Thursday, January 19, 2012

Eceti Ranch - New Ufo Documentary

If there's one place i want to visit it is Eceti Ranch near Mount Adams in Washington. If one of the most active areas in the world for Ufo sightings and has features in numerous TV shows and documentaries.
This new documentary looks further into the happenings there, specially at the Eceti Ranch run by James Gilliland:

The owner of the ranch, James Gilliland, maintains to have experienced UFO related phenomena, including contact with extra-terrestrials, for over 30 years. In addition to his experiences, thousands of guests gravitate to the ranch every year and attest personal accounts of seeing ships, meeting off-world visitors, and healing parts of themselves in a place they call "home".

This film is a candid look at the people and the place that create Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence. After spending several months at ECETI sharing with James, ranch staff, and guests -- the MapMakers reveal new insights about a rapidly expanding universe in an era of global uncertainty
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Joe said...

I wrote six of the pieces of music featured in Eceti Ranch: A Documentary.
You can download my track CIRCLES, which was used as the title theme, FREE at:

All the best

Gerry said...

While the subject matter is certainly interesting, this 'documentary' is so poorly written, produced and edited that is is nearly unwatchable. The lack of quality raw materials (audio/video/stills, etc) certainly represents a hurdle - one that the filmmaker fails to surmount.

Anonymous said...

Take away the meditation/past life/conciousness junk, and this might have been a half decent UFO documentary.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone gone to Trout Lake, WA to see the alleged UFO's and stayed elsewhere (besides the E.C.E.T.I. Ranch)? If so, are there many places, there, to see the UFO's? I am assuming so.

All due respect to ECETI, their P.O.V. doesn't sound like my bag at all, but I really want to go to the Trout Lake side of Mt. Adams and see what everyone is seeing.

Your recommendations are appreciated.

Thanks, in advance!

Anonymous said...

Well.....yes! I'm interestrd in ufo..BUT! I don't think this, is MY tea party, at all..SORRY!

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