Tuesday, April 29, 2008

David Adair - Reveals Light Speed UFO Technology

David Adair has had extraordinary experiences at Area 51 when, as a mere teenager, he said he examined a gigantic engine which had an "exoskeleton" shaped liked a number eight. Today Adair David Adair is an internationally recognized expert in space technology spinoff applications for industry and commercial use. In this interview he Reveals Light Speed UFO Technology :

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Brice Morgan said...

Real UFO:


Anonymous said...

What a complete and total bullshit artist. This guy has developed some serious mental issues since his youth.

The truth will never be seen for the truth while poseurs like this fellow are around to muddy the waters.

Anonymous said...

to anon above:

those who are dismissive display the arrogance of ignorance

Anonymous said...

To my critic above.
You need to develop a better bullshit detector if you are serious about understanding what are wild claims by folks with personality problems, and those claims that have the feel of authenticity.
For example, when he says, "There are 61 types of rocket motor and I just happened to make the Contained Fusion thingy", put just a slight blip on your detector?

Anonymous said...

Bullshit detector?

My bullshit detector is flashing red whenever I read stuff you write!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Red Bullshit detector.

This what you wrote,

"those who are dismissive display the arrogance of ignorance"


Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight...

You are getting worked up on a anonymous comment section of a UFO website?


Anonymous said...

To Mr Red Face,
No. I am annoying you coz you make silly statements like the guru in Mystery Men.
Is it working?

Anonymous said...

You are the one who are making statements to the effect of... THIS IS BS, THIS IS NOT TRUE, THIS IS A HOAX, HOPE YOUR BS METER CATCHES THIS.

What arrogance on your part because you KNOW what it is or what it isn't.

I'm not that presumptuous, I simply don't know and I will keep my mind open, meaning it's possible it's true.

You say it's impossible its true, well, in your little universe maybe it's impossible yes.

So quit wasting everybodies time....

redman said...

Did I hear this guy right... he's claiming he developed a fusion engine at age 17??? One that can drive a rocket as fast as a bullet??? And he could "program" it to fly to the exact coordinates specified by the men in black? C'mon, what is this post even doing here?

Anonymous said...

It's working!
You're shouting.
Wow, your face must be really red by now.

l2 said...

you're a funny retard

Neurotoxicum said...

Hey guys,
yeah I agree to the fusion propelled rocket thing at the age of 17 thats perfectly programmed...
Well c'mon...
A 17 year old will surely get access to a rocket testing site...
Just got one right in my front garden

john0104 said...

how can david's rocket move at the speed of light when it would require an infinate amount of energy to do so. (e=mc^2) or

Anonymous said...

I remeber the name from shooting off model rockets in the 60's in Michigan. That guy is for real. I believe his story.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, no leap of faith there. I certainly see a direct connection between shooting off model rockets as a kid to being an expert on super-secret alien fusion-driven engine technologies...

I used to shoot off rockets as a kid too...

People seem to love conspiracy theories, no matter how inane they are. Anyone who thinks our goverment could keep such a quantum leap of technology hidden for 50 years is dreaming. And no one ever seems to have credible motivational reason for the governemnt to even keep the secret, even if they had it. More like they'd be exploiting the hell out of it in the military sector...no such engines in the newest generation of military hardware.

Humainty if capable of some amazing advancements if we give ourselves the time, but were orders of magnitude away from this dude's fantasies..put down the crack pipe, or take your lithium...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I am listening to the Adair interview with Art Bell on the best of Art Bell right now. Art had to Correct him when Adair Pronounced Stephen Hawking, "Stefan Hawkins" He continued to do it even after Art said "you mean Steve?" He also sounds a lot like an un-affected version of mad man Markum. I am going to call full on bull shit and it pisses me off.

I have continued to listen to this program because I get to hear people like Michio kaku.

I am just glad I am smart enough to see through the BS. It just seems dumb that in this world so full of truly amazing genius that he would have to broadcast crap.

Anonymous said...

My god. You guys are all so hilarious. Who are any of you to say that the other is wrong about whether or not this is true? Neither one of you know because neither one of you can read his mind. I have a 3.67 GPA in the study of Pharmacy Technician and I still smoke weed and talk however I want cuz all dat matters is what you kno. U kno? Who cares if he said Stefan instead of Stephan? Whatever happened to Tomatoe(toh-may-toh), Tomato(toh-mah-toh)?

Anonymous said...

He has all the credentials, also the Documentary was done by a highly respected Producer, he seems authentic, convincing and sincere. I believe he's the genuine article. Sorry all you debunkers, go back and lick your wounds on this one! Pppffff

Brian said...

There is a 9 part Youtube video where Adair talks about the 'Other Space Program'. Part one is here:


I listened to the entire thing with an open mind. I am not smart enough to say whether the technology is possible or bogus, but when it comes to piecing together timelines with sport and music references, I am able to spot inconsistencies. Adair said some things that made me want to do some fact checking.

I went to Adair's website (davidtysonadair.com). I saw a picture of a newspaper clip where it says he was 17 yrs old and the date of the newspaper was 1971. There is another pic showing his high school diploma awarded in 1972. Therefore, he graduated from high school when he was 18 yrs old (normal age)

We now know that he was born in 1954. We can surmise that he progressed through his primary education normally and was neither promoted ahead of his class nor held back.

