Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Further Ufo reports from Santa Monica

So many emails in from Santa Monica this week about recent Ufo reports:

The full story of events in Santa Monica on December 1 and 8, 2010.
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Brian Szy said...

I can't believe they call Bill Nye a renoun scientist. The guy a damn stand up comic who tried to fill a "Mr. Wizard" niche. The problem is the "news" gets the Bill Nyes and James Obergs (an AMATURE astronomist)of the world, and calls them "experts". I find that amazing.

VIrtuallyLucid said...

I kid you not, skydiving with flares is fast becoming the newest extreme fad. They do this at dusk, evening, and night time. You can find videos shot from the sky-divers point of view while they dive through the air with magnesium flares. It looks EXACTLY like this. The light from the flare completely obscures the skydiver at a distance. Notice how all of the recent videos of this phenomenon have things falling down in a zigzag pattern? Never up. Never taking off at incredible speeds. Nothing but down, and usually zig-zagging. Just like skydivers do.

Don't take my word for it. Look into it. Night skydiving with flares. Google it, search it on You Tube, whatever.

It will answer all your questions.

Bathtub said...

"On Dec 1st and 8th Sean and I did a night demo in Santa Monica, CA. I didn’t think much of it until I was watching the news and I see them reporting on 2 UFO sighting in Santa Monica. The sightings were on Dec 1 & 8. As soon as I saw the videos on the news I busted up laughing. It was us jumping with our night flares. The next night my wife’s friend called her and told her that TMZ was reporting on it. I went on line and found that quite a few people were posting on the sightings. Even Manu Ginobili (San Antonio Spurs) saw the jump and reported UFO’s on his twitter and Face Book page."
- Jon DeVore, redbullairforce.com

Case closed, I think!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

well why dont you jump off a cliff this time with no chute ok??

Tony Hunter said...

Night Skydiving? Ok, but where are the planes that drop these people off? Why have they not been spotted too? Certainly, these skydivers don't just materialize in the middle of the sky!

VirtuallyLucid said...


That's true, they probably don't. However, most people don't care about, or go around filming, easily identified prop planes flying at diving altitudes. So, a normal plane flies overhead, high enough to be at safe diving altitude, and is ignored because it is normal. After the jumpers exit the plane, it doesn't hang around, but continues flying....away. By the time the divers have ignited their flares, the plane is nowhere to be seen and may even have already landed at a nearby strip. I wouldn't expect the plane to be part of the video in that scenario.

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