Friday, November 29, 2013

UFOs over Serbia, USA, Germany & Hungary

This weeks UFO sightings in review .
UFO Sightings recorded in Edgewater, NJ, USA; Belgrade, Serbia; Hologram on the Moon; Miami, Florida, USA; Michigan, USA; Bronx, NY, USA; Hungary and Germany. News from Space: Maven launch, ISS turns 15.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

UFO lights over Austin Texas 19th October 2013

Strange Lights reported over Austin Texas 19th October 2013

Source; Mufon
I was off of Lamar street in south Austin on Saturday, October 19, in the parking lot of the One 2 One bar, and I was looking east. It was about 11:20PM. I looked up and noticed noticed 6 or 7 red balls flying in "formation" heading up at the same trajectory and blinking in unison at times. it took me about 15 seconds to get my phone and start filming. There was no sound coming from the objects. They continued to rise until they all disappeared out of sight. Rather, they all quit blinking at the same time. I would have continued filming longer but my phones memory was full. I have never believed in UFOs, but I truly do not have an explanation for what I saw that night

Strange circular blip seen on STS 093 Photograph

A recent UFO sighting video has captured the imagination of enthusiasts and skeptics alike. First uploaded by Streetcap1, the UFO sighting video captures what appears to be a dark object hovering amidst the clouds above the ocean.
What do you think the object was?

Strange craft over Oregon on 26th November 2013.

Likely a man made one here - but what was this srange craft seen over Oregon on 26th November 2013.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Strange craft over Hollis Oklahoma 11th September 2012

Source: Mufon On Nov. 9, 2012 while walking home I saw a flashing high in the NE sky & thought it was an aircraft but it kept flashing in the same place (unmoving) so I stopped to get a better look & could barely make out a shiny object that was just sitting there flashing very brightly. I got excited & hurried the last block home to get my old camcorder out before it left. I got the camera & hurried out but it wasn't in sight anywhere so I zoomed out & scanned the area for about 20 minutes to no avail. I went back in but kept looking out every few minutes & finally about 20 to 30 minutes later, there it was EXACTLY WHERE IT HAD BEEN. I started filming, zooming in & out to give an idea of how far away the thing was. I was very excited & cursed alot not realizing i was doing so till I watched the video. Embarrassing! Anyway, it was there for