Friday, May 30, 2008


A new one guys:

UFO SIGHTING MARCH 22 08 2 AM HERMOSA BEACH California Rate this posting:


LEAX said...

nice video .. and nice ufo ;) was a bit shocked when i saw it

Ghar said...

nice footage

mkudranski said...

Very reliable one. I like it a lot. Can't wait to see 2nd part.

Virtually Lucid said...

Here's a theory. I have no doubt that the people filming this night-time object were genuine. They seem obviously amazed at what they are seeing and have no explanation or experience with which to relate.

That's not the case for me, though. This is almost identical to the new RC kites being flown in, and shipped out of, Singapore. These kites are silent, radio controlled, stringless, and are commonly strapped with LED lights that make them glow BRIGHTLY. There are several shapes and configurations. They can hover, stall, flip, loop, coast, and speed around, all based on the skill of the user.

If you want to see comparisons, check out "RC Kite" on YouTube, or just go over to where you can watch video, read descriptions, and even order one of your own.

Not saying that this is definitely a kite, just that it looks and acts almost identically to these RC kites.

I definitely believe in extraterrestrial visitation, I just don't believe that this particular case is such.

Anonymous said...

true virtually, but why would someone wait until 2am to fly a kite for just a very small chance of someone seeing it that late, and thinking its a UFO. if it was at like 10pm i wouldnt have any trouble believing this theory. unless someone really has no life and is trying to hoax. :x

Anonymous said...

re RC kite theory:

speed, size, luminosity, altitude (and longitudinal distance)

the youtube videos of these kites only serve to debunk the kite theory.

it's almost like someone's trying to market these kites...or perhaps is just a fan;)

Anonymous said...

They said it sounded like helicopters, it wasn't silent. I live in Hermosa Beach and I remember that night well actually. I thought it was helicopters so I stayed in bed until they went away and went back to sleep. HOWEVER, last night the same thing happened again. I'm used to living in downtown LA where there's "ghettobirds" flying around all night. The car/suspect chase is an art here. Last night, at the beach, I heard one helicopter, circling and circling for maybe fifteen minutes. It creeped me out, and it shouldn't, because I'm used to it. There were no sirens, which usually accompany the "ghettobirds" on their chase so it wasn't police related. I was bored at work so I look up on the internet to see if I could find out if anything strange was going on in Hermosa Beach last night and I came accross this video from a month ago. Did the same thing happen last night?

Anonymous said...

yep i saw it too i was mopping at my job at silvios at the pier and my boss called me out to look. the video is exactly as i saw it. all the security guards looked like they were gonna crap their pants. seriously, this thing was no friggin kite fools!


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