Monday, January 16, 2012

Highly Interesting read The Threat: Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda

Currently Im reading The Threat: Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda and i Highly recommend this book.
A serious researcher looking at abductions using evidence based research.
I will finish my review shortly and post it up for you on on this interesting book.
Mean while you can read more on the investigator here
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Anonymous said...

Yes! some Aliens, but not all!

There are 57 different species registered, and no doubt, more species than that........

Four different groups, that come and go from here, but which one of them have the Secret Alien agender and abductions?..............

Kibby said...

So.. what's do you find in the book?

Joe said...

Jacobs has shown gross indecency in his dealings with 'Emma Woods' or as he refers to her 'Alice'.
I am astounded that Jacobs has not been taken to task for his treatment of his client.
For example:
He asked her, while she was under hypnosis, to remove her underwear and to send them to him and instructed her
not give it a second thought or to remember even doing it.

He also spoke to her about the possibility of buying her a chastity belt.

He also implanted the hypnotic suggestion into her head that she had a multiple personality disorder
so he could avoid detection from alien hybrids he believed were sending him emails.
He then has the nerve to accuse
her of being crazy!
Jacobs behaviour is unacceptable and the fact that people still push his 'research' shows what's wrong in this field.

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