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2010 - the Year of earthquakes - solar activity can predict earthquakes?

Haiti, Chile, California, Mexico, Turkey, India, China... 2010 has been the most active year for major Earthquakes in decades (over the scale of 5.0). It seems like everytime i check google news some other new country is being shaken by another major earthquake. Even today i hear the news that "Just four days after the Andaman Islands were jolted with a quake and just a day after Southern California shook with a 5.7 magnitude rocker, Indonesia shakes with a number of earthquakes on Wednesday, 16th June 2010." (Note ** - remember these dates as you continue reading...)   Source Don't you think that it is very odd that day after day, major earthquake activity keeps occurring on this scale?

The question many have on their minds is that is this increase in major earthquake activity simply a natural "earthquake season" ( as scientists would have us to believe) or is their another possible explanation..

Some have found a strong correlation between increased solar activity and earthquakes (see below video), there is emerging evidence to support this theory and i suggest you search google to read up on this more. Scientists still say its all statistically normal for earthquakes to often come in seasons - but scientists have been wrong in the past and theories aren't accepted until there is enough evidence. You can see yourself the last 30 days of earthquakes here at USGS - note over 5.0 is considered significant.

Now here is where it gets interesting, Over the last week there were warnings of major solar flares  reaching earth in Mid june... isn't it strange that just  now we also see the increase in earthquakes around this time. Is this no-coincidence?

If there is some connection between solar activity and earthquakes how concerned should we be as we approach the solar maximus during the peak of the 2012-2013 storms? (as NASA finally warned us about last week).. and will the catastrophic "Coronal Mass Ejections" not only effect electrics but also could they also stimulate further earthquakes? Remember the equation E=Mc2 .. if earth absorbs more energy from the sun, then this will be dissepated from the core through the crusts, thus the risk of earthquakes could increase during this time?.

This theory has been put to the test and this person on Youtube infact predicted the recent earthquakes over the last few days in june with some accuracy by applying solar activity forecasting - if this theory is proved correct then it could revolutionalise the prediction of earthquakes - it also means we are in trouble as the 'sun wakes up' during 2012/13.
 I would appreciate comments and feedback on this as these ideas remain controversial.
** Forecasting of Earthquakes using solar activity data:

Solar activity earthquake predictions come true? 
Written on 14th June days before the recent earthquakes actually happened in these areas!
Posters comments Weakening solar x-ray activity from dissipating intensity of electromagnetic folds indicates a likely drop in Total Solar Irradiance in the coming days. Forthcoming geomagnetic fluctuations indicated by solar coronal disturbances may be accompanied by strong seismic events around June 16th.
Seismic events exceeding 6.5 in magnitude are possible near 28 degrees north latitude and/or 28 degrees south latitude. The exact location of the event(s) is unknown. 
Recent seismic events in the following regions may be foreshocks for the anticipated event:
Baja California, The Southern Japanese Islands, The Himalayan mountains, Western Chile
The South Pacific Islands 
The most likely days for the event(s), are June 16th, 17th and 18th 2010.
2010 the year of earthquakes:
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Anonymous said...

Hard to be sure, cos where the video predicts quakes is where there are quakes on a daily basis, even when the magnitude isn't worth shouting about. But yes there was a powerful one (6.0) today not far from New Zealand.

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