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EU Takes up the UFO Issue - Major Disclosure News

Major news here:
In a move that presses to have Ufo disclosure on an unprecedented scale  throughout the EU, an Italian Member of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, has submitted a request to the highest legislative body within the European Union for full disclosure of classified UFO documents by the 27 nation governments that belong to the EU! :

Below is an extract of his submission which you may read here:

Written declaration on the declassification of documentation on UFOs
The European Parliament,
–      having regard to Articles 4, 179, 180 and 189 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union,
–      having regard to Rule 123 of its Rules of Procedure,
A.      whereas in 1978 the 33rd General Assembly of the United Nations formally recognised UFOs as a valid issue,
B.      whereas in 1993 a resolution drafted by the Italian physicist Tullio Regge and seeking to extend to European level the investigative remit of what was then the only government body looking into UFOs (the SEPRA, which has now become the GEIPAN) was tabled in Parliament,
C.      whereas many members of the scientific community have been looking into the issue of UFOs and have denounced the systematic covering-up of information on the subject,
D.      whereas a study of the material collected by the governments of all the Member States would have major scientific and technological spinoffs,
1.      Considers it essential to set up a scientific centre for the analysis and dissemination of the scientific data gathered to date by various European bodies and governments;
2.      Calls for public archives on UFOs to be opened up and for records to be declassified by the Member States, thus providing the public and the mass media with access to the full range of documentation on the subject;
3.      Instructs its President to forward this declaration, together with the names of the signatories, to the Council, the Commission and the governments of the Member States.

Source - EU Parliament

Jamie gives us a run down of the 2010 crop circles

Jaime maussan gives us a run down of the 2010 crop circle season so far.
After visiting wiltshire myself a few days ago and spending time at stonehenge and the Old Sarum Circle i have my own report coming up myself.

My video from wiltshire is coming up. by the way.. here's a few pictures of my recording over Old Sarum circle!

ufos Surrey, 22nd July, 2007, England

An old sightings from 2007 seen over Surrey, 22nd July, 2007, England.. at first i thought lanterns but the triangular formation challenges that:

The Westall Ufo 66' incident documentary now on DVD

Hi all,

You probably remember that Aussie Ufo documentary that aired earlier this month on SCiFI. Well just an annoucement that you can now get it on DVD here  to watch if you missed it.  The producer has gone through extensive research for 3 years to put out this amazing feature, and with the lack of good Ufo documentaries out there, I urge everyone to support her great work .

Over 200 students, teachers and parents witnessed an unexplained flying object on Wednesday 6th April 1966 around 11.00 am.  Silenced by authorities at the time, and still angry about not being believed, they revisit the event as  Shane Ryan goes back to find an answer to the mystery

Many saw the strange object descend behind pine trees in The Grange Reserve, and then later ascend and fly away at great speed. The people who ran over to the reserve found a huge ring in the paddock where the object had been seen. Some people reported five light aircraft following or chasing the object."

Director Rosie Jones came across the story via a story in the Melbourne Age which connected her to the efforts of Canberra academic Shane Ryan to get to the bottom of the enigmatic events. After 3 years of solid research, filming & editing we have the opportunity to view the result of all those efforts.

Did you see the Ufo over Reading Berkshire England, on June 16 ?

I stumbled across this interesting Ufo report at

They are calling upon anyone who may have seen the object the other day in Reading to come forward as its rare to see a structured craft like this during daylight. You can see the remaining images  here

“It doesn't look like any known aircraft I can think of, not a police or military drone, (outside chance it might be a black project craft), so I can't think what else it could be other than  something extraordinary ... a true ufo.”

- Kenneth Parsons, Director, British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society

Mysterious Origins Of Man - Forbidden Archeology

Highly interesting documentary narrated by the long gone Chalrton Heston.
It talks about major anomalies in modern Archeology that indicate that the existence of man is infact much older than we have been told. When pieces to don't fit into the puzzle science would rather ignore these pieces - It looks at the disturbing trend in modern day science that would rather ignore evidence just because it doesn't fit into that majority of current understandings of the origins of man. Again we see how scientists would rather forget about something just because it isn't taught or convieniently fit into their model of how they perceive the world:

pt 2

pt 3

pt 4

pt 5

Thursday, June 17, 2010

UFO the truth is out there - new NZ report

This great feature just aired in New Zealand on their 60 minutes program in anticipation for the NZ governments upcoming UFO file release. It seems like disclosure is making progress worldwide, with most countries following europe's lead to release their Ufo files. Its time for the US 'step up' and join the worldwide community to make Ufo disclosure complete.
An amazing number of high ranking military officers, government officials and generally sensible folk believe we are being visited by aliens from other planets. They have seen unidentified flying objects for themselves. With the New Zealand Government soon to release previously classified material on UFO sightings, reporter Sarah Hall goes looking for the evidence:

Video and article source

2010 - the Year of earthquakes - solar activity can predict earthquakes?

