Friday, June 11, 2010

Collection of UFO Sightings in Mexico

Mexico's airspace is the most active 'Ufo hotspot' in the world.
Their airforce organised an official press conference a few years ago saying that 'yes Ufos were real and are often in their airspace, they have captured multiple Ufos on radar and they are worried about the safety of their airspace with the Ufos up there...' 
I mean when an airforce comes forward like this saying that 1) Ufos are real and 2) they have been recorded or radar multiple times you'd think it would cause some reaction.  Surely the US government listening?
Heres a few interesting Ufo sightings from Mexico:

If you forgot here's that famous report from the 2004 - the Mexican airforce press release on Ufos:
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