Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pin-Point UFO reports now via google earth maps

Hey guys, just thought i would share this with you: I found this interesting site - It links up UFO reports with locations across google earth. So now you can easily locate ufo reports to spots on the map of the globe ! Infact, you can pin point reports from the national ufo reporting centre across locations all around the earth dating back to 1860!
I have added the handy ufo reporting gadget to my ufo news feed on the right if you guys want to check it (for some reason they haven't updated the 2008 reported sightings yet)
Or you can also use it in conjunction with google earth :

Best UFO Hot Spots in America

Following on from, my previous post i found this article detailing the best UFO hot spots for all my readers in the US, if you got time you may want to check these places out:
The Texas Triangle
A popular hot-spot covering parts of Texas and New Mexico. This UFO hot spot is in the area of Albuquerque, and includes the infamous Roswell, New Mexico. Roswell is probably the most famous UFO story in the United States, where an alien craft allegedly crashed in 1947, and was quickly attributed by the military to be a weather balloon, and the fabled aliens, supposed to have been seen by local witnesses, to be crash test dummies. But Roswell is only one of many UFO related incidences to happen in the Texas Triangle are over the years.


The whole state of Colorado seems to be a hot-spot for UFO sitings. The area around the small city of Saquach seems to be especially active in the UFO department. Colorado cities in that area hold the top four out of five spots for UFO sites and alien encounters per population count for the year of 2005, according to UFOCAT.

Gulf Breeze, Florida

Another popular UFO destination is Florida, especially the Gulf Breeze. UFO photograph, tales of abductions, and plenty of sightings in the whole Pensacola area lure UFO investigators from around the world to Gulf breeze every year. Another Florida hot-spot that deserves mention here is Santa Rosa.

Lincolnton, North Carolina

Lincolnton and other cities in North Carolina have had a long history of UFO sightings, starting as far back as 1944. Reports have included silver balls in the sky, UFOs chasing people in their vehicles, close encounters with aliens, abductions and other incidences in the area over the years.

Elk River, Minnesota

Sightings in or near the town of Elk River, Minnesota, have made the area a UFO hot-spot, especially famous sightings and encounters in the 1990's. UFOs were often seen moving low to the ground or hovering, either silently or with a low humming sound. Strange shapes sighted have included cigar, wing, or v-shaped craft, regular old saucers, and even jellyfish shaped UFOs.


Best UFO hot spots are out of the cities!

I recently went out of Sydney to a coastal town and i couldn't belive the differences in the clarity of sky at night!. I could practically see the milky way (like in the picture above) and it got me thinking about how much street lights and light pollution really crowd out our true vision of the sky at night. I mean is this why UFO reports usually occur in more remote regions - because people can actually see the sky? Anyways, while i was in this coastal town one night i saw a really strange phenomenon that i will never forget - there was a perfect circle in the clouds, like a perfect round gap had just appeared and the moon was shining through, its was very strange and i wish i had taken a photo of it!

Friday, April 25, 2008

UFO sighting in Phoenix - whats the truth ?

Hey guys,
As you may know the media is now saying the whole phoenix lights thing was know a hoax because some guy confessed. However there are many facts about the sightings that remain unexplained, like how did the lights fly in formation and move horizontally?.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

FAA bans Air traffic controllers talking about new phoenix lights

I recently read this article guys, just shows you the lengths the government goes to make sure UFO reports can't be validated:
Air traffic controllers in the main tower of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport saw last night's bizarre spectacle of red lights flying across North Valley skies, but the Federal Aviation Administration won't let them talk to the media.

Ian Gregor, FAA regional spokesman, says the agency's policy won't allow controllers to comment even if they want to relate their experience.

Gregor confirmed that "several" air traffic controllers in the tower saw the staggered formation of mysterious lights moving in the sky, apparently over North Phoenix. He says he heard that second-hand, though -- the tower's manager told him about it.

The controllers didn't consider the source of the lights to be a hazard, because nothing was popping up on radar, Gregor says.


Lights over phoenix April 21 2008 - Not Flares ?

