Friday, June 13, 2008

Previously Unreleased rare footage of the 97 Pheonix lights

The second lot of footage in this film of the Pheonix lights back in 97 is new and previously unreleased. This is a very interesting example of a Triangle Ufo and unlike the orginal footage it definitely does not look like flares:
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Anonymous said...

Nice! I was looking for this footage for a while. It appears to show the actual Delta shaped craft (or crafts) as well as the Phoenix Lights, which I don't think were the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Read this:

LEAX said...

woow nice one ;) i love pheonix light sighting for me its one of the best ;)

Anonymous said...

I SAW FORMATION OF UFO'S LAST NIGHT! (I'm located in Antwerp, Belgium)!

Looked like a pack of (light-emitting) birds flying in formation!

They crossed half the visible sky ( for me) in just 2-3 seconds whereas a satellite would need maybe 10 seconds to cross the same (relative) distance

These things are for real for sure, only thing I don't know if it's human made or made by some other folk.

All I can say is WOW!

Trainscape said...

I used to be a believer in the Phoenix lights. Meaning I believed they were something possibly not from Earth. Then I saw the famous video - and now this one. Completely unspectacular. I see a bunch of flares from a high altitude slowing moving down. It's clear from the video. See how they sparkle? Notice they don't move left and right. Then they go out in the same order they went on. This is the best evidence that came from this "incident"? Wow indeed.

LEAX said...

Trainscape that's bullcrap that you wrote .. videos have been analysed and those orbs/lights weren't flares + yes they do move in formation and in a direction, try to watch some documents about it ;) .. you want to say something else ?

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