Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lights over Johannesburg South Africa 1st January 2012

ufo lights or lanterns here people?

Poster comments:
Brightly lit, white & red coloured Orbs, suddenly and silently appear flying low over urban area. The group of Orbs move, in a controlled, Westerly direction, then synchronise in a triangular formation, before disappearing back into dark sky. Recorded using Sony 'prosumer' HD Handycam, on 'low-lux' setting, during early hours of morning, in dry but overcast conditions, after earlier heavy thunder storms. Time of sighting: between 00:30 and 01:30, 1st January 2012 - Johannesburg - South Africa.
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Bathtub said...

Doesn't the date - and the appearance of a firework at one point - suggest the most likely explanation?

Alienaxegrinder said...

I have also seen strange orange balls of light changing in intensity and speed going against the wind to the west. It was not lanterns I can assure you. UFO intervention this year will increase, mark my words

Alienaxegrinder said...

Seen them plenty times too in East London.

epiceye said...


Alienaxegrinder said...

These ufo's will make appearances more common to ease their way into our existance and avoid mass histerior. This will be the year of truth.

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