveling eastbound on McDowel coming from Red Rox apartments and I witnessed this. I had one of Scottsdales finest sitting next to me at the traffic light. We both sat still when it turned green. I tried my best to film it with my cell phone. The lights formed a perfect equilateral triangle. They could be military artillery flares but Im not 100% convinced that is what this is. I think that there is a hoaxer in the area. That is my guess.
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Anonymous said...

Then why are you not prepared with a camera for photo or video evidence. That way your story is at least believable. To put your mind at ease - anything triangle or cigar shape is military. Nothing to get excited about.

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