Friday, December 17, 2010

Did you see that Ufo over Maryland 4th December 2010

This amazing new Ufo sightings was filmed over Maryland in United States on Tuesday, 14th December 2010 around 8:30 pm. If you witnessed this please respond to this post asap.

Posters comments
I caught this unusual "plane" around 8:30PM on 12/14/10. It was flying very very low in sky. I watched it turn its lights on and off and flash irregularly. At first I thought I was looking at the front of a plane but it never flew over my direction which makes me think I was looking at the side of the craft based on the direction it was flying. It appeared to fly diagonally and changed shape at times. I also found it unusual that I didn't hear any sound coming from the craft considering how low and close it was to me. Watch for brief shape changing at the 0:53 mark. I lost track of the object shortly after this as most of the lights on the craft turned off. As always please watch this video at 720p full screen.
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Anonymous said...

all these people across the globe catching ufos on film need a course in "how to use a video camera 101"

step 1, hold camera steady
step 2, focus the picture
step 3, show your friends your ufo

Push Back said...

rap in the back ground , what a drag

Anonymous said...

Da Plane Boss! Da Plane!

Anonymous said...

Not too bad, but once again the shakes!
Just a little reminder,if you can
put your hands, OR your elbows on the top of your car some where, OR
steady your hands on the side of a tree, a building could improve the hole picture for everyone!........

Anonymous said...

seen the same thing. from essex, md

this vid gave me chills. it flew over my house, before i was able to get my camera, it was gone. Totally looked like a plane and everything, but not with any kind of lights that i've ever seen. as it flew over, the lights went on to move back and forth like the helicopter trying to make contact with the aliens in the movie Independence Day.

Anonymous said...

I have never told anybody this but as a student at the naval academy i saw this aircraft or a very similar one fly down the severn river. It was totally silent, as fast an F-16 I saw at an air show one time, and it flew right down the river towards the bay without a sound. I saw no movement on the water and felt no wind or anything. I forget the datte but it was around midnight in the fall of 2004.

Anonymous said...

I was in Waldorf on hwy 5 heading south last night at midnight 12/20/10 and saw the very same aircraft . At first I thought it was a commercial flight making a landing but then it stopped completely in mid air with red lights flashing and with what appeared to be a spotlight that came on directly in front on the craft. I reached for my iPhone to take a photo but I passed it to fast. Went to Sam's Club a few miles down the road to make my delivery and while I was backing into the dock I looked to my right and there It was again flying towards me but in a southernly direction with another aircraft in hot pursuit. Whatever this thing was I don't know but it was definitely strange.

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