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All exploading fireballs and meteorites now classified says Military

An extremely interesting development has occurred whereby the Us military has now classified all exploading fireballs and meteorites now as being 'classified'.

For 15 years, scientists have benefited from data gleaned by U.S. classified satellites of natural fireball events in Earth's atmosphere – but no longer.

A recent U.S. military policy decision now explicitly states that observations by hush-hush government spacecraft of incoming bolides and fireballs are classified secret and are not to be released, has learned.

The satellites' main objectives include detecting nuclear bomb tests, and their characterizations of asteroids and lesser meteoroids as they crash through the atmosphere has been a byproduct data bonanza for scientists.

The upshot: Space rocks that explode in the atmosphere are now classified.

"It's baffling to us why this would suddenly change," said one scientist familiar with the work. "It's unfortunate because there was this great synergy...a very good cooperative arrangement. Systems were put into dual-use mode where a lot of science was getting done that couldn't be done any other way. It's a regrettable change in policy."

Scientists say not only will research into the threat from space be hampered, but public understanding of sometimes dramatic sky explosions will be diminished, perhaps leading to hype and fear of the unknown.

"These data have been available to the scientific community for the past decade," he said. "It is unfortunate this information is shut off just when it is becoming more valuable to the community interested in characterizing near Earth asteroids and protecting our planet from asteroid impacts."

The newly issued policy edict by the U.S. military of reporting fireball observations from satellites also caught the attention of Clark Chapman, a planetary scientist and asteroid impact expert at Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado.

"I think that this information is very important to make public,

Is this something to do with the build up to 2012 or related with Ufo coverup? Please discuss..

Astronomer captures bright image above Observatory 11th June 2009 - what is it?

Submited by a realufos reader - Strange bright image captured over observatory:
If you live in Lowestoft England and have seen a Ufo recently , please respond to this post.

Posters comments:
I am in Lowestoft England and was taking a time exposure of M81 at approx.11.00pm this evening 11 June 2009 when this brilliant orange light travelling from the NW came straight over my Observatory. It seem to have a clearer glow over the top of it ,I have never seen any satellite as bright as this..It went away in a SE direction still as bright as ever. I have no idea what it was,

Friday, June 12, 2009

NASA lunar photo manager comes forward confirming what we all know about the moon!

As you may know over the years i have posted many articles about the Et bases and strange objects seen on the moon. Well now Nasa's staff are coming forward confirming everything mentioned:

below extract from this article

The former manager of the Data and Photo Control Department at NASA’s Lunar Receiving Laboratory during the manned Apollo Lunar Program, Ken Johnston, has released quite a number of sensational statements recently in the USA. The specialist said that U.S. astronauts found ancient ruins of artificial origin and a previously unknown technology to control gravitation when then landed on the Moon. Astronauts took pictures of the objects that they found, but NASA ordered Johnston to destroy the images. Johnston did not follow the order. He said that the U.S. government had been keeping this information a secret for 40 years.

Johnston's startling Apollo allegations have recently appeared in a new book, "Dark Mission: the Secret History of NASA," co-authored by former NASA consultant and CBS Science Advisor, Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara, an aerospace engineering consultant. According to Kay Ferrari, JPL Director of the SSA Program (in a phone call to Johnston last week), it was Johnston "being quoted [as] criticizing NASA in Hoagland's new book, 'Dark Mission,'" that prompted her to ask for Johnston's resignation from the SSA Program. When Johnston refused, citing First Amendment protections of free speech afforded all NASA employees, even those at JPL, Ferrari apparently decided to remove him arbitrarily from the SSA Program this week without cause.

The low quality pictures included in the book depict ruins of buildings, huge dome-like objects made of glass, stone towers and castled hanging in the air.

“I have nothing to lose. I have quarreled with NASA and I got fired,” Ken Johnston said.

Indeed, NASA believes that allegations of the ancient civilization found on the Moon are not serious. The authors of the controversial book also say that President John F. Kennedy, who launched the lunar race with the Soviet Union, actually intended to share extraterrestrial technologies with Moscow. Making a speech at the United Nations Organizations in September of 1963, Kennedy supposedly offered the USSR to organize a joint mission to the Moon.

Richard Hoagland believes that Washington’s interest in the Moon exploration that suddenly appeared after 30 years of silence is based on the lunar findings that the U.S. government has been keeping a secret for 40 years. Russia, China, Japan and even India have publicly announced their plans to work on the exploration of the Moon. The USA, Hoagland said, wants to be the first at this point.

