Saturday, January 21, 2012

Anyone seen Ufos in Arizona ? 1/19/2012 Buckeye

Numerous 'amber' orbs have been reported over the USA from the 19th - 21st January.
Here are a few videos from the Arizona. We would like to hear further from anyone in the region who may have also spotted any objects like these:

Posters comments:
LOCATION: Buckeye, Arizona (On Lower Buckeye Rd between Watson & Apache Rd.
DATE: January 19, 2012

Was coming back from Marine PT when we saw three lights form a triangle. Recorded them separating !
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Anonymous said...

I saw little red orbs willy-nilly in any direction move very slowly and silently high in the July , hot, humid night sky with no pulsating way back in 1954 in the suburbs just West of Philadelphia, PA.

Eagleheart said...

From the 1st video counting out the Chinese Lanterns as objects remaining still & the RC planes cause not constantly moving. Very nice dedicated work from the person on 1st one.
On 2nd video where multiple objects being lined up are being filmed from moving car is mysterious aswell & Unknown Flying Objects y they are. 2nd video also nice,but i just don't understand why ppl have to swear and use rude language when seeing something that can't be explained right away.


Anonymous said...

we saw the exact same thing from our 3rd story balcony all the way in s. phoenix which has a pretty clear view towards where this was footage was shot. we saw an orb move really really slow down in a sort of diagonal motion and once it would make its way down another would appear in the same spot the original one started at so for a few moments there would be 2 of these amber orbs slowly making there way down kinda following the same path as the orbs before them until the lower one would disappear and once the other orb would make its way down to where the original orb disappeared the cycle would start again and a new orb would appear and for a few moments they would both be visible until the first one would disappear once it got lower. it must have done this at least 6 or 7 times maybe more because we must have gotten the tail end of it, for us it was all over by 815p and we never saw more then 2 orbs at once. probably because of our location but we knew for sure this was something.

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