Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Lake Erie - a major UFO hotspot

There have been so many UFO sightings over the waters of Lake Erie that it is now an official UFO hot spot. "It's a hot spot," declares local ufologist Aaron Clark about the beaches of Lake Erie near Cleveland, Ohio. "Some believe there's a UFO base on the bottom of the lake."

While not as well known as the ufo hot spots of Mexico City or Phoenix, Lake Erie has generated enough attention that news and documentary filmmakers are taking notice. Several Lake Erie UFO videos have made the national news, and The History Channel aired a segment on the Lake Erie UFOs.

There have been more than 20 credible UFO sightings in the area in the last two years, according to Clark, a spokesman for the Cleveland Ufology Project, one of the oldest UFO-spotting groups in the country.

"There's a pattern here," says Sam Phillips, a musician who filmed a UFO hovering over downtown Cleveland in March 2007, which was shown nationwide by CBS News. "There's a riddle here. And I want answers. I want an explanation."
Lake Erie 09-18-2007

Two Lake Erie UFO

Lake Erie triangle 09-18-2007:

Summer 2001 Lake erie ufos

Single ORB UFO entering INTO Lake Erie:
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