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Ufo seen above crop circle in Canada June 11?

This guy filmed some strange shinny Ufo like object over a crop circle in canada.
Your thoughts and comments appreciated on this one:

Ufo compilation

A random compilation of Ufos from earlier on in this year and 2009. Some of the videos look ok , others no so sure. Also here is a great list of Ufo photos taken from over the years.

Veritas Show Updates - James Fox - the media blackout on the Oil Spill

Veritas, my favorite Ufo and Exo-politics online radio show has interviewed so many great people over the last year - RealUfos wants to say well done Mel - Your lists of guests are impressive!

As you may note i have added the Veritas Radio player back to the blog because i consider it vital to listen to for everyone who wishes to remain aware. Plus its really interesting. You can select episodes by using the player.

With the mass media still good at pumping out 'what they want us to hear', Veritas remains an important avenue for the discussion on  Exo-politics, world events and Ufo activity. Mel gives an unbiased look at whats really going on, whilst not having an agenda or being fear based (unlike the rants of Alex Jones). Accurate information (the whole story) is the key to maintaining an open mind folks!.

On a recent episode of Veritas Ufo Documentary maker, James Fox who directed  Out of the Blue and 'I Know what i saw' gives us a disturbing report of the media blackout on the Gulf of mexico BP oil Spill :
"It looks like the Oil Companies have taken over the whole operation - people are getting arrested for just taking Photos "

Part 2

Is the US Government trying to top Oil Companies taking over the situation.. is there a power struggle? - why the SWAT teams?:
DHS Secretary Napolitano announced that this incident is of national significance and the Department of Interior has announced that they will be sending SWAT teams to the Gulf to inspect all platforms and rigs. Note: SWAT teams are a special group of law enforcement police trained to deal with unusually dangerous or violent situations, and having special weapons.....they aren't scientists or engineers..

Crop Circle Appeared in Brianza Italy June 1 2010

With all the Ufo activity in Italy recently its not a shock that numerous crop circles have been reported there as well . This nice circle appeared in the fields of Brianza Italy June 1 2010.
Not sure what the reporter is saying, translation appreciated:

Solar storms to cause electrical blackouts & cell phone failures

As you may know the news is out and the media has picked up on the greater concerns about the looming solar storms.
NASA says the main concern about the solar storms is danger of electrical interference knocking out power grids and cell phones. We could expect to see blackouts for possible weeks at a time if systems aren't put in place to pre-warn power stations of solar activity.
This could have profound effects on modern life and make living in populated cities impossible.
It only now makes sense why these 2012 theorists recommend moving to farms and remote areas:

Another News report

White ring reported over Bulgaria

A smoke ring or something else? reported over Bulgaria. I Know these rings can be made by ring smoke machines but im still puzzeled .. this one seems to be flying fast - Your opinions?

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NASA's June 4 Announcement - Future Solar Storms now a major threat

I reminded everyone a while ago to keep an 'eye on the sun' for further news and as predicted here it is...

Oddly NASA has named their most important document in a while along the same lines "As the Sun Awakens, NASA Keeps a Wary Eye on Space Weather". I suggest you read this document.

As you may know, over the last few years i have written about looming solar maximus period between 2012 and 2013 and how it will be unlike any solar storms we have ever experienced.
Solar activity (sun-spots) have been unsually dormant over the last few years  and as the solar cycle fluctuates on an average 11 year cycle (with the last peak in 2001 - as the poles shift on the sun) many predicted the coming peak years (2012-13) to be the most active in human history . Its the calm before the storm essentially.

With the launch of the NASA SDO (Solar observatory) a few months ago, it only further supported my belief that NASA knew exactly what we are in for, as this was a substantial research investment ... well now the evidence is in and NASA is really concerned about the sun:

From NASA's important June 4 document:

"Earth and space are about to come into contact in a way that's new to human history. To make preparations, authorities in Washington DC are holding a meeting: The Space Weather Enterprise Forum at the National Press Club on June 8th.

Richard Fisher, head of NASA's Heliophysics Division, explains what it's all about:

"The sun is waking up from a deep slumber, and in the next few years we expect to see much higher levels of solar activity. At the same time, our technological society has developed an unprecedented sensitivity to solar storms. The intersection of these two issues is what we're getting together to discuss."

The National Academy of Sciences framed the problem two years ago in a landmark report entitled "Severe Space Weather Events—Societal and Economic Impacts." It noted how people of the 21st-century rely on high-tech systems for the basics of daily life. Smart power grids, GPS navigation, air travel, financial services and emergency radio communications can all be knocked out by intense solar activity. A century-class solar storm, the Academy warned, could cause twenty times more economic damage than Hurricane Katrina.