Haiti, Chile, California, Mexico, Turkey, India, China... 2010 has been the most active year for major Earthquakes in decades (over the scale of 5.0). It seems like everytime i check google news some other new country is being shaken by another major earthquake. Even today i hear the news that "Just four days after the Andaman Islands were jolted with a quake and just a day after Southern California shook with a 5.7 magnitude rocker, Indonesia shakes with a number of earthquakes on Wednesday, 16th June 2010." (Note ** - remember these dates as you continue reading...)   Source Don't you think that it is very odd that day after day, major earthquake activity keeps occurring on this scale?

The question many have on their minds is that is this increase in major earthquake activity simply a natural "earthquake season" ( as scientists would have us to believe) or is their another possible explanation..

Some have found a strong correlation between increased solar activity and earthquakes (see below video), there is emerging evidence to support this theory and i suggest you search google to read up on this more. Scientists still say its all statistically normal for earthquakes to often come in seasons - but scientists have been wrong in the past and theories aren't accepted until there is enough evidence. You can see yourself the last 30 days of earthquakes here at USGS - note over 5.0 is considered significant.

Now here is where it gets interesting, Over the last week there were warnings of major solar flares  reaching earth in Mid june... isn't it strange that just  now we also see the increase in earthquakes around this time. Is this no-coincidence?

If there is some connection between solar activity and earthquakes how concerned should we be as we approach the solar maximus during the peak of the 2012-2013 storms? (as NASA finally warned us about last week).. and will the catastrophic "Coronal Mass Ejections" not only effect electrics but also could they also stimulate further earthquakes? Remember the equation E=Mc2 .. if earth absorbs more energy from the sun, then this will be dissepated from the core through the crusts, thus the risk of earthquakes could increase during this time?.

This theory has been put to the test and this person on Youtube infact predicted the recent earthquakes over the last few days in june with some accuracy by applying solar activity forecasting - if this theory is proved correct then it could revolutionalise the prediction of earthquakes - it also means we are in trouble as the 'sun wakes up' during 2012/13.
 I would appreciate comments and feedback on this as these ideas remain controversial.
** Forecasting of Earthquakes using solar activity data:

Solar activity earthquake predictions come true? 
Written on 14th June days before the recent earthquakes actually happened in these areas!
Posters comments Weakening solar x-ray activity from dissipating intensity of electromagnetic folds indicates a likely drop in Total Solar Irradiance in the coming days. Forthcoming geomagnetic fluctuations indicated by solar coronal disturbances may be accompanied by strong seismic events around June 16th.
Seismic events exceeding 6.5 in magnitude are possible near 28 degrees north latitude and/or 28 degrees south latitude. The exact location of the event(s) is unknown. 
Recent seismic events in the following regions may be foreshocks for the anticipated event:
Baja California, The Southern Japanese Islands, The Himalayan mountains, Western Chile
The South Pacific Islands 
The most likely days for the event(s), are June 16th, 17th and 18th 2010.
2010 the year of earthquakes:

The web bots - the sun, gulf oil volcano, 2012 - latest from Cliff High

Cliff High creater of the web bots talks  about the looming concerns about the magentics of the Sun, the BP oil disaster ( aka the gulf oil volcano ) and looking into 2011 and 2012. We will expect a further look into 2011 on the next June 25 update from his site halfpasthuman .

Part 2
pt 3
pt 4

Crop Circle 16th June 2010 at Chirton Bottom, Wiltshire, UK

New crop circle at Chirton Bottom, Wiltshire, UK.

Further Meanings of this new crop circle

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fireball hits farm in Canada

Yes this does sound like something out of the lines of superman ... but its Likely a meteor im guessing here:

Louis Campbell and his wife said they were sitting on their front yard just before noon when they saw a ball of fire about the size of a football land in their hay field.

"Don't know where it came from," he said. "It hit the field and I didn't notice much for a couple of minutes, and then there was smoke come up."

continue reading source

What BP Isn't telling people about the Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Just reading over this stunning article on Colin Andrews about what isn't being told to people about the BP Oil Spill ... its very concerning i must stay.
James Fox: They are spraying this poison at night over the heads of the residence.
Lindsey Williams: Oil Companies Chaplin says this is catastrophic and here are the facts.
60 Minutes: Oil worker who got off tells the incredible story.
Bloomburg: Bomb Designer on way to Gulf.

