Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mystery Plane Circles Over England Jan. 16, 2012 ufo

England Jan. 16, 2012 :

"A spokesperson for Humberside Airport and East Midlands Airport said it wasn't one of their passenger planes and believed it was an RAF training exercise.

But Martin Tinworth from the Ministry of Defence, said the plane was that of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) which has its headquarters in Brussels.

He told the Leader the aircraft was a NATO Sentry E3, a surveillance plane, which was on a sortie completing a standard UK orbit.

Thanks to the clearest of clear days, people as far south as Peterborough and up to Louth and the Lincolnshire Wolds could see the concentric circles being created by the aircraft which was at 33,000 feet."

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Anonymous said...

It's very strange because we had the same thing in the sky of Paris (France), two or three days ago..

Anonymous said...

Chemtrails. Hello, glad people woke up just now... check the "Don't talk about the weather" documentary on youtube so it all will be clear to you.

Anonymous said...

Chemtrails, no
Stupid military exercise. What the hell would they need to do? Were all part of a massive experiment right now.

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