Friday, December 13, 2013

UFO video over Arizona City 11th December 2013

New UFO video Arizona :

Filmers comments
Driving up my street spotted two lights near Venus, they disappeared then saw two more in the south eastern part of the sky, they disappeared as well. Saw another one alone in the south western part of the sky. throughout a period of 45 minutes they would appear in random parts of the sky and would disappear.

UFo video recorded over Arizona Superstition Mountains

New UFO video recorded with night vision equipment over Arizona Superstition Mountains

November 16, 2013 skywatch in the Superstition Mountains which took place after a Phoenix MUFON meeting. 3rd Generation night vision was adapted to a DSLR camera filming in 1080p HD. Two objects were witnessed for over 9 minutes traveling in unison across the sky. Some satellite formations such as the NOSS do orbit in formation. The video is an example of the capability of Generation 3 night vision to enhance objects too dim to see with the unaided eye. The LRS night vision scope attaches directly to the camera body of your DSLR Nikon or Canon for crisp filming with the included lens or your own lens attached to the end. Other night vision scopes can be adapted to your iPhone.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Obama light hearted acknowledgement of Area 51

From what many can see as  light hearted humour im assuming sadly this is a close as the president will ever get to the disclosure topic.
President Barack Obama reflects on saturday about what the number one thing people at the time wanted him to achieve when he was elected president(im assuming this was from the vote poll questionaire that was online years ago) - "find whats going on at Area 51" he mentions.
Then he mentioned surprisingly he'd have to simply ask Shirely Maclaine to find this out (she was seated as a speaker at the event).
MacLaine has previously stated that she has seen UFOs. (See her candid Oreily interview)
Obama then mentioned "I think ive become the first president to ever acknowledge area 51!".

Incredible footage - large UFO object caught on video 9th December 2013

This Incredible UFo video shows what looks like a large UFO. It was filmed on the 9th December 2013, location unknown. Would like your thoughts and comments on this video

Filmers comments:
On the night of Friday December 6, as time drifted on to become 2 AM Saturday December 7, my wife and I were awakened by sounds like 'deep bumps or thuds' and 'cross-talk' in our desert home, which has happened before. We quickly checked out into the night, looking beyond our backyard at what is 35 miles of barren desert, and there, not more than a mile away sat three (3) UFOs that had landed. One was very large. None of them were aircraft, grounded satellites, drones or anything else man made .. and these craft visit here during the day, as well as during the night. - Harry Drew There is roughly 5-6 hours of footage sped up at 64x speed for viewing and analysis

UFO ovnis again overr Popocatepetl Volcano in Mexico, Dec 5, 2013, 10:55am

Daylight footage in from the UFO hotspot - Popocatepetl Volcano in Mexico. The volcano seems to never end with amazing sightings in the region.
We need some serious live webcams monitoring the area daily now. Too much is going on here:

UFO sightings December 2013 in review

Darin Crapo examines UFO sightings this month December 2013. UFO videos in from Benidorm, Spain; Slovakia; Virginia, USA; Bangor, Maine, USA; Grand Fork, British Columbia, Canada; Scotland; Manchester, England, UK; and New From Space examines the remains of ISON.

Monday, December 09, 2013

UFO lights over Gilbert Queen Creek Arizona 8th December 2013

New UFO sighting over Gilbert Queen Creek Arizona. Did anyone else see this?
Please view in fullscreen to see better.
Any ideas on what you think these objects were?

Source: MUfon My friend and I were leaving my house and were getting in her car when I pointed out some strange lights behind her. The lights, I think 4 or 5 total were slowly moving in different directions out South towards nothing. Our airport is the opposite direction and there is really only residential areas and desert in the direction where the lights were. These lights faded in and out a few times. We only viewed them for about a minute. My brother happened to be outside for about 30 seconds and caught a picture. I recorded video. My friend and I drove toward the direction where we thought they were to a field where nothing would be blocking our view shortly after the last light faded but the lights were gone.. This happened around 8pm. If you see the video youll be able to tell how my friend and I were reacting, we were both freaking out.

UFo Ovnis orbs over Mexicali Mexico Nov/2013

Helicopters fly around inspect a series of UFO orbs over Mexicali Mexico Nov/2013

UFO video filmed over California 7th December 2013

Filmers comments: I walked out of my house and witnessed a large glowing red/orange object above me that traveled south to south west with no erratic movements.