Sunday, October 05, 2008

Co-incidence ? NASA delays October 14 Atlantis launch for Hubble repair

Was it a co-incidence guys that this just happened...?

NASA has decided to delay the scheduled October 14 launch of the Atlantis space shuttle to repair the Hubble telescope. This is because 'scientists just found a glitch with the telescope on Saturday night'.

NASA says the data formatter on the Hubble space telescope has malfunctioned. The glitch will delay the launch of Atlantis. The problem occurred over the weekend when scientists tried to dump the payload computer memory.

NASA has delayed the October 14 launch of the Atlantis space shuttle, NASA news reports. National Aeronautics and Space Administration said the problem was first detected on Saturday.

"the problem was first detected after an initial attempt to reset the telescope's science data formatter. The process to dump the payload computer's memory was unsuccessful." The news article also mentioned that a team of scientists are trying to reconfigure the telescope this week.

"NASA's Hubble operations team does believe it will be ready to reconfigure the telescope this week. If the team is successful, the telescope could resume operating immediately. Atlantis could then be immediately re-scheduled."
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thegavino said...


Anonymous said...

Co-incidence with what?
What are you trying to say?

Anonymous said...

It's too bad all these governmental bodies, aligned with the military and recently forced to adhere to gag orders, cannot be trusted. We pay for these people and they lie their faces off to us.

They lied about O'Hare, they lie about Area 51 and they are lying about this, among many other things. If the SHTF and all these orgs go belly up, good. We can start all over again and insist on transperancy!

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