First, I will mention some things that checked out. David Adair says he met Curtis LeMay through his mother, who was a caregiver for Curtis' parents. I did a google search on Curtis Lemay to get his parents names (Erving and Arizona) then did searches on his parents. Ancestry.com does show them passing away in 1966 and 1967 with the last known address in Mt. Vernon, OH.

Adair says he met Curtis LeMay when he was 17 yrs old. From above, we know this would have been in 1971, or 4-5 years after Curtis LeMay's parents passed away. But I suppose it is possible David's mom introduced David and Curtis.

Adair says he met Stephen Hawking when he was 12 yrs old (1966) and Hawking had a cane. If you Google "Stephen Hawkins marriage" you will see a 1965 wedding photo of him carrying a cane. He was not yet in a wheelchair.

Now to point out some inconsistncies:

The first thing that got my attention is that he says he was 12 years old when he went to Woodstock (Part 6 - 10:42). He was emphatic that it was THE WOODSTOCK. We know Adair would have been 12 yrs old in 1966. Woodstock was in 1969.

He also says he listened to Led Zeppelin play "Whole Lotta Love". Led Zeppelin never played at Woodstock.

In Part 4 (1:20) Adair says he was 12 years old when he spent time rebuilding engines at the Richard and Lee Petty's garage/machine shop. The Petty's had their garage/machine shop in Level Cross, North Carolina.

Later on in Part 4 (13:30) Adair tells a story about being in 7th grade and located in Mt. Vernon, OH (13:58). We know Adair was in the 7th grade when he was 12 yrs old. So was he in NC or OH at age 12?

In Part 6 (8:10) he says that Skylab flew in 1974 and 1975. Actually, it orbited the earth from 1973 to 1979, and the manned missions were in 1973 to 1974. So he is a year off. No big deal...

... But, then again, if you are going to tell stories of this nature, your credibility is going to be called into question. If it were me, I would want to have even the smallest details irrefutable.

Another example: Later on in Part 6 (10:13) he says a Skylab astronaut was listening to Pink Floyd The Wall. The Wall was released in November 1979. He probably meant Dark Side of the Moon, which was released in March 1973. Probably just a mix-up but I wish he would get details right. He is sloppy and it makes me question his credibility.

bobsyleck said...

Mr Adair is the most believable person I have studied.

Anonymous said...

Well i've found some bullshit to pad my dissertation on nuclear powered space flight with. Oh by the way anybody who actually believes this, clearly is either mentally retarded, has no grasp of scientific process's or knowledge, a waste of the air they breath, or all of the above.

Anonymous said...

You guys. Come on. You don't know if this guy is for real. You have no idea. You can make assumptions based on your prior and background knowledge, but nobody actually knows. So stop being so fucking arrogant like you do know. You fucking don't. Here's my assumption: he doesn't blink very much, thats a good indicator he's not bullshitting. You see all the politicians and other big shots blink like there is no fucking tomorrow. But how the fuck should I know! Leave some things undecided children... you just don't know.

Anonymous said...

Mr Adair has a remarkable story. With a story like this, there is no doubt a lot of government useful idiots that will sabotage Mr Adair, because the useful idiots do what they are told and they of course believe everything their govt agents tell them, because they are useful idiots.

Anonymous said...

Woah LMAO at all the closed minded ppl here.

Have you Ppl learned nothing over the last 50 years of KNOWN history?

History is WRONG and the GOV knows it's wrong and has known it's wrong since way before our time here.

I believe Adairs story COULD be true based on what I do know about the GOVs, their black projects and massive (ShutUpOrDie) methods to control & keep Ppl QUIET.

Area 51 is a FACT; no matter how loud they yell proclaiming it doesn't exist.

That alone should tell you Ppl something is WRONG with what we are being told or taught?


I know there is in fact, a secret space program using anti-gravity propulsion developed in the 40s 50s & 60s and that WE humans have already been to MARS using these propulsion systems.

All that means is that YOU Ppl who don't believe Adair, is that you have NOT yet learned to keep an open mind about anything; YOU, do not understand!

Some of us Earth Humans do understand that everything that we think we know, is not as it seems! Open your minds and you too will learn something new and even unexpected or quite unbelievable. Start by at least trying to WAKEUP!

Anonymous said...

Well done Brian you did some good old fashioned research instead of dismissing him or agreeing with him.

I noticed some of these inconsistencies as well and for a guy with a photographic memory as he says he has, I find it ODD that some of these details don't add up.

However, I am not willing to dismiss him as a nut case so easily, just yet.

There could be other reasons for the inconsistencies such as his photographic memory may only pertain to his mathematics and physics, this is possible. Again BRIAN well done.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha!...CONTROVERSY!! and red necking!?...lol What would it take to put ALL you lovely people, on the same page?....DISCLOSURE??? or would that be WORSE???

Its said, we're getting disclosure NOW!? LOL:) DRIP FEED!!!

But who is the BIGGEST DRIP? LOL
Look!...seeing is believing, when you boil it all down!? thats rule
number one,right? Rule number two,
keep an opend mind!...Mine is open!
I just haven't fallen out of it,
yet!:)...heaven help me if I do, I'll probable land on you lot!?.......hahaha!

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