I usually steer clear from Alex Jones but his recent interview with former Oil CEO Linsey Williams needs to be heard by everyone:
Former Oil CEO informs Lindsey Williams the dreadful extent of the Gulf Oil Killer. Lindsey
interviewed on Alex Jones. BP hit mega pressure vein of oil and gas at 35,000 feet (30,000 below sea
bed) and its what is coming out with the oil that is of great concern. CEO says its not a conspiracy its a
huge accident, they hit enormous pressure which destroyed all equipment in its path. They have no
current answer to what is alleged to be 20 to 70,000 psi at pressure head and unless stopped will have
worldwide implications:


read more at Colin Andrews

Mars had oceans reports Nature Geoscience

A University of Colorado study released today in Nature Geoscience reports 52 river-delta deposits across Mars at about the same elevation, probably marking the boundary of a once-massive ocean that took up 36% of the Martian surface 3.5 billion years ago. Brian Hynek, Ph.D., Asst. Professor, Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP), also discovered in a related study published in the Journal of Geophysical Research (Planets), that there are 40,000 river valleys on Mars. What no one can yet answer is where did all the ancient water go?
Continue reading source

Life in the dirt on mars

A triangle Ufo over Buckinghamshire, UK ?

This lady was at a pub when friends called her outside to film this impressive triangle shaped Ufo. With the tell tale 3 light orbs this footage is interesting.
Would like to hear from anyone in Buckinghamshire who may have also witnessed this.

RealUfos in Wiltshire today

Hi All,

I have been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to visit Wiltshire today in the UK and i have a whole report including videos and photos coming up!. Over the years i have written about this mystical place and it was great to have the opportunity to actually see it first hand. Wiltshire has an amazing long history which goes back over 10,000 years and is known as the spiritual heartland of the UK. I would highly recommend anyone who comes to the Uk to stay here for one day or do a day trip from london to Salisbury.

I was enjoyed the special access tour of Stonehenge which allowed me to walk within the massive stones to see them closeup! I must say they were impressive indeed, especially when you consider that some stones were over 45 tonnes and construction was over 3500 years ago! It still remains a mystery today what the actual purpose of stonehenge was and how elements of construction were actually completed. Even with modern construction methods it would still be feat of engineering to arrange such large stones today. I have no idea how the large hanging rocks were put over the columns!

Also the astrological, geometric and solar alignments of the stones meant Stonehenge can be used as a calendar - so the builders were pretty advanced i must say.

I also was able to visit the crop circle in nearby Old Sarum, which was one of the first to appear this season. After interviewing our guide and a few farmers there is alot of suspicion here about who really are the circle makers.

 I was told that since the advent of GPS the has been a corresponding trend of an increase in intricate crop circles which are planned and then plotted on GPS devices allowing groups of people to effectively 'stomp' out a crop circle with precision. However, some people do agree that some simplier circles may be genuine.

I will likely make another visit further on this year to give an in-depth report of crop circles from the fields.

I must say though that for a summers day Wiltshire is quite a windy cold place - take warm clothes if you ever go there!

Over and Out,
Stonehenge special access tour:
Heading to the Hill at Old Sarum
Video blog  - looking down at  Old Sarum Crop Circle

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Captain Lawrence Coyne UFO Helicopter case 1973

One from the history files for you - again bringing up the issue of Ufos and aircraft safety - the Coyne UFO Helicopter case 1973:

Article extract on this case from from Mansfield News Journal:

Army Reserve helicopter pilot Capt. Lawrence Coyne is a military commander who doesn't believe in unidentified flying objects (UFOs) or little green spacemen. But after a near miss two weeks ago between his helicopter and a "big, gray, metallic-looking" object in the sky over Mansfield, he doesn't know what to think.

"I had to file an official report in detail to the Army on this thing," he said.

"Coyne is a member of the 316th Medical Detachment stationed at Cleveland Hopkins Airport. He was returning from Columbus at 11:10 p.m., Oct. 18, when the UFO showed up near where the Air National Guard has a squadron of jet fighters based.

He said a check turned up that none of the unit's F-100 Super Saber Jets were in the air when the UFO appeared. Coyne said when he first encountered the UFO, his helicopter was cruising at 2,500 feet. He had the controls set for a 20-degree dive, but the craft climbed to 3,500 feet with no power.

"I had made no attempt to pull up," he said. "There was no noise or turbulence, either."

Coyne said a red light appeared on the eastern horizon, and was first spotted by his crew chief, Sgt. Robert Yanacsek.

"The light was traveling in excess of 600 knots," Coyne said. "It came from the horizon to our aircraft in about 10 seconds. We were on a collision course."

