Thursday, May 01, 2008

Interesting cloud video

This video shows what seems to be a stationary cloud?, interesting anyways
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Anonymous said...

Who wants to look at a stupid CLOUD Goddam get with it.

You should have that ufo on Youtube called

ITS A UFO 100%

nick dk said...

It might be strange 2 us in here.
But pretty normal and easy 2 explain if u are a weatherman.

Cant see the fuss about this vid.

Anonymous said...

could be fake cause of the similar "digital palm trees" as was seen in the Haiti Ufo video months ago

LEAX said...

well after i saw this :
i look from then on clouds shapes too :)

Lich said...

UFC unidentified flying cloud :)

LEAX said...

Heh youve made me laugh :D

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