Saturday, May 11, 2013

Quincy, Massachusetts: FAA & Mayor In UFO Dispute!

Some interesting UFO news just in!
It's long known that the FAA covers up UFO sightings, in order to give the image that airspace is safe for commercial aircraft.  It really is no coincidence they are at odds with the town Mayor of Quincy.
Note: If you live in the area we would like to hear from you ASAP about what you think the craft was?

The mystery in Quincy continues to deepen. Who is flying around the city from dusk to dawn, for the past ten days or so? "It's frightening, not just weird, but frightening," said one resident of the Wollaston section. It's not the state or local police doing the flying, and the FAA is giving out little information, even to city officials. "It's frustrating, it really is," says City Councillor Brian Palmucci about his conversation with the FAA. "I specifically asked, 'Is it a law enforcement flight? Can we tell people that?' He said 'no we can't tell you that.' Well then I asked that when folks call me can I at least tell them that it is something that they shouldn't worry about, it's something they shouldn't be concerned with. He said, 'I can't tell you that.'" Sources tell WBZ that the aircraft is not a drone, that it is manned, and FAA spokesman Jim Peters said, "we have to be very careful this time" concerning information.
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UFO Ovni Visits Argentina During Solar Eclipse: 09/05/2013

 UFO Ovni filmed over Argentina during solar eclipse:  09/05/2013

Friday, May 10, 2013

UFOs Above North Richland Hills, Texas: 04/05/2013

New UFO video, of sighting over North Richland Hills in Texas.
Video is in two parts - please view in full screen:
1st Video

2nd Video

Source MUFON: 
UFO/orbs/triangle formation witnessed hovering for a period of over an hour. After hearing a loud boom I rushed outside to investigate. (not claiming boom was related, but very ironic timing if its not related) Directly in my line of vision after walking out front was the UFO, essentially commanding my attention. (not in an overly telepathic way or anything like that). I have had reoccurring dreams for many years about seeing lights in the sky from the same vantage point, so I think that helped to command my attention to it more than anything else. I continued to tell myself it was a star, or drone, but the more I observed it, and the more others around me observed it, it became quickly apparent that it was neither of those things. I still kept telling myself it was a drone until I reviewed the footage. It wasnt until a couple days later that I discovered the formation, triangle pattern, and coordinated maneuver while editing the footage. That was when the full truth finally sunk in. I have at least 5 witnesses, and 3 vantage points of video footage to back me up. My wife and I even viewed the object through binoculars and clearly saw the strange light patterns through the binoculars as well. These lights were nearly impossible to see from the well lit streets just outside of the neighborhood, and has shown me how easily these types of things can be going on right under our noses without our knowledge. Even while witnessing these objects in person, I didnt fully see or comprehend the multiple objects in formation. As it was happening, I told myself that the 2nd object was just a star that had been there the whole time. After viewing the footage, this clearly was not true. We eventually lost sight of the objects after driving for a better vantage point. 

Drone Or UFO? Longview, Texas: 09/05/2013

Strange navigational lights that do not fit normal formations. What was this object?

Filmers comments
On a drive back from work, I notice two strange amber colored lights following me as I race home to get my camera. What we see is the tail end of the last one post morph. I was lucky catch this as mild form of proof it actually happened. See video in the response to see one morph.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Shots Fired At UFO Above France? Military Camera Recording

This is a very interesting UFO video and we'd definitely appreciate your feedback on it.
Posters comments: 
A UFO at cloud height is being clearly shot at by French Military at a base in La Rochell, There was 3 UFO,s and numerous shots were fired at all three, the recorder focuses on the 1 that is closest,

UFOs In Formation Or Bolivian Military Training Op' ?

New UFO video:

Posters comments:
The Bolivian Military had a training operation with live rounds recently and a cluster of fiery red-orange glowing UFO's appeared over the area of training. This recording is from a distance and has the clearest view of what the UFO's were doing. These UFO's also appeared over Santiago on Dec 2012.

Huge UFO Ovni! Guadalajara, Mexico: 06/05/2013

New UFO video in from Mexico, filmed on the 6th of May:

Filmers comments:
06/05/2013 UFO huge Over Guadalajara Mexico Ovnis Grandes en mexico Filmed with night vision Lens

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

UFO Ovni Vs Laser Light - Ferreira, Portugal: 05/05/2013

This UFO seems to be strangely interacting with the laser light.