The pilot said he put his helicopter into a dive.

"At 1,700 feet I braced myself for the impact with the other craft," he said. "It was coming from our right side. I was scared. There had been so little time to respond. The thing was terrifically fast."

There was no crash.

"We looked up and saw it stopped right over us," Coyne said. "It had a big, gray metallic-looking hull about 60 feet long." "It was shaped like an airfoil or a streamlined fat cigar. There was a red light on the front. The leading edge glowed red a short distance back from the nose. There was a center dome. A green light at the rear reflected on the hull."

Coyne said the green light swiveled like a spotlight and beamed through the canopy of his craft, bathing the cabin in green light. He said as he and members of the crew stared at the craft his helicopter began to climb without his guidance.

"I had made no attempt to pull up," he said. "All controls were set for a 20-degree dive. Yet we had climbed from 1,700 to 3,500 feet with no power in a couple of seconds with no g-forces or other noticeable strains."

Coyne said the UFO finally moved off to the west and was gone.

Source Nov. 4, 1973, edition of the Mansfield News Journal.

Crop Circle 13 June 2010 Torino Italy

A new Large star shape crop circle seen in Italy:

Billionaire Robert Bigelow - warns Ufos are dangerous to our aircraft

Bigelow, Bigelow.. where have we heard this name before?

I have written about Bigelow Aerospace numerous times, they are a name you should remember and look out for over the coming years as the race to make space travel a commercial reality takes off.

Bigelow are important to the Ufo community because if you recall, the FAA has endorsed this private aerospace contractor to be the collecting point for all Ufo reports from pilots. This means they are gathering alot of data here on Ufos, likely radar data too and as a private company the relationship  works out well for the US government as all these reports remain out of the hands of the public (free from FIA requests).

So it comes as no surprise  that US Military has shown interest in Bigelow's space capsule research. The company explains their purpose is to perfect "crewed space complexes" which are like inflatable workspaces or bases in space. Bigelow also  has close connections with all those spirals we have been seeing as well, because it has started funding race for anyone who can build more advanced propuslion systems - like SpaceX's Falcon 9 laucher, which was infact the real cause of the Spirals over Australia  a few weeks ago.
Their Alien logo - No-Coincidence?

Bigelow is  not limiting themselves to conventional research either. Many in the Ufo community have reported Bigelow research 'staff' who often travel to all corners of the globe brazil, gathering research on the most recent Ufo sightings. They often question direct witnesses and this all comes at no surprise now as their billionare founder Robert Bigelow has come forward recently in the New York Times article  airing his concerns about Ufos and aircraft safety (a topic i have brought up many times).

Its not often you have a billionaire who is head of an advanced aeropsace company, representing important clients coming forward like this. We should take note when someone like this comes forward. There likely is alot more behind what he gives away in this article:

“I’ve been a researcher and student of UFOs for many, many years,” Mr. Bigelow said. “Anybody that does research, if people bother to do quality research, come away absolutely convinced. You don’t have to have personal encounters."

He added: “People have been killed. People have been hurt. It’s more than observational kind of data.”(source: New York Times)

In a New York Times interview with the billionaire space pioneer, Robert Bigelow warns that people have been hurt and killed by what the Vatican has called our 'Alien Brothers.'

Bigelow is in the process of building a space port in New Mexico. According to his website "Bigelow Aerospace is dedicated to developing next-generation crewed space complexes to revolutionize space commerce and open up the final frontier to all of humanity. At Bigelow Aerospace, we're building the future today!"

Evidently what Bigelow is referring to when he warns of ET is the rash of reported mysterious disappearances of fighter jets and aircraft during the cold war.

During that time it was reported that the US and the Brits had an open fire policy on the ETs.

Source - Continued reading here 

RealUfos in Wiltshire

Hi all,

I have a great report coming up following my visit to crop circle central in Wilshire in the Uk

Looking at crop circles, Stone henge and more

A video blog will occur down the line when i return!

Keeping you posted


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New Crop Circle 12th June 2010 at Walbury Hill, Berkshire UK

Yet another crop circle from Walbury Hill, Berkshire UK.
Sometimes im not sure how genuine how circles like the below one are with all the apparent "spiritual overtones". I would like to hear your comments about this one:

Posters cmments:
This is the latest crop circle discovered 12th June 2010 at Walbury Hill, Berkshire, UK. An amazing circle which unfortunately cannot be entered due to the farmers prohibition. The lay is apparently intricate and complex, with Concetric circles within the lay and also galaxy spiral shaped lays. Seems to be very elaborate and some interpreters have already seen the long "tail" as symbolizing the BP Oil spill in the Gulf.