Monday, June 09, 2008

UFOs: The Real History ?

UFOs: The Real History is a documentary about how how flying saucers were apparently developed secretly by man. I am not sure that all ufo sightings can be attributed to this, but its an interesting theory.

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LEAX said...

Yeah and we had saucers even when we haven't knew what is steel ...

I'm proud I was born in former Czechoslovakia :D in our country they made first saucers :D (for guys that don't know, now its: Czech rep. and Slovak rep. (now two separated states))

Anonymous said...

Hey Leax, are you a virgin?
Because you are one dumb motherfucker.
Take the next saucer and shove it up you stupid fucken white euro trash ass.


Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh, how fasinating leax.
You come from a third world country that sucked the russian penis for 50 years. Nice.

LEAX said...

Wow nice intelligent comments guys ;) So everyone that is a virgin is a MF because you said so? Next thing is that I haven't meant it seriously .. even when I saw that docu for the first time I was laughing like hell when they said they made first flying saucers in Skoda... Anyway why are you so aggressive ?? Are you jealous or what? I hope you don't own a gun .. ooo sorry everyone in USA has the right to own one so they kill everyone they don't like ...
I see that they teach you nice things in school .. or the only thing that you remember from the history lesson about Czechoslovakia is: Czechoslovakia - suck - penis - Russia - 50 years ?
And now what is fascinating ... GTFO

Anonymous said...

I used to like to check out the comments here, but it's turned into a damn high school lately. To the guy that's trashing leax, pretty funny that you call him a dumb MF. If that's the best you can do, then look in the mirror pal. You're the idiot here, filling up the comments section with your childish cursing, ooooohhhhhh, you said some bad words. Grow up or go somewhere else!

Anonymous said...

Leave Leax alone!
Gay people have a right to be stupid too!
Oh and the Czech rebublic has a worse war record than France... enough said.

Lich said...

This is the truth about ufos, and aliens was government propaganda. Its funny when someone say that gov keep aliens in secret, because they invent whole thing. I mean why ufology begin just after 2WW? This all make sense to me.

LEAX said...

Lich and what about "ancient UFOs" ? You know from paintings, tales etc.

marcus33cz said...

I agree with lich, this theory is completely true. The Nazi scientists developed new weapons, so called Wunderwaffen - nowadays flying saucers. Fortunately, the war ended before they managed to finish them. However, the US (...and maybe Russia) took the plans and prototypes and finished these black projects in places like Area 51. Now they support the disinformation campaign about aliens, abductions and ancient astronauts... They support everything that doesn't include the truth (army project kept as a secret in case of e.g. WWIII). Result - more and more people believe in alien visitations of Earth and less and less people know the truth.

P.S. A taky byste se mohli prestat navazet do leaxe, co vam udelal...

LEAX said...

well to say that theyve INVENTED this isnt correct cos life in space exists for sure but questions is have they visited our planet ? or all those stories about aliens are just ppl in costumes etc. ... so disinformation maybe counts only for the part of aliens visiting the earth

2 marcus33cz: zdar bratu z ceska :D chcelo by to nejake ufo nad ceskom alebo slovenskom coo ? :D

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