Friday, June 18, 2010

Did you see the Ufo over Reading Berkshire England, on June 16 ?

I stumbled across this interesting Ufo report at

They are calling upon anyone who may have seen the object the other day in Reading to come forward as its rare to see a structured craft like this during daylight. You can see the remaining images  here

“It doesn't look like any known aircraft I can think of, not a police or military drone, (outside chance it might be a black project craft), so I can't think what else it could be other than  something extraordinary ... a true ufo.”

- Kenneth Parsons, Director, British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society Rate this posting:


Anonymous said...

This was taken @ 10:35 at night @200mm D80 DSLR using tripod. I still can't fathom out what it might be. It was quite a distance away, but not far enough for it to be a star. Not a lantern, object remained stable in location for 10 mins or so before slowly moving Northwards, and turning.

I've had reports same object was seen from Dartford, UK @ 11:30pm last night.

Very strange.

Anonymous said...

mullet with headlights?

Anonymous said...

I also saw this, i believe it to be a metallic balloon.
I videoed this objected.

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