In December NASA announced plans to build an international base on one of the poles of the Moon. The base is to be finished by 2024. Russia’s booster rocket maker, Energia, has a more ambitious program: to build a permanent manned base on the Moon by 2015.

Russia says the base will be built to develop the industrial production of helium-3. U.S. specialists prefer not to say anything specific on the matter. To crown it all, China launched its first satellite to the Moon on October 24. China also intends to launch a lunar base and an unmanned space probe to the Moon by 2010.

Non-radioactive isotope of helium, helium-3, is a powerful fuel for the nuclear synthesis. Only six tons of this fuel would provide enough energy to power a large European country for one year. The qualities of the gas (pollution-free and very high output) make many countries treat the perspective as seriously as possible. Germany, India and China conduct a number of research works to develop methods of helium-3 extraction.

Hoagland and Johnston also intend to prove that NASA virtually acts as another defense department of the United States, entitled to classify important technical and scientific information without the control of the U.S. Congress.

article source - read more here

NASA Airbrushed bases on the Moon:

Bright UFO over Phoenix Arizona 11th June 2009

Everyone is emailing me about this!
Did you see the huge bright Ufo over Phoenix Arizona 11th June 2009?
Real Ufos wants to know, please respond to this post your information asap!

Posters comments
My wife and I just sat outside with just about half the neighborhood and watched a huge diamond shaped object for over 45 minutes. The object started out looking spherical and then changed to a diamond and became brighter and was self illuminated as the sun went down.

In the first few minutes we are only taking images and as we were a military helicopter went over the house and was heading in the direction of the object. Several planes were in the area and they were doing circles. They would fly towards the object, circle to the left and come right to head towards the object again. I live in Phoenix in the north central valley. A friend who lives to the West in Sun City called and said it looked like it was right over his house. So to me the object in my image is twenty miles away and at least 6,000 to 8,000 feet up.

I am not saying it is extra terrestrial, just that it is a UFO. It was the brightest and largest object like this I have ever witnessed. With my little Nikon camera, it doesn't do it justice. To the naked eye it was much larger and brighter than my zoom could handle.

Ufo filmed from plane?

Does this footage look legit to you or not? .. please reply to this post
Posters comments
UFO's hover and follow Air France transatlantic flight on same route from Brazil to Paris. This video was caught on tape after 30 minutes into the flight.

Mexico Airliner Crew Reports a UFO June 2009

Yet again more evidence that Ufos are following our aircraft:

Aviation technician Alfonso Salazar reports that on Saturday, June 2009 at 16:10 hours, the crew of a Fokker 110 reported "spherical traffic" which, according to eyewitnesses was a shining sphere, resembling burnished platinum and reflecting the sun's rays."

The Fokker 100 was flying at an approximate altitude of 10,000 meters on the Juliet 21 air corridor. The unknown object, measuring some 10 meters in diameter), crossed the airliner's path and was seen at it's 8 o'clock position (lower left).

This sighting was recorded over the southern area of Cerro de la Estrella (to the east of Mexico City). Weather conditions were clear, sunny and cloudless. The crew calculated that the UFO was at an altitude of 8,000 meters.

For some time now, encounters between these flying objects and airliners have increased, as they arrive or take off from the Mexican Capital's airport.

source article

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Jaime Maussan reveals some Nasa footage

Jaime Maussan and his interesting NASA Ufo footage:

UFO - Erlanger, Kentucky, June 6, 2009

comemnts from mufon database
left a friends house in the early morning of June 6th, around 2:30am. On the way, I noticed an oddly bright light in the north sky. It appeared about 3-5x bigger than the brightest star in the sky. Just a little more than enough to clearly define that it was not a star. When you looked close with a naked eye, it seemed to be strobing through different colors. So I rushed home to get my camera. This was my 3rd time witnessing strange lights in the sky, none caught on camera, so I was very eager to get this one. I live about 45 mins south of Wright Patterson AFB located in Dayton, OH. I'm in Erlanger, KY. I believe this could explain my multiple sightings.

When I got home I immediately grabbed the camera, which ironically had no charge, it was left running the last time i used it. So after getting my power cord, finding it was too short to reach, unplugging the fish tank(poor guys), grabbing the extension cord, and plugging everything up, I was finally able to begin rolling around 3:00am.