Much of the damage can be mitigated if managers know a storm is coming. Putting satellites in 'safe mode' and disconnecting transformers can protect these assets from damaging electrical surges. Preventative action, however, requires accurate forecasting—a job that has been assigned to NOAA.

Continue reading here

And no - please don't listen to the rants from  conspiracy theorist Alex Jones about this document!. This is one conspiracy he's got wrong . Even ignoring NASA's announcement  these solar storms are the legit,  many scientists and (even the web bots) forecasted this situation - this is the real 2012 threat.

The Sun awakens - NASA announcement:

The Implications for  Human life from the 2012-13 solar storms:

Soldiers witness Ufos over Vatican city Italy - Mass sighting 6th June 2010

Major Ufo news story developing here...
Im getting many emails from Italian people about some Ufo seen over rome. Following on from the military interview below this story has made mainstream media in Italy, with particular interest because of its location over Vatican city . What brings credibility to the report is that the 3 witnesses are military soldiers:
Italian News Report:

According to reports the video was taken from a cell phone by three soldiers who were on duty guarding a U.S. ambassador's residence in Vatican city. As it was a mass sighting further cell phone videos are coming in, see below.

If anyone can, a full translation of this media report in english it would be appreciated .

It seems that it wasn't just the soldiers who witnessed this amazing sighting over Rome on the 6th of June. Here is some actual footage of the Ufo taken from another persons a cell phone camera.
Note - Some people have responded saying lanterns but im seeing the lights in triangle formations here:

If you have been following this blog over the years you will know that this is not to be unexpected as there have been almost numerous Ufo sightings directly over the vatican since 2005.  Infact the vatican's recent urgent push to initiate debate and promote acceptance of ET life is surely no con-incidence - many say it has been directly influenced by these encounters over the years.

I guess If Et's wish to make contact, (whilst gaining acceptance and not alarm from the population ) the most sensible start would be through the channels of the worlds religious headquarters. Is this what the Vatican is preparing us for...?

Note: If you live in Rome Italy and have further images or video of this sighting please upload the video to youtube and email realufos your photos and links.
Se vivi a Roma, Italia e hanno ulteriori immagini o video di questa osservazione si prega di caricare il video su YouTube ed  email realufos le vostre foto and youtube links.

Breaking Ufo news - Soldiers report seeing Ufo over Vatican City June 6, 2010

This is a developing story .. emails coming in at the moment.

Apparently this new Ufo sighting in Italy occurred at 4am on the 6th of June. The object was hovering nearly over the 'Dome' (the Vatican ) and was sighted by three soldiers of the 17th Regiment from Saudi Arabia guarding a house nearby

June 6 2010 - if you were you one of those people in Monteverde area in Italy Rome please respond to this post.
In non è sicuro se il video successivo è legato o no, ma a quanto pare alcune persone hanno visto questo il giorno dopo .. come come se qualcosa atterrato in un punto tra l'erba: - sarebbe bene che qualcuno in Italia che hanno testimoniato questo potrebbe chiarire questo video un po 'di più.

Collection of UFO Sightings in Mexico

Mexico's airspace is the most active 'Ufo hotspot' in the world.
Their airforce organised an official press conference a few years ago saying that 'yes Ufos were real and are often in their airspace, they have captured multiple Ufos on radar and they are worried about the safety of their airspace with the Ufos up there...' 
I mean when an airforce comes forward like this saying that 1) Ufos are real and 2) they have been recorded or radar multiple times you'd think it would cause some reaction.  Surely the US government listening?
Heres a few interesting Ufo sightings from Mexico:

If you forgot here's that famous report from the 2004 - the Mexican airforce press release on Ufos:

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Police Chase UFO - Ohio, 1966 - Deputy Spaur Interview

Police are often first on the scene when Ufos are reported and therefore  make the most credible witnesses. So when they come forward we should pay attention and listenup:
In this interview Police Deputy Spaur reports his chase UFO back in Portage County Ohio on April 17th 1966: Note- not great quality you may need to turn volume up:
pt 1

pt 2

Animal mutilations linked directly to Ufos in the UK

The constant reporting of sheep mutilations here in the UK continue from numerous farmers in the midlands. Many farmers are taking this seriously here, they have nothing to gain coming forward and infact they are losing money from the loss of livestock.

Yet another new report in this month show that mutilations have 'surgical precision' with the removal of organs with 'laser like cuts' -   'no predator or scavenger could be responsible for what we are seeing here ' says Mike from the UK Animal Pathology Field Unit.

Many farmers report seeing Ufos and strange lights the night before these mutilations occur .. pointing a direct link to Ufo interaction:

Recent BBC article:
A Walsall man has told BBC WM that aliens and UFOs are responsible for a string of animal attacks in the UK. Mike Freebury, a member of the Animal Pathology Field Unit, has investigated the mystery of 'cattle mutilations' for a number of years.

The phenomenon, first reported in America in the 1970s, involves the unexplained deaths of rural animals.

The bodies are often discovered with missing limbs and organs, removed with surgical precision.
Mike says that the illegal attacks are also happening in Britain - and UFOs are responsible.

"Certainly, in my opinion, the UFOs are something that relates directly to the animal mutilations,"
he told BBC WM presenter Brett Birks.

"They're often seen around the areas where mutilations are taking place. I think that the animal mutilations are possibly some sort of sampling programme being carried out by the entities that are propelling these crafts."   
Source - continue reading
Research to be taken seriously -
Richard D. Hall interviews Mike Freebury of the Animal Pathology Field Unit. Mike has been investigating strange animal deaths in the Dartmoor region. One particular area of Dartmoor has suffered a large quantity of unexplained sheep deaths. Mike also explains interferance he has encountered from the authorities, who accessed his mobile phone records:

pt 2

pt 3

X-Conference 2010: Press Conference Highlights

Highlight reel from the annual X-Conference at the National Press Club in Washington DC. X-Conference 2010 brings the UFO/ET issue to the National Press Club in Washington, DC between the Capitol and the White House. -

Did you see lights over Grismby UK 5th June 2010 ?

Ufos or lanterns? - Grismby UK 5th June 2010. like to hear from locals - please respond.

POsters comments:
Several UFO's flying in formation over Grimsby. The UFO's appeared over the horizon as balls of light and then moved up into the clouds. They moved in total silence and all moved independently. I have no idea what these were.

First ever crop circle in beans ! - Crop Circle at Stony Littleton Long Barrow, Somerset 7th June 2010

A new crop circle has appeared right here in the UK at at Stony Littleton Long Barrow in Somerset. What makes this new crop circle different is that it occurred in long beans which is a first for a crop circle!. In may we had the first ever crop circle in rape seeds and now this one - what does this all mean? Well as you move from normal crop to different plants it becomes a more difficult task to hoax as different crops may be more fragile and bending techniques become visible.

More footage of Stony Littleton Long Barrow, Somerset, 7 June 2010

Another video of the circle

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Both me and the designer have worked flat out on realUfos today!

The new quicker design has allowed me to add back in 2 requested parts of the site on the right sidebar:

1) The Veritas Radio Show player - who allows you to listen to the most recent shows from this outstanding online Ufo radio station  .
2) The streams from MUFON including the most recent personal Ufo reports submitted from around the world. I have included the brief descriptions with these reports (please advise if you would prefer titles of reports or descriptions as well?) You can scroll down and see more reports using this widget.
When you click on the titles of these reports it takes you to direct a map on the Ufo stalker website which shows you exactly where that report came from - handy hey!

Over and out!

Radio Interview with producer of Westall '66 - Australia's Ufo Incident

This story is all over the media in Australia since the SciFi Channel broadcast.
In this radio Interview the producer explains in detail startling facts from which the movie was based on.
One of the strangest UFO mysteries happened in the suburbs of Melbourne in the sixties - the sighting of a UFO at a local school by some 200 people. You may have thought this would be big news - but it seems to have disappeared from history. Did it really happen? Trevor Chappell discussed this with Rosie Jones, producer 'Westall '66 -A suburban UFO mystery:


Fresh new look for realUfos !

Hi All,

Just a short note to say realUfos is currently under re-design.
The new layout until will come together over the coming days as we make finishing touches.
The major benefit of the new simpler design is a better fit for the larger HD youtube videos and a de-cluttering of the layout for quicker loading times.

Some people already commented the new font is hard to read .. do you agree?
We would like to know what you think about the new layout...
If you have any other suggestions please reply to this post so we can make the changes as we go..

Keep your eyes to the Skies,


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Australia's own Roswell - the Westall '66 UFO Incident

This documentary is big news down under at the moment!
After 44 years Australia's most well kept secret - the Westhall Ufo incident gets exposure on the sciFi Channel. Its Australia's own version of Roswell and most people outside Australia (let alone myself) have never heard anything about the amazing mass sighting.

Over a 200 witnesses saw a Ufo land and then takeoff over Westall Primary and Secondary School (Clayton South, Melbourne) on April 6, 1966 including school staff, teachers and students. They openly give their accounts of how the teachers were instructed to say nothing and government agents came into the school to talk to the staff. Its interesting to note that this is yet again another Ufo sighting that occurred near a school:

In 1966, in the Australian suburb of Westall, hundreds of students, teachers and local residents witnessed a UFO hover overhead for several minutes, land and take off again at incredible speed. Silenced by authorities at the time, and still angry about not being believed, they revisit the event as tenacious amateur sleuth Shane Ryan goes back to find an answer to the mystery. With an undercurrent of Cold War paranoia, and a burgeoning military alliance between Australia and America, their story has deep resonance in the current climate of cover-ups and lies delivered by governments in the interests of national security... (screening times here)
RealUfos wants to hear ASAP from witnesses of this event in Australia back in 1966 - please give your accounts and details of any photos as a reply to this post and as a discussion piece here on UfoEvolution forums.

