Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Ufos and Thunderstorms whats the connection?

What is it that attracts Ufos to thunderstorms? Some people say the ufos seen during thunderstorms are a natural ball lightening phenomenon but i disagree as many of the objects are visible for long periods during the storms. One explanation is that the enormous high voltage energy created during the storms attracts the ufos to harness the energy, any opinions guys? Here's some interesting clips:

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Semvhu said...

First video: looks like the sun shining through.

Second video: birds and bugs flying close to the camera have the same effect.

nick dk said...

And the third is swampgas then right??

Semvhu said...

Hmm, there was only 2 videos that I could see the day I commented. I was talking about the first and third videos, then.

nick dk said...

Okay...but i was being sarkastic.

Anyway..u say it could be a bug or bird in the third vid.
But how do u explain that its going behind the cloud as described in the video and with that speed??
Listen 2 the video again if u dont know what im talking about.
I think an expert pointed it out to the dude, after studing it.

Also a bird or bug would apear dark and not glowing i would think?

Anonymous said...

I'm begging to suspect the the origin of water on our planet and the presence of UFO during thunderstorms are closely related.

Anonymous said...

I have a theory, what If the aliens created an electromagnetic disturbance? I've been looking at the Philadelphia exparament, and supposedly it teleported using electromagnetism as Einstein predicted in the unified field theory. The theory stated that by bending light, you unwittingly bend space time. What if the aleins teleported there resulting in a thunderstorm? Anyone have any input?

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