Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The UFO & The Noise - Warwick, Rhode Island: 3/12/2012

This occurred on December the 3rd. A strange, long 'hum' was heard by hundreds of residents in Warwick Rhode island apparently just after a strange UFO like object was seen in the sky.
If you heard it we want to know more - please reply to this post.
On Monday, December 3, 2012, first near 6:15 PM Eastern in Warwick, Rhode Island, an eyewitness saw a “dark sky blue circle with a black dot at the middle” suddenly appear near the horizon facing east toward Conimicut Point on the Providence River. 
Then there was a loud explosion, a rumbling, and a flash of light, is what residents in Warwick and Barrington repeatedly described to officers as calls flooded the police station last night. Denise Burrows described what happened," We heard a huge boom, just assumed it was an explosion in the local area, and then realized it was a little further away after hearing some of the reports and came out to see what it was." "It sounded like a really loud motorcycle," said Lauren Burrows. Crews searched the area through the night. The Coast Guard scanning the waters. Police say it appears the noise came from the Bay near Conimicut Point. The search has since been called off for now. Source
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Kevin said...

There was a loud "boom" just like described in this video at noon, on the same day here in Ottawa. It sounded like a canon firing on a hill behind me, and was heard/felt over 10kms away.

I have yet to read about it anywhere, of get an explanation too.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the real or fake vote under the video. Why would you vote fake? The noise that everyone heard didn't happen?

Anonymous said...

The same thing we just seen in the video me and my dad on a road trip threw Utah I also recorded a video and it looked a lot like this one , the ufos all had the same formation and they just disappeared there was a big flash of light right before I started recording.

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