Wednesday, December 11, 2013

UFO ovnis again overr Popocatepetl Volcano in Mexico, Dec 5, 2013, 10:55am

Daylight footage in from the UFO hotspot - Popocatepetl Volcano in Mexico. The volcano seems to never end with amazing sightings in the region.
We need some serious live webcams monitoring the area daily now. Too much is going on here:
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Anonymous said...

After all the years that UFOs have been seen and all the wasted man/woman power in trying to explain them. Isn't it time 'they ' showed themselves?. I am personally sick of them (I have seen them). I think we are being royally screwed and set up for someone's/somethings entertainment. Show up or SHUT Up! Who/whatever you are!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hard to argue with that comment above!!..Lights are seen & no one knows what they are.They are seen every where,mostly in the northern hemisphere..WHY??..I'll tell you WHY.

UNDERGROUND BASES! UNDERWATER BASES! ETC!..These lights, what ever they are, have apparently been showing up every where, for a very long time! but one knows what they are.So MAYBE it has been, a wast of man/woman power in trying to explain them.You would probably get better results with the "Ghost-busters" for what its worth!? We need answers NOW! Not in another 60+yrs....Showing up or SHUT Up!is not going to change a thing,what ever that means!?

People see what they see, & report..and we read what they report, & SPEAK OUT!!
So who can be in the wrong? The one reporting what they have witnessed, or WE who read their report, & speak out??..In my opinion,if it is considered a wasted man/woman power to explain what these sightings of lights are all about,then its could be, because they are going about investigations in the wrong way!? We aren't getting the results now, are we?...

We need something more definitive,than what has been so allusive to us, for over 60+yrs
I can't believe, that with all the technology we have today, this is not possible!?
I believe it IS possible,and all it would take,would be someone professional, in the right place & position, to....MAKE IT HAPPEN!!.............................

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