Citizen Hearing On UFO Disclosure: 29/04/2013

Some excellent & lengthy videos from the live web cast, of the Citizen's Hearing on UFO disclosure. Many have surfaced online for those who have missed it and some of these videos are extremely interesting. We recommend you take some time to look through them.
Note: Some videos you may need to fast forward to see the content.
Click here to watch further videos

About  Laurance Rockefeller and his long standing supporting of UFO research:

Dr Roger Leir and the implant phenomenon:

Deathbed Confession: Former CIA Agent Talks UFO's

An incredible interview with a former CIA agent from The Citizen's Hearing on Disclosure:
“At the end of the non-human autopsy film, it said that the brain was different than ours and the internal organs were entirely different.” - “Stein,” Former Army/CIA UFO Analyst

Monday, May 06, 2013

Fireball Meteor UFO - West Islip, New York: 04/05/2013

Source: Mufon
I was with three friends of mine hanging out on the rooftop of an elementary school. As we were leaving, I realized I had forgotten something that I needed to go back for - across the top of the school. As I turned the corner of the building with my friends, we looked up to see a flaming object descending steeply diagonally toward us. I managed to say "what the #^%& is that?!" as all my friends looked up, and after about 10 seconds I grabbed my phone to capture a video. By the time i started recording - the craft / fireball had stopped flaming and had "leveled out" - leaving a trail of flames behind it much like a comet - however the flames did not "act" like fire - they seemed to be both shooting out the front and back of the craft & returning back to it... which is to say that fire wasn't coming "off" the craft, but being circulated around it. After flying straight & parallel to the ground with the "comet-like trail" the fire dimmed completely, then the craft flashed brightly once and then ascended back into the sky. Coincidentally - the Eta Aquarid meteor shower meteor shower started today. However I have never known a meteor to CONSCIOUSLY CHANGE COURSE. I should add that I did have the overwhelming feeling that was some sort of greeting - a tip-of-the-cap of a "what up?!" sort of friendly gesture. Also very strange that minutes earlier - i did write "Hi Aliens!" in the dew on top the rooftop metal equipment.

UFO Visits Longview Texas: 05/03/2013

Strange military craft, helicopter drones or extraterrestrial craft?

Filmers comments: Shortly after a friend of mine arrived, so did the mantas as well. We both watched these craft slowly fly over and display there amber colored lights.

Bright Lights Shine Over Texas! 27/04/2013

UFO lights or lanterns? Filmed over Texas...

Posters comments:
UFO's Caught over Fort Worth Texas by Malika Duke on 4-27-2013 These Craft have very interesting characteristics and are undeniable. These craft were caught at 9:30 CST over a neighborhood they made no noise.

Close Call - UFO & Airliner In The UK: 05/04/2013

This interesting video, shows a strange bright object passing near an aircraft. Does anyone have any thoughts as to what the object was?

7.40pm on the 5/4/13...An amazed plain spotter records the moment a glowing UFO comes within feet of an oncoming airliner on landing, this caught UFODI attention, due to the size of the object to the airliner, the object was around 15-25ft wide and 10ft in height. The recorder didnt even recognise it at that time, only after observing the footage he saw it, he discribes looking at his radar system which distracted him. Its an amazing unexpected catch.

UFO Lights On Palm Springs, California: 04/05/2013

Two strange parallel UFO lights seen over Palm Springs, California on the 4th May 2013:

Source: Mufon
I was outside this evening looking for my cat at approximately 8pm when I noticed a bright orange/red object low in the sky over Indian Canyons which was moving from the Southwest to the Northwest toward Palm Springs. After getting a better vantage point I noticed a second object which was some distance behind the first but at a slightly lower altitude. Both objects emitted the exact same fiery orange/red colors. As the objects moved slowly through the sky I lost sight of the second object as it dropped behind the San Jacinto Mountain. I then ran into the house to get a family member and after about 30 seconds inside came back outside and noticed that the second object had looped back around to the Southwest to about where I had first noticed it in the sky and it was once again moving toward Palm Springs. By this time the first object was high over the San Jacinto Mountain directly to my Southwest. Because of the distance between the two objects and the number of large palm trees in my yard I could only now focus on one object. So I watched the first object as it slowly moved over the San Jacinto Mountain toward the Northwest. After a couple of minutes my relative told me that the second object was no longer visible in the sky. And about a minute later I watched as the first object appeared to stop moving forward and slowly blinked out.