Everything was recorded from my 2nd floor balcony, with my Panosonic SDR-S7 camcorder. I filmed the light for at least an hour, using both manual and auto zoom. zooming in, zooming out. In the zoomed video you can clearly see the strobing plasma lights and its overall, beauty, i guess is the best way to say it. It's really bright and weird aurora's and strobes are visible, clearly. I had no tripod, but I did stablize the camera on my balcony banister with my right hand, and used my left hand to prop it up towards the light. It's pretty good footage, even capturing 700x zoom, while somehow keeping the craft in frame. When zoomed in, the light flattened out durastically. Basically, it looked like a dog bowl shaped disc, as it appeared to be circular with depth. Also, zooming in revealed the strobing, or pulsing, plasma-like lights were coming from the top of the craft or light. At this point I knew it was a craft of some kind, beaming with light energy, or something!

NASA trains soldiers as astronauts

Many years ago astronauts were professors, doctors and engineers and were highly intelligent .
But now NASA prefers training soldiers from the army to become astronauts ... why do we need soldiers in space? do we need warfare skills out there ? .. well guess NASA thinks so ... If you remember what previous astronauts have mentioned about alien encounters in space i can guess you can see why NASA is now following this direction in training... plus soldiers are less likely to speak out about what they see i guess...

France - Ufos & Geipan

I have done a bit more research on the french ufo disclosure story.
I can't really say anymore:

If a Ufo announcement is to be made i suggest you guys keep an eye on GEIPAN - the official French government Ufo organisation.

As you may or may not know France is the only country with officially paid UFO investigators, employed by CNESs (the French version of NASA)

They have the largest database of Ufo reports and it reveals that the French government is serious about the issue.

So if further chatter happens please check-out their site:

Why I'm not posting the piece about french ufo disclosure


Everyone is sending me that article about France coming forward over the next month to disclose the validity of the Ufo topic. However i am not posting this at the moment because i can't confirm the story. If you have further sources on this please respond to this post.

I learnt my lessons from the October 14 thing - people don't like it when these predicted events don't turn out... it effects credibility of the site

Will be doing more research on this one first before i say anymore.


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Gary McKinnon - is this the Ufo hackers last stand ?

This just in about the Gary Mckinnon case -
As you may know i have been following the Mckinnon case close on the blog since last year..
We all thought with the Obama administration that the extradition would not go ahead but this doesn't look like its the case .... if you don't know much about this case read more here.

Real Ufos would like to know your opinions on the controversial 'Nasa Ufo' hacker Gary :

A Briton accused of hacking into NASA computers should not be extradited to the US due to his mental health, a lawyer said Tuesday, adding that he was eccentric and "passionate" about UFOs.

McKinnon was "an eccentric person who has passionate views about UFOs," his lawyer Edward Fitzgerald told the High Court in London, adding that extradition was "unnecessary, avoidable and disproportionate."

McKinnon's lawyers had hoped he could be prosecuted in Britain and face a less severe sentence, but the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) ruled in February that the case was best brought in the United States.

They are seeking a judicial review of a decision by then home secretary Jacqui Smith last October to order his extradition.

Fitzgerald said the then minister had not realised the severity of McKinnon's mental problems. "She underestimated the gravity of the situation without obtaining evidence of her own," he said.

Article extract Source -AFP

read more .. Gary McKinnon the NASA Ufo hacker:

7th June 2009 Ufo

posters comments:
captured this UFO on film on the 7th of June 2009. I have had a lot of requests to show this close up so i used a program i have to zoom in on the object & slow it down to get a better look. I still don't know what it was. No sound was coming from the object. I may have just been a quiet man made aircraft. I really don't know but regardless i think this is interesting footage. Oh & sorry for the stupid music over the yop. When i slwoed it down the noises were terrible & i decided to put some music on it instead of having dead silence. Oh well

Crop Circles so far for 2009

A look at the current crop circles that have been discovered for 2009. No doubt, we shall expect to see more soon making the year 2009 the busiest year for crop circle appearances.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Major steps so far for Ufo disclosure worldwide - dates reveal pace is speeding up !

As you all know governments all over the world are putting in major efforts recently to release their classified Ufo files to the public. When you see country after country coming forward like this you know something is up..

Are we watching the unravelling of a timed and well collaborated attempt by governments worldwide to slowly ease the public to the reality of the Ufo phenomenon? I think so .... if you look at pace of events of according to the dates below, the timing is just too co-incidental to consider otherwise.

Compared to governments world wide, the United states has not contributed at all to the disclosure effort and its beyond time that they did . Infact its an outright shame that a country that most others look up to has not 'come to the game' on the ufo disclosure topic - especially after President Obama's talks of good intentions on the importance of disclosure earlier this year.

Sadly the US has had to rely on citizens and private organisations to organise initiate Ufo disclosure. The might that is the US military is the roadblock here - the whitehouse knows this but they powerless against this organisation because they have maintained (in secrecy) a stranglehold on Ufo information for over 60 years! (how do you beat that?)

Here's a close look at some of the important events that i consider have been pivotal for the Ufo disclosure campaign so far. (if you can think of any other please respond to this post). As you can see from these dates the pace of progress is speeding up and is ultimately preparing the public worldwide for complete disclosure on the Ufo topic:

4th May 2009 - Brazil releases its Ufo files As of May 04th, Brazilian Government has disclosed over 600 new pages of previously classified documents, covering UFO reports and military investigations from 1970 to 1979, including photos and films, for the first time.

3rd Feb 2009 - United States - President Obama - "All agencies should adopt a presumption in favor of disclosure, in order to renew their commitment to the principles embodied in FOIA, and to usher in a new era of open Government. The presumption of disclosure should be applied to all decisions involving FOIA."

12th November 2007 - United States - National press conference military, government, corporate and intelligence witnesses come forward about Ufos

9th May 2001 - United States - Disclosure Project press conference- more that 20 military, government, corporate and intelligence witnesses came forward to urge open and honest congressional hearings in to the subject of UFOs and exotic energy and propulsion technologies

16th July 1999 - French defence the COMETA report, the 90-page report that is the result of an in-depth study of UFOs over a period of about three years, covering many aspects of the subject, especially questions of how the UFO phenomenon affects the national defense of France and that of other nations.

Brazil now Uruguay releases some Ufo files

Another day - another country comes forward with Ufo disclosure.
It was only last week i reported that back in May Brazil released 600 new pages of previously classified documents, covering UFO reports and military investigations from 1970 to 1979, and now Uruguay releases 40 recetly classified Ufo files:


The UFO phenomenon has manifested itself many times in Uruguay. Thirty years after research began, 40 cases remain unexplained. The files were declassified and EL PAIS was allowed access to them

The Uruguayan Air Force will not publish a "Blue Book" containing the results of its 30 years of research, but the high command allowed EL PAIS access to records and eyewitness accounts.


Unsolved cases have a considerable high strangeness quotient for the FAU. For example, the 1986 pursuit by two Pucara jet fighters over the Palmar Dam in response to the maneuvers of a luminous sphere. The pilots joined together and decided to chase it. When they were about to intercept it, the sphere flew off at a dizzying rate of speed toward Argentina and could not be reached. When the pilots returned to their base, the sphere reappeared over the dam. But the same thing occurred - the chase occurred and it vanished from sight, changing colors from red to yellow.

A similar case occurred to a group of military pilots in 1996, that is to say, qualified observers engaged in exercises over the Santa Bernardina base in Durazno. As in 1986, they saw two luminous spheres, whose presence was corroborated by the airport's control tower. When the objects flew away, they maintained their shape and luminosity, which enabled the spherical shape to be confirmed. Minutes later, the pilots noticed their glow diminished, and only their outline was illuminated. "The weren't satellites, as they do not fly in formation or that low, since these objects were at 10,000 feet (3,000 meters, approximately), nor do satellites diminish their glow," says Sanchez.

Among other reports we find the one by the crew of a commercial airline - a domestic carrier - that was pursued by a powerful light in 1979 as it returned from Paraguay. The light was even photographed by passengers. This case is also unexplained.

The Air Force also has visual reports of a dozen mutilated animals whose carcasses betrayed incisions made with surgical precision. These reports go back to 2002. No coherent explanation was ever found, but research by the military commission suggests the hypothesis that it was a possible biochemical attach that probably occurred in Argentina, where 700 mutilated animals were found. "It could have been the result of winds blowing from the West," said the officer. FAU does not dismiss the possibility of an extraterrestrial event. This is another unsolved case.

A long history of Pilot Ufo reports

As you know i have been going on about how Ufos are tracking our aircraft. This trend in not a recent one and has been reported by pilots as the early as 1916!

Click here for the manual of EIGHTY YEARS OF PILOT UFO SIGHTINGS
Catalog of Military, Airliner, Private Pilots’ Sightings
from 1916 to 2000 February 2001 (6th edition) 1300+ cases Dominique F.

Also this is an interesting documentary - Official FAA air trafic control recordings of commercial pilot's during UFO contact in mid air. this is for real proving what anyone looking have found already, that UFOs are very real. A must see

UFO Over Oakland June 2009

New Ufo report from this poster seen over Oakland

This light orb appeared again on a day of chemtrail spraying. It hovered over my house for 15 minutes. Notice some interesting flares or sparks or possibly smaller orbs that appear below the object at the end of the video.

Again, another day of very heavy chem-trail spraying. Trails would linger for hours and spread out across half the sky. It was about 4:30pm when I spotted this orb hovering very high above me. There are some interesting flashes of light that occur for a couple of frames right next to the orb. It almost looks like blasts from a rocket like propulsion system. The distinct darker outlines around the top and bottom of the object are very similar to the other video I posted, so it seems that it's the same type of object. I'm almost convinced that these are some kind of government probe craft that are connected to the chem-trail activities.

Phoenix Arizona Ufo reports May 2009

RealUfos would like to know if you live in Phoenix and have seen Ufos as
common as those mentioned in this video. (please respond to this post. )
As you all know Phoenix Arizona was the location of the famous

NASA pulls the ISS live feed today?

Does anyone have any idea what the lights were in the distance before the LIVE ISS Cam feed was pulled today? (were they man made objects or something else) ISS = International Space Station by the way. The ISS cam still seems to be down by the way.


See the moon in High Definition

A trailer from the new the motion picture "MOON VIEWS." Guess this will be an interesting watch - seeing high definition videos of the moon, see more here

Ufos filmed over liverpool 6th june 2009

This was filmed on Saturday 6th June 2009 by Ste Head,the first 1 was spotted by his wife but as he grabbed his camera it dissapeared,then out of nowhere 3 more appeared in the sky as you can see by this footage.

ufos over liverpool 6th june 2009

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Upload your videos & photos to RealUfos ..

Hi People,

While i am waiting on the new site design i have had many requests for a feature to upload video and Ufo pictures directly to the site. I am experimenting with a temporary solution at the moment called Ning. After you sign up you can upload your Ufo pictures and videos to to be shared directly with all realUfos members on our ning link. Its a social media site as well and allows for realUfos members to interact directly.

I am working on our ning site over the coming week so tell me what you think?

Feeedback appreciated


Quick Recap - Martyn Stubbs NASA Ufo Footage

Martyn Stubbs is the man!. I apologise in advance if you have seen this footage before, most of you have i think.. This is for all the recent newbies who i have noticed have started following the blog in the last 2 weeks..essentially NASA space command labels this object called a 'ground light' then 'a star' - I mean really NASA how can a earth bound light be confused as a star? whats really being covered up here?

A wiggly, "image intensified" color clip of green satellites as UFOs go by (bottom to top of image) An astronaut calls one UFO a" light on the ground", then says it's a "star"? Are we looking up or down?
Here is the High Definition long version of the Martyn Stubbs NASA UFO Archives for those who may have missed it
<a href="">The Secret NASA Transmissions</a>

British Ufo Files Documentary

I've posted this before, this is the long version in one video for all those who missed it:
<a href="">British UFO files</a>

UFO in Switzerland

At first i was sure this was just people carrying torches on the mountains in the distance. Remember your not looking at the sky here - its mountains in the background. Upon looking closer at the footage i am not sure. Whats your opinions on this footage people?

UFO over Maryland, June 7, 2009

UFO over Maryland, June 7, 2009
From the MUFON witness reporting database: "This is my third report to MUFON of a strange craft that appeared in front of my apartment building but I was not the one to notice it. My roommate was actually the one to notice it. I was sitting at the computer relaxing after being out all night at the movies and dinner and he was on the sofa that sits right next to the balcony watching a movie. That is when I heard him asking me to come look out the balcony door window because he did not think whatever was there in the sky was a plane.

"So I got up camera in hand because lately there have been an increase in sightings it seems in this area, now I am not saying what is on film is of ET origins but it was no plane there was no sound whatsoever except for a slight hum as it passed over head and it was moving eerily slow to be a plane, it was three lights in the shape of a triangle with one red light in the middle just like last time. This is the second time I have seen a triangle craft fly by in front of my balcony and I am more then happy to have had my camera handy this time. It could be military but truth is I really don't know and neither does my roommate, we are at a loss for words and shortly after we did see a helicopter head in that direction though we could not see what kind because we went back inside the apartment. However one thing is for sure this time we both agree that cant be a plane."

UFOs perviously seen on Romanian News

Not sure when this report was but romania has had a few interesting ufo reports make the news over the last year

And an older previously posted one from the romanian news

Sunday, June 07, 2009

UFO seen over Kariong , Gosford NSW Australia June 7th 2009

Very interesting new Ufo Sighting from here down under filmed today..
Posters comments:
I captured this UFO on film tonight. The footage is fantastic. I always have my camera handy as i do see a lot of strange objects int he sky where i live. This footage is very exciting. This object made no sound what so ever. I changed shap

I used to live very close to this place!. If you live in the surrounding central coast area and also saw a Ufo like this please respond to this post. We would love to know more..

Now a dragonfly Crop circle appears over Yatesbury, Wiltshire 4th June 2009

First a Jellyfish now a 150ft long crop circle depicting a dragonfly has appeared in a barley field in the village of Yatesbury, Wiltshire. Whats your thoughts on this people?.. talented crop circle makers or the real deal? Some people have remarked that the timing is just too close to the Jellyfish crop circle and may be an attention seeking call from a team of talented hoxers.. who knows.. there's a lot of detail in this one , especially in the wings so its quite an achievement either-way:

French call for world wide Ufo disclosure

The French are right out the on the Ufo disclosure front. This French organisation is pushing for worldwide governments to take up Ufo disclosure:

The first of a series proposing to induce a rational reaction on behalf of the French government and indirectly on behalf of all the governments of the World regarding the demonstrations of unknown machines currently moving or hovering in our environment, for more than sixty years. That operation proposes to question directly the President of the French Republic, in a significant manner, in order to get satisfactory answers to several essential questions. The operation begins on June 2 until July 14, 2009 (Symbolic date of the Storming of the Bastille in the French History).

There are enough opportunities to refer to the duty of the French Nation regarding the United Nation decision N° 33/426 of the 1978-79 session, regarding the investigation of the UFOs, whose N°2 point implies a reporting to the Secretary-general of UN concerning, the interpretation of the results of research which was undertaken regarding the extraterrestrial life and the UFOs. That decision N° 33/426 suggest to France to have a clear position by setting up a group of investigation complementary to the existing GEIPAN. It might be independent and have for task to carry out the interpretation of the collected data and to validate in an open and final way the extraterrestrial origin of some sightings.

The right to the truth is a basic right confirmed in the Report of the Council to the Human Rights at the United Nations in 2007 at Geneva. It's a collective right impacting the Society and for which the States must guarantee to their people its full and effective enjoyment. The questions rising from the UN decision and the Council to the Human Rights refer to the multiple declassifications and openings which already took place regarding the UFOs cases and which underline the implications of the institutions of Information and National Defense of many Nations, since decades. Those interrogations claim on behalf of the French Government, a legitimate answer to the Society on the scientific, political and military level...

read more

Brazils Ufo files released + piecing together a Ufo theory for the Airfrance Airbus disappearance

Ok this is purely hypothetical .. I am not implying anything directly but just think about the points below - is this substantial evidence for a Ufo incident to be considered as a reason for the planes disappearance?:

1) AirBus A330 reported much more electrically sensitive than other planes (fly by the wire & computer systems), previous incidents this year with Qantas concludes electrical Interference a major problem. The qantas incident happened over Exmouth in Western Australia which is a Ufo hotspot

2) 56 Pilot reports reveal Ufos have electromagnetic effects on planes

3) Major Ufo reports over ITATA , Fortaleza reveal Ufo Vortex near the Airbus crash zone in Fernando de Noronha reveal many Ufo craft reportedly coming from mountain ranges, many reports in March and April 2009

4) Ufo report in ITATA reveals Ufos ruined car electrics and GPS

5) Another Airbus A330 Pilot comes forward saying over Atlantic his Airbus was chased by Ufos late 2008

6) Intense flash of white light seen by Spanish pilots as airbus went missing

Looking at the map ... Ufo hotspots of ITATA Fortaleza and the islands of Fernando de Noronha where the Airbus reportedly vanished:
Brazil is a major spot for Ufo activity in the world - Is it no co-incidence that the Brazillian government also released many Ufo files back in May?:

As of May 04th, Brazilian Government has disclosed over 600 new pages of previously classified documents, covering UFO reports and military investigations from 1970 to 1979, including photos and films, for the first time.

The content of this material has now been examined and proved to be very interesting and revelatory of Brazilian official strategy to cover UFO cases, often openly regarded as "from external sources" in these new documents, meaning from outside Earth. The cases covered and the methods used to investigate them by the military are also very significant.