Thursday, March 22, 2007

Arizona Republican Governor confirms phoenix lights

Former Arizona Republican Governor Fife Symington III said that he had witnessed one of the “craft of unknown origin” during the 1997 Phoenix Lights event, but noted that he didn’t go public with the information. In an interview with the Daily Courier in Prescott, Fife said:

“It was enormous and inexplicable. Who knows where it came from? A lot of people saw it, and I saw it too. It was dramatic. And it couldn’t have been flares because it was too symmetrical. It had a geometric outline, a constant shape.

Fife also noted that he did request information from the the commander of Luke Air Force Base, the general of the National Guard, and the head of the Department of Public Safety. But none of the officials he contacted had an answer for what had happened, and were also “perplexed.”

Frances Barwood, who was the former Phoenix city councilwoman in 1997 and who launched an investigation into the event, said that out of the more than 700 witnesses she interviewed, “The government never interviewed even one.”