Monday, May 26, 2008

Are We Alone In The Universe ? UFO documentary

Another UFO documentary - Includes the facts about some amazing discoveries along with a series of spellbinding interviews with researchers & credible scientists.
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SoD said...

To fully understand where a Crystal Skull would have originated from …. One must have a basic understanding of True Ancient Pyramids…

During that era noted as the fall of Man … which included almost a countless number of Pyramid shaped Manuel Power Facilities falling from their High Celestial places…. it was also during this time that many of these Ancient Pyramid objects showed themselves in their Gleaming Colorful and Light Weight Exotic materials as they seemed to just float in mid air in their downward decline and dis-placement.
Each giant Pyramid Structure contained a Mystic Glowing Eye which was a Field of Highly accelerated Plasma Energy roaring of a great power as the Pyramid's Eye generating it's steady glow of Light. These Mystic Eye-lets being just one of the Pyramid's power Facilities, which had become contaminated causing a fall in their accelerated marc of Quantum Frequency. It was such a contamination of Eye-let Plasma Cores and their associated mass core that caused their Worlds to fall from High Celestial places.
Several falling Pyramid Facilities lowered themselves and their attached Land-scape from upper positions to settle richly flourishing soil atop the crust of Earth's newly evolving surface. Other Facilities with their contaminated Power Facilities settled their Mystical Cities, or mobile and flying crafts in hidden areas throughout the planet and other distant places.
For a period of time all driven Ancient Pyramid Structures which had settled atop this planet remained visible to outside residence of this early evolving rock. Some were seen only temporarily as their gleaming structures and cities passed through visual view of Earth's reality. This is the era when there were Giants in the land.
As time past, each fallen Pyramid's Eye-let Fields of Accelerated Plasma Energy (which such Energy was referred to as the Spirit of MAN), and each their plasmatomic reactor core (which were referred to as the Flesh of MAN) ...
Each of these power Facilities had to under go a purging process …..
Such purging procedures caused a ‘Smelting Electric Furnace’ back-up of hot flowing minerals which filled every open area of the Pyramid's inner structural design … and a back-up burst of extreem heat caused a Crystallizing of the eye-let’s Field of accelerated energy …. such a mystic crystallizing gave shape to a center placed mold of the Pyramid’s Central Casing of it’s control modules which were referred to as a Crystal Skull …
After purging and solidifying of minerals, the actual Structure of each Exotic Pyramid continuing in it's frequency de-acceleration, did vanish from view to set in what is referred to as the first level of the Eighth Universal Plane, which is below a Dividing Firmament of space and time. Some refer to this zone as the first level of Hell or purgatory.
As Exotic Structures of each Pyramid vanished from the surface of this planet, each left behind a ‘Molded Stone Image’ of the inner Pyramid’s overall Facility … and also it left behind the ‘Global Eyelet‘s Crystallized Mold’ with it’s center placed ‘Crystallized Skull’ … But these such true ‘Mystic Formation of the Skull’ would have been as the elements of a priceless jewel … For each such Global and Crystallized Mold which had formed there inside the Pyramid's Eye-let, were in their later discovery, referred to as the Mother Load of diamonds … One such molded image has been referred to as King Solomon’s Mine.
Before the falling from High Celestial Place, and before contamination of Accelerated Plasma Cores, and before the Crystallizing of Accelerated Plasma Energy … each Eyelet of Energy would periodically weep crystallized precious stones as such stones would seem to appear in mid air and drop as tears, to later flow as a river of precious stones … and later to be discovered inner mixed with solidified rock minerals.

I’m just an Old Soul passing through, given something important to say
[email protected]

Anonymous said...

Um. Sounds cool. Could you maybe sum it up in a few sentences?

Anonymous said...

lol leave sod along just cause you can't read something with more then ten words son.....

LEAX said...

If Nibiru really exists then its an unstoppable disclosure ;)

SoD said...

If a reader have read only one article given me to write … they would know that I am very celestial minded individual … all I speak of are matters mostly not of this visible planet … I won’t ever apologize for this … I can only say celestial matters are my nature and my purpose during this temporary stay …

So … as to not deviate from my purpose in this life, I would like to say … This global Sphere we now refer to as Earth …. is as a grounded Root-Rock …it is the foundation and ground source for four main (community size) pockets of open atmosphere floating unseen through Earth skies which each are referred to as a heaven …. These hidden pockets of heaven are also sort of an entry and exit Port Station for celestial Travelers …. Each linked to their particular alignment of celestial pockets which extend up through dark space … each upper pocket of heaven are as one step in an established ladder to their next open pocket of heaven ….

These aligned pockets of heaven are not to be confused with that Port Station hidden on the dark side of the moon which was taken over by that Satan celestial alliance ….

Never the less …. each of the four individual ‘floating pockets of heaven’ and each their individual celestial alignment, are referred to as a ’World’ …. Even Earth of it’s visual reality is considered a World, as it set enclosed in it’s sort of unique ‘shrink-wrapped’ pocket of space ….. Yet all of these Worlds associated with Earth, hold their place here within this great expanse of endless darkness …. It is this expanse which is known as the Seventh Universal Plane ….

Most every goal of every World associated with this planet … is to find that contact link which would attach their celestial alliance through the crystallized Firmament associated with the Sixth Universal Plane ….. That link which will carry through every preceding Firmament through to that First Universal Plane …

With such Worlds in mind … it was Jesus of Nazareth whom again I must say I do dearly love … who was indeed that Celestial Contact ….

It was High up through dark space that Jesus of Nazareth was reincarnated in birth …. It was up there in one particular open pocket of heaven … of one particular colony of people …. Associated with one particular celestial alignment …. Rooted by one particular transparent pocket of heaven floating in Earth skies …. It was this particular celestial world in which a Particular High governing Entity in Power … did send that which was necessary to establish a Celestial Power Source referred to as a ‘Christ‘ which would link this particular World’s alignment …. Which at the same time would link this Earth with the Highest Universal Plane …. Needless to say … with great trickery and deception .. Satan colony and allies did hinder this endeavor ….

But now all things are back on course …. Or maybe off course was on course after all.

I regret I couldn't shorten such an important bit of information ...

I write so that Walkers of the Good Faith will not be left uninformed in these matters in this new UFO era that now approaches

…. … [email protected]

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