Thursday, February 16, 2012

Aircontrollers see ufo over Mexico City's International Airport

Christmas day 25th December 2011 - Aircontrollers see a large ufo over Mexico City's International Airport
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Anonymous said...

and no one of these AIRCONTROLLERS have a handy with camera? in time of HD VIDEO SMARTPHONES? ...aha

Bathtub said...

Enrique Kolbeck has had a busy time with ufos over the years - he was in the 1999 Discovery Channel documentary Riddle of the Skies describing another sighting over Mexico City. I'm intrigued by the report of yet another Chinese airport closing due to a ufo and would be interested to know more about sightings in China and any follow-up investigations that may have taken place.

Celticqueen said...

Maybe the ships are choosing airports as stated in the video because they want to make contact and airport control staff know when it is genuinely a UFO so they are reliable witnesses. Maybe if we want direct contact with ET's we have to have a 'welcome sign' out or something or just more people wanting disclosure and direct visits.

Anonymous said...

A "welcome sign" is a good idea
but not before DISCLOSURE!

There are too many people who wouldn't understand, about our friends up there,and I dare say the
airports might be concerned, about
loosing business somewhat,which is the same reason "airline pilots"
keep a low profile,when it comes to talking too openly, about ET & UFO.

I'd say push for "DISCLOSURE" every chance you get!!:)
and I would say, that really, disclosure has already taken place,and has done, for some time now, [within Ufology!] BUT not! by our Governments!! who hold the power for now, for CHANGE!?

What they don't want you to know,is what we all need to know,and that is, THE TRUTH!!

We all know that something is going on behind the Politics!
but there line is: we don't know!
OR Prove it! there's no evidence!

So you see now, what we're all up against!?....a lie at every level!!
and the story goes on & on. & .....

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