Thursday, August 14, 2014

UFO Sighting: Toronto, Canada. 26/07/2014

An interesting video currently on the UFO sighting, circuit...
Viewers comments: "Mysterious laser-beam-looking lights shining in an oblique line towards a round-shaped, color-switching object in the sky. It was there for around half an hour before it vanished! The lights flickered and so did the object in the sky. Make sure you watch the whole video!"

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Anonymous said...

It seems like an agent is trying to communicate with those lights? Very strange indeed. Those don't seems to be airplanes... Weird. Definetely.

Anonymous said...

Laser device is projetcing picture on the surface of clouds. No ufo etc.

Anonymous said...

looks like a projector from the building, you can see a stream of light coming from there.

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