Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ufos again at Tijuana airport Mexico ovnis

Ufos again at Tijuana airport Mexico. There have been so many ufo reports with Ufos near Mexico airports like this report and this one. This video shows what looks like 2 orbs or objects close together.
Anyone in Mexico also spot these objects?

Previous reports over the last month ufos in Mexico airport:
This report and This one

Strange lights, flares or lanterns ? Homestead, USA, Feb. 16 2012

These objects look like flares to me but i have posted for discussion sake.
If you live in the Homestead area we would like to hear if you also saw these strange lights.

Mufon report:
"I walked out of my house on the way out to work when I noticed the lights on the general direction of Homestead air Force base. They were moving on different directions in a zig zag motion... really weird, definitely not an aircraft. Took a picture with my Iphone and ran inside the house to get a real camera, by the time I came back they were already gone... time elapsed was aprox. 30 secs."

Friday, February 17, 2012

Ufo orbs over Georgetown Texas 15th Feb 2012

Did anyone else see these ufos over GeorgeTown in Texas?

Mufon report:
It's around 7pm 2-15-12 went out back looked up into the as always since my stargazing hobbie got very exciting 10 months ago i believe was my 1st sighting & wasn't my last.
Iam out back looked up northwest saw this formation of stars in sky (seen before) and underneath it is a very huge glowing and flikering bright red blue orange star-like object so i set up camera again to capture it & it started to fly up never did that before.I looked around notice above me there was 2 of them flying across the the sky at a very fast and unusual way trying to capture it on video there were too fast,gone.I attempted to record the run away star-like object as i was doing that i i noticed another flying object maybe 20ft from roof top heading in my direction i looked behind me there was another one & the next thing i saw on the right side coming huge bright red and blue lights & flew by it was between my house and the neighbors house it had humming sound i told my boyfriend it looked like a huge potato with strange looking lights on it very strange it was just 10-20 ft above roof top if not closer.Never seen anything like it.At this point i stopped recording because i felt like they knew was recording them a didn't like it.That was my feeling.So go to my front porch sat there and watch COUPLE MORE passing by.I go to brothers house across town told him what i saw so he comes outside w/me and they were everywhere explainable flying very low objects some stop and hoovered around.I'am at my brothers house telling him what I've seen already at my house so i took him outside to let him see for himself,they were everywhere more than i saw at my it was crazy.So i decided to stay a little longer to see what i can catch on video i realized they just kept coming what seems like around me like if they didn't want me recording them so i stop went inside for sec then went back outside i told myself iam tripping so i continued to record i sat on porch i'am on second floor is i noticed this huge bright object coming up right behind this huge tree that sits on neighbors side as i looked thru the camera i realized it wasn't just one it had buddies this thing wasn't far from me just next door behind big tree i freaked out cause as i watching this thing at 1st i had heard humming sound then nothing and one min it was huge bright weird shape object then red then gone then it appeared again at one point i heard that humming sound again like it was about to take off.Well that freaked the hell out of me i ran inside told my brother what had happened we went back outside w/camera in hand and as i looked thru the camera i noticed this strange object and decided to zoom in on it to get a better look and that is what this video is so you tell me what u think it is remember iam on second floor.

multiple ufo sighting over Marco Island 14th Feb 2012

Ufo report from Marco Island
Mufon report:
As oddly as it sounds, I had the strongest urge to go outside. This was around 7pm ish. I went out and did regular scan of the sky. I immediately notice several extremely crisp electric big lights. I immediately knew. I went in and very quickly told my kids to come out and look at it with me. We grabbed two cameras, one an iphone and second a samsumg. Both could only pick up these objects as round balls twisting, turning, zig zagging, very quick motions in all directions. So I kept filming and describing each thing I was looking at. It was a little difficult to keep up because my girls were in amazement at what they were watching. It was an absolute amazing experience to say the least. At one point I didn’t even know what to say anymore. The things I saw didn’t even make sense. For example, there was something that was extremely dense, is the best word. It was directly under Orion, but then at times it appeared to be, Orion’s constellation itself. I know it seems weird. At some points you could clearly see that there was a very solid object. This realization that there was more than met the eye was clearly defined when two sets of what could easily of seen as regular stars (not at the time. Like each one didn’t do this in sync to each other) that were clearly perfect triangles that actually began to change triangle styles. Such as obtuse, oblong, and an equal. Those two moved at periodic times. They never stayed my 10 oclock or 1 oclock while I was facing west (thats the 1st position I saw them in). My main reason for focusing only westward was because the two very extremely lit objects that most people that I talk to say is Venus, but as sorry as I am to say, The mistaken object called Venus and the electric brown one, were involved in the same space with each other. At what I later learned was around 11 ish, was that the one I call “Electric Brown” or “The Helmet” was just gone.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

UFO Fireball over Provo, Utah 2012-02-14

New Ufo news in From Utah. Live in the area? we would like to hear from you as a reply if you also saw this one.
Please view in full screen to see it better:

Mufon Report:
From my apartment window overlooking southwest Utah County observed two orange/yellow fireballs about five minutes apart slowly ascending in the sky. My girlfriend and I observed the same type of object a few days previously about 40 miles away in West Valley City (flying over Valley Fair Mall).

Both fireballs seemed to originate from close to ground-level starting above the city of Palmyra, Utah (appx. 40.148832,-111.719799). They ascended gradually in the air at roughly a 35 degree angle. I'm guessing the objects were 10-20 feet in diameter.

The first object headed due north and reached an altitude of approximately 10-15,000 feet (slightly higher than half the altitude of commercial jets that frequently fly above the path of the these two objects). After approximately two minutes I lost sight of the first object as it passed behind trees a few yards from my balcony.

The second object seemed to arise from the same area traveling somewhat north, northeast. It flew for about 3/4 of the distance as the first object but abruptly faded and vanished.

I would estimate their speed to be faster than a twin-engine plane or transport military helicopter, but traveled about as fast as the life-flight helicopter which frequently flies in the same area to and from Utah Valley Regional Medical Center.

I was able to record the object with a Sony DCR-TRV11 digital video camera. The objects looked to be active balls of flame changing colors from orange to yellow. There were no blinking lights and no other observable lights coming from the object.

Aircontrollers see ufo over Mexico City's International Airport

Christmas day 25th December 2011 - Aircontrollers see a large ufo over Mexico City's International Airport

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Bright Ufo orb reported over stoneham Quebec Canada

To be honest this 'orb' over the mountain village of stoneham Quebec could be anything:
Poster comments: Quebec - February 14, 2012 - During a walk with my dog ​​I noticed this white ball that crossed the horizon. Do you know what that maybe?

Alien Encounters: The Wright-Patterson Connection

This Ohio video recording is an investigative look at the Roswell "incident."
In it, narrator and producer Carl Day reported on stories of wreckage and alien bodies being shipped to Wright-Patterson Field, he interviewed Kevin Randle and Donald R. Schmitt, authors of "The Truth About the UFO Crash at Roswell," and conducted numerous interviews with Air Force personnel, a photoanalysis expert, and numerous others to attempt to determine if there had been a government "cover-up." Department of Defense. Department of the Air Force. Office of the Secretary. Office of the Administrative Assistant. Office of the Deputy for Security and Special Investigative Programs. Research Declassification Team. (1987 - )

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Four meter tall ET makes Italian news !

The news of a 4 meter high ET waling the streets in Italy is making big news over there:

Witness Leonard D'Andrea, worker Codroipo to Caffaro, who was driving his car when, while visiting the Napoleon of the new roundabout at Mortlake, was forced to stop.

"I noticed the cars stopped, I queued - says D'Andrea - I thought at the time of an accident. But when I fell, I noticed that there was three cars in front of a strange creature that walked along the road. It was about four meters high and was silent. "

D'Andrea wanted to tell my father, but the phones were not working, there was no field. Then took the torch and lit the gray creature, noting that her legs were slightly bent forward with the back formed by a sort of very large tendons. "While the illuminavo, noted that the head had a round shape and ending in a conical shape. This creature "walked" on the road, not caring at all the cars stopped and people - reminiscent of Andrea - In front of me was a Mazda with a family. The mother took the two children hiding behind the seats, while two girls behind me wanted to call 113 but the phone did not go. "

Flash & Loud Boom Wakes Many South Carolina Residents - Feb. 13, 2011

Calling all in South Carolina do you see the flash or the loud boom yesterday?:

"GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) -
Many people across the Upstate called FOX Carolina and said they were awakened by a loud boom and flash of light early Monday morning.

Most of the reports of the unusual phenomenon came from people living in Cherokee, Spartanburg and Greenville counties about 1:45 a.m.

Officials at the National Weather Service at the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport said that based on eyewitness reports, the event was likely a meteor.

The Weather Service said there was a flash in the sky about 1:46 a.m. and they recorded a very faint flash with their cameras.

Spartanburg police told the Weather Service that they had received numerous calls from the public. They said that one of their officers said they saw a flash light up their car and saw various pieces disintegrate in the sky."

Reader Ufo Personal Sightings february 2012

Here are a few new ufo reports in submitted by our readers for february 2012.
If you have a report please use the 'submit' button at the top of the website.

Las Vegas
It was sunday evening in las vegas i was looking out my bedroom window and saw the most unbeleivable groups of red lights in the sky i was facing west the lights traveled southward it was app 8 pm and I woke my wife to witness this amazing sight has anyone else seen these? f

Houston, Texas
2/6/12: 9:17pm Houston, TX: Large hazy light-blue ball of light heading South-west. Appeared out of nowhere shot across the sky the distance of a finger held up to the sky. Ball was not defined but the size of an orange (vs. pinprick of light like other meteor showers, etc..) This was like no other meteor I have traces before or after light ball, no planes. Very strange.

England Coventry
A circling UFO going miles round red and whitie orange 4 very large circles and then it did a fly by it flyed directly towards us very very near then continued its circle at the tremendous speed it had been going at. England Coventry Stretton Under-fosse Revel Prison College drive

Concord California
Last night at about 8:30, I heard a guy out front of my house talking loud so I went out to investigate. When I got outside it was just a guy on his phone walking his dog. But when I walked out I noticed a bright orange light in the northwest sky. So I watched it for about ten minutes, it was moving up down left right. But not moving very far at the time, and then it started to fly off into the northwest direction. I got iPhone video, but we all know how that goes. Thanks. John B. Concord, CA.

Monday, February 13, 2012

UFOs over Power Plant Russia February 08, 2012

There is a long connection between ufos and nuclear weapons and power stations.
Could this recent video filmed over a Power Plantin the City of Chelyabinsk, Russia be further evidence of this growing trend?

Filmed February 08, 2012

Ufo Lights Over Peoria Arizona - Feb. 9, 2012

3 strange ufo lights over Peoria Arizona - did anyone else see it?

Mufon case report:

I was with a group of friends at Cold Stone (ice cream restaurant). We had just left the restaurant and were standing in a circle talking in the parking lot. I was facing southeast when I was the first to notice the object in the sky. At first glance it just appeared to be a shooting star but it was moving very slowly and then it clearly changed directions.

I told everyone to turn around (there were 4 of us total). We watched the object for a few seconds when we noticed that a second object had appeared below the first. They were both "drifting" back an forth.At this point I pulled my iphone out and frantically began trying to film them. When I started filming a third object appeared (as can be seen in the video I uploaded).

The video makes it hard to see, but all three of the objects had a short tail and were slowly drifting or "dancing" back and forth. I was freaking out and inadvertently drawing a lot of attention (as can be heard in my video). There were other witnesses in the parking lot, a couple of ladies are seen asking us what they were in the video. Before I started filming, another group of people wrote off the objects as being, "just meteors". The objects clearly were not meteors.

They disappeared one at a time and just seemed to burn out or fade away. Roughly 3 minutes after the incident there was a fireworks show about 30 degrees west and much much lower to the ground than the lights had appeared. I do not think the sightings were related to the fireworks, they lasted too long and did not behave like any fireworks I have ever seen, they were also long gone by the time the fireworks started and were in the completely wrong part of the sky.

Roughly 10-15 minutes after the event, I was driving due north when a row of 3 fighter jets flew straight past me heading in the exact direction that the lights had been seen. We were relatively close to Luke Air Force Base, but jets rarely fly directly over the city, and they were low and fast.

At the same time as the jets flew past me, a helicopter flew directly overhead going northwest (not toward the event). I do not think the helicopter was related to the event, but I have suspicions that the jets might be."

Spectacular UFO over Oregon

A very interesting ufo video here submitted by a reader over Oregon.
Could it have been the experimental TR3-B?

Although this video is not as smooth a filming sequence as compared to past videos because of the excitement, nonetheless this UFO flyover is exceptional after weeks of few displays. There was heavy cloud cover tonight but in one location above there was a wide gap of open clear sky. I was about to continue on to the normal sighting spot but took another few seconds to peer in the opening and that's when the object moved into view. The gear was quickly unpacked and the cam was powered up as the object came overhead. It moves left to right and appears to slow in speed before moving out of view.

Japan Airlines Flight 1628 UFO incident

This ufo incident is one of my favorites:
Japan Airlines Flight JAL 1628 - from Ufo Flight Black box documentary:

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Seattle Ufo sighting Monday, 6th February 2012.

Did anyone else see this ufo over Seattle?
Filmed on Monday, 6th February 2012.