Lights over phoenix are now gaining media attention worldwide and with this more footage and rumours are spreading. Recently reports came in that the recent phoenix lights were one big hoax with some guy letting ballons out with flares attached to them. I am still not sure about this but i don't think ballons move in formation right, just check out the cnn video, these things look they are making formations What are your comments on this guys?
The CNN report indicates they are not flares - the lights made a specific formations and shapes and changes positions - (i mean can flares do this? - plus note there was no noises so there goes the plane towing ballons theory!):

Latest Great footage:

Dr. Lynee Kitei Examines Phoenix Lights 2008 and 1997 - very interesting she explains why they are not just flares

Another News report:

Lights over phoenix - a ufo ? latest update

Lights over phoenix are again all over the media! Witnesses near Deer Valley, Arizona say they saw the lights for about 13 minutes at about 8 PM on Monday night ( 21st of April 2008). An official from Luke Air Force Base stated that they do not have any aircraft in the sky tonight and that the lights are not part of any Air Force activities (contrary to reports that they were flares!) . Here's some new footage of the event and media reports:
this first filmed footage:

ABC news report on the lights:

A close up:

Red Lights Over Phoenix ! UFO? 4/21/08

Is this the phoenix lights again? Many Valley residents reported seeing mysterious red lights in the sky over the north Valley Monday night.Those who saw the four lights said they randomly appeared. Some said the lights made shapes, a stright line, a square and a triangle. The lights reportedly were visible for between 15 and 30 minutes at about 8 p.m.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Two UFO Sightings in St. Augustine over the last 2 Weeks 14th April 2008

Strange things have been seen in the skies around St. Augustine. Recently orange glowing lights were seen near the Castillo de San Marcos on Saturday.
(this is the only footage i could the event so far - its bad quality):

here's an extract from a news report on the sightings:
12-year-old Brandon Puckett says he thinks the video he shot shows UFOs.
Puckett said the two fiery balls were flying along the coast in formation.
One was slightly in front of the other, but both were going the same speed.

Monday, First Coast News learned that Saturday's sighting is the second UFO report in two weeks in the St. Augustine area.This other sighting was in St. Augustine Beach in the very early morning hours of April 14th.

However, that was a different experience.In fact it was down right scary to the people who say they saw it.

Bryan Cooper of the St. Augustine Airport took a call from a woman who says she and her husband saw something over the Intra-Coastal Waterway. It was a very large white light.

Cooper told First Coast News, "She felt it zoomed at her and charged at her and then stopped fairly close, and then it backed away and hovered a little bit. Then it moved over and came again and pulled back. It scared them so much they went inside."
Cooper checked out the airport's radar from April 14th between 2 a.m. and 4 a.m. and found nothing."However," Cooper explained, "the radar information I have only responds to airplanes or helicopters that have been assigned a tran
sponder code."

Great old CBS news report on UFOs

This old CBS news report on Ufo's is a must watch - you probably have never seen it - the farmer is so believable:

Monday, April 21, 2008

Ufo filmed at night

I don't know anything about this one guys - what are your comments on it?

UFO Light Beam

UFo light beam filmed with a night vision camera by Margie Galvez in Brownwood, Texas, just outside Stephenville, Texas:


following on from my discussion about the aquifer connection to ufos - This brief excerpt shows an actual manifestation of a lightform in the sky, whilst also revealing at the same time, a variety of objects which are seen emerging out of a nearby ancient burial mound in harmony with the ufo's appearance.

STS-80 UFO - high quality version

Ok i have posted this before, but this is a higher quality look at the famous sts-80 mission footage

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Dateline 2007 Military Jets Encounter a UFO repost

This is a repost of the dateline feature on the ufo encounter with two military jets over the Uk in 2007.)What do you guys think of this?

Apparently, U.S. Air Force has a long history of recording ufos in flight as this video shows:

Coast To Coast BlackVault founder John Greenewald Jr talks on ufos & FOI requests

This is very interesting guys ( i suggest you check this site out and request adobe documents)!. John Greenewald founder of has created the world's largest online database of US government documents though acquiring Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests fro over 10 years. When filing such inquiries the trick is to be neither too specific or too broad in the requests, he said, adding that one request took nine years to get a response. The US govt., he noted, has millions of documents, and often doesn't even know what it has. See all his site and all the UFO FOIA requests here

pt 2

remaining parts

Unsolved mysteries - crop circles

i loved unsolved mysteries! - here is one on crop circles

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