Feature on Today Tonight:

SciFi World Premier trailer - the Westhall '66 incident- June 4 on sciFi:

Radio Interview about the documentary:

Did you see those Orbs over London on Sunday ?

Sunday, 6th June 2010 around 10 pm - Orbs in triangle formation were filmed hovering over South London, UK - please reply if you also saw this

Take time to check out the AlienScientist

I really enjoy watching the AlienScientists videos and highly suggest you check out his  youtube channel and new website, you might learn something. This guy thinks outside the square and takes a scientific look at Antigravity technology, propulsion physics and ideas that most scientists would prefer not to touch.

As mentioned in the below video, it is very true about the arrogance of scientists and physicists even today - if its not written in the textbooks from which they learnt, many scientists would still prefer to turn a blind eye then consider the possbilities that new groundbreaking devices actually work,  simply because they operate beyond their current means of understanding. 

Just as Galileo was persecuted by his peers for proving against common belief at the time that the earth was round and not flat, scientists today still  follow this 'pack mentality'. If theories aren't accepted by the mainstream then they are quickly rejected and ridiculed. Even if these devices work, if they aren't explained by current means then they are completely ignored as pseudoscience.  Most scientists would rather stick their heads in the sand and  remain with existing  theories than consider the possibility that new theories are possible... this is  a major downfall of evidence (a.k.a fear) based science and it reflects the height of human arrogance.. we aren't are smarter then our creator yet!

This downfall also allows for the control and suppression of development of alternate energy and propulsion devices - control of Information is powerful tool - those who control access to information (like buying up patents)  can essentially prevent scientific research and thus prevent eventual mainstream recognition of new scientific theories which delays progress and commercial development indefinitely.

Aliens found living in remote Patagonia

Interesting Documentary on a remote area in Chile where aliens were apparently well known to exist by the locals. Spanish video with english subtitles.

Part 2

Part 3
Remaining 12 parts.
Posters comments:This is an amazing documentary of a very secluded place where a group of humanoid aliens had lived ..people in the area do not want this out for fear of the type of crowd it would attract to the remote island..
I'm guessing the location is  the island of Patagonia in Chile not Patagonia itself?

FBI forced to steer clear of Cattle Mutilations

Ok while this news report is not supportative of the mutilation phenomenon it does reveal the 130-page file the FBI had on cattle mutliations,  (which you can read here) . The FBI was called to investigate because some senators considered the mutiliations a act of 'Federal and interstate criminal activity' (not sure if that implies government involvement?).
When the FBi stepped into investigate in mid 1970's there was major resistance on their part to do anything (eg"investigations limited to only 15 and it had to be on Indian reservations only"..) . Obviously there was pressure on them to drop investigations from a higher level .
Why else would it be 'beyond their jurisdiction' (the FBI is a federal organisation!)... and the fact that they would need  'congressional approval' or 'executive order' for further investigations just goes to show you that something much more was going on with the mutilations that involved the highest levels of government.
You can be sure the FBI knew 100% what was really going on here thus why they dropped out from the investigations and why they wanted them explained away as natural deaths when clearly surgical cuts were noted by farmers - not simply the work of scavengers or dogs.

A 130-page file reveals just how deep the Federal Bureau of Investigation probed into the cattle mutilation mystery that mystified cattle ranchers in New Mexico and a string of other states from the west coast to the Midwest.

Also you may be interested in this new article on Earthfiles about the Interesting case of a witness of one of these mutilations in progress:

"That cow was being dragged sideways somehow with its legs touching the ground. The cow's back was moving toward the weird, loud sound and the cow could not move its legs to get up.” 

Chacon, New Mexico carpenter, Larry Gardea, points at the wide ditch that he watched a cow “float over” toward a loud “arc welder torch” sound in trees beyond the ditch.

Where do most Cattle mutilations take place - well mid west USA between Colorado and New Mexico:

Reader submitted Ufo videos June 2010

Huge UFO triangle , Quarry Andover, NJ 5/31/10

Here come todays list of ufo video submissions
Lights or Lanterns June 2010?

lights were recorded over San Giorgio a Cremano in the province of Naples, Italy on Sunday, 6th June 2010.

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Triangular Ufo seen over Fort Myers beach Florida

RealUfos is calling out to anyone in Florida who may have also spotted this Triangular Ufo or any strange lights over the past few days, if so please respond to this post.

Posters Comments: