Thursday, March 18, 2010

Orbs - Artesia New Mexico March 16, 2010

Artesia in the state of New Mexico is one area i have been posting about over the years that just keeps popping up when it comes to Ufo sightings. Its near whitesands i guess so who knows whats going on over there!

Cleveland UFO Report: A follow up on the strange light over Lake Erie

Many people on youtube are asking the same question - why isn't there enough talk in the media over the major happenings occuring over Lake Erie recently?
Like the below youtube poster, if anyone lives in the Cleveland area we would like to know your take on the recent sightings - please reply to this post.

February 2, 2010 UFO lights over Niagara Falls again

Niagara Falls has been the site of numerous Ufo sightings over the previous year.
We once reports of people seeing a large metal V shaped rocket hovering up in the air.
This poster has some closer footage showing some random flashes and he poses the question is it some weather phenomenon or some real object - would appreciate any feedback from people in Niagra who may know more about this.

Evidence of factory on Mars?

Would like your opinions on this interesting piece of footage:
Apparently, this is the most revealing and clear image from NASA showing some kind of industrial activity on MARS. Here's the link to the image

Great cases From the Ufo History Files

Here are 3 great Ufo cases from the past which i recently came across:
UK Police Chase UFO Devon 196

UFOlogists still recall the famous Devon flying cross case of 1967 October 24 in which two police constables, Roger Willey and Clifford Waycott, chased an apparent UFO in their police car along country lanes at up to 90 mile/h in the early hours of the morning. It looked like a star-spangled cross radiating points of light from all angles, Constable Willey told the press. It was travelling about tree-top height over wooded countryside near Holsworthy, Devon. We drove towards it and it moved away. It then led us on a chase as if it was playing a game with us.

Aviation Pioneer 1931: June 10, afternoon, Tasman Sea. Sir Francis Chichester.
"A flashing airship" seen from Chichester's converted "Gypsy Moth" aircraft.

An Air Force RB-47, equipped with electronic countermeasures (ECM) gear and manned by six officers, was followed by an unidentified object for a distance of well over 700 miles, and for a time period of 1.5 hr., as it flew from Mississippi, through Louisiana and Texas and into Oklahoma.
The object was, at various times, seen visually by the cockpit crew as an intensely luminous light, followed by ground-radar and detected on ECM monitoring gear aboard the RB-47.
Of special interest in this case are several instances of simultaneous appearances and disappearances on all three of those physically distinct "channels," and rapidity of maneuvers beyond the prior experience of the aircrew.

V Shaped lights over Destin, Florida March 12, 2010.

Unknown lights in V-shaped position similar to the 1997 (Phoenix lights) were seen by many witnesses and recorded over Destin, Florida on March 12, 2010.
If anyone in the area witnessed these lights we would liek to hear from you and your account.
Just what was this object?

Don't know if this bares any similarity to this footage of some triangle object taken a few weeks back:

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Strange Moves - Ufo turns strangely in space - March 15

Strange sharp turn brought my attention with this video.
Posters comments:
Caught an object making odd maneuvers after about 10 minutes looking around with my Night Vision. Time was 10:30pm facing South but about70 degrees up in the sky.
This object changes direction many times as well as spee
d. I lost it when it flew too high to see and then couldn't find it again.

More news reports on the daily sightings over Lake Erie

Lake Erie - what's going on there? It is again in the news - people are seeing Ufos there now daily - basically every night. A Man said he has filmed ufos over there 10 nights in a row now.
RealUfos would like to hear from people in the area - is this true?


Monday, March 15, 2010

13th anniversary of Phoenix Lights

Saturday marks the 13th anniversary of the sighting of the "Phoenix Lights,". The phoenix lights were one of the most famous sightings in the 90's as they were witnessed by thousands of people in Phoenix Arizona and the governor of the state came forward in 2007  on CNN saying the sightings were infact the sightings were real and he had to downplay it during that time during a press conference as it would have "caused mass panic". Read more about the anniversary from this article
New report:

It happened 13 years ago, March 13, 1997. Hundreds if not thousands of people called in to radio and TV stations to report something in the skies over Phoenix. 911 operators were swamped with calls, as well as Sky Harbor and Luke Air Force Base. That mystery in the sky would eventually be known as the Phoenix Lights, one of the most viewed UFO sightings of all time.

UDid you see that Ufo over the Gulf of Mexico Friday night ?

Some strange lights over the Gulf of Mexico Friday night 12th March, 2010, had lots of people calling Channel Seven News, and asking questions.
Please ignore the presenter mocking this report - i wish the media would stop doing this.
(Note to the MEDIA: Ufo sightings now carry a higher interest amoung the public that ever , people take them seriously so there is no need to defend reports behind sarcasm and mocking - and if you present the facts there would be higher interest and thus higher ratings)

Make a Visit the Hayden Planetarium Space Show - Solar storms

I was recently at the American Museum of Natural History's spectacular new Hayden Planetarium Space Show and i was highly impressed with the exhibit.

The Space show explains in detail the sun and the solar flares and effects on earth magentosphere. There were numerous impressive images taken from NASA's SOHO program presented in 3D layout (no there weren't any with those weird objects though!).

The shows explanation of the sun's interaction with earth is highly important for an understanding of what may happen during the 2012-13 solar storms. Although the exhibit doesn't extrapolate on the upcoming solar storms the show does explain in detail the complex interactions that the magnetic winds from the suns storms have with earth magentopshere. The show explains that without earth's shield, ie the magnetopshere earth would be bombared with strong electromagnetic energy which would destablise the planet and render electrical devices and communications useless.

So lets just hope  that the dismal predictions about the upcoming 2012-13 solar storms and the failure of the magnetosphere during this period are wrong!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Strange objects filmed In Miami

This man filmed numerous objects in the sky over Miami - what were they?

Poster comments:
(March 8, 2010) Something I have never seen before. At first, I honestly thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, until I reviewed the footage later. I saw multiple, hovering objects, which appeared in some type of formation. All objects had red flashing lights on the sides, and were completely stationary which eliminated the possibility of them being some type of bird. I thought it crazy, but could simply not put the pieces together on what else it might be. My camera focused in on the objects for a few seconds, therefore I only got a few seconds of accurate footage, which I slowed down and edited for a closer look.

Physcial evidence of Ufos? revealed by researchers

This researcher says he has physical evidence of Ufos: PHYSICAL EVIDENCE & RARE U.F.O. FOOTAGE SHOWN TO T Video

Strange bright object seen over china

Filmed from within a passing car - ufo in China

Ohh and while on the topic of China here is another news report from there

More of Clinton's UFO Speech from September 2005

Grant Cameron & Neil Gould obtain original footage of a relaxed moment during Q&A in Hong Kong 14.9.05; Clinton discusses UFO's, Roswell and Area 51. "I wouldnt be the first President that underlings have lied to".

CNN talks about the new UK Declassified UFO Files

18/3/2010 CNN's Errol Barnett reports on the largest declassification of UFO files by the British government which ocured about 2 weeks ago now:

Soho Captures Multiple UFO's March 11th 2010 ?

SOHO, NASA's Sun Monitoring program has captured so many strange objects near the sun recently - does this new video reveal some strange UFo or is it some 'camera anomaly' as NASA would liek us to believe? Comments appreciated: