Thursday, December 16, 2010

Michael Luckman on Wikileaks and UFO ET Disclosure

A Radio discussion here on the upcoming Wiki leaks and the Ufo link.
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Anonymous said...

A good show! & my mind is open! like a parachute,it only works, when its open!
Seeing is believing,though! but only when you know what you saw, and THAT, is MY guideline!
We will see!
The other thing that would catch my
attention, BIG time! Would be
President Obama, or say!..Hillary Clinton, "talking on video" about
ETs - ufo!...yah right! not going
to happen!....Or will it?
This is the video of the kind, I'm waiting for!?
That! would have have to be Disclosure.........

Anonymous said...

anything shy of aliens landing on the white house lawn usa will never admit to ufos and aliens.they HAVE been working with them(grays and annuakki and probably others) for over 50 yrs, as bob dean(retired sgnt major of the us military) has said.if countries like china ever found out about the kind of tech america actualy has the balance of power tips in the US too greatly it could and probably start world war 3 because the U.S. Will never share such technology with the world its to powerful and could be used against them

Anonymous said...

For Comment 2:

I hear you! and you make alot of
sense,STRONG! "so too,does Bob Dean"

We hear of increased sightings,
but are told that 95% of those can
be explained away,blurred Photos & all!...So where is this all taking us? Down a one way road for ever!?

Blurred photos that leave doubt!
or too clear! to good, to be true!

All most, a promise of DISCLOSURE
that can never happen by US. for reasons you have clearly pointed out!
So for me, it appears that the only
options that are apparent, for Disclosure are; for some other country to declare Disclosure, OR ETs sets down on someone's front lawn!?

You've got to ask your self, where
is all this going?
Do we all want to spend the rest of our lives in quandary over this!? or do we just stay lead by the nose, Who knows!......

Anonymous said...

Northrop, Raytheon and others are all in the game. There are approx. 4 above government organisations with unlimited funds, et-technology 1000 yrs in advance including highest security clearances (MJ12) and MIB vehicles. They are in control! I only pray for the better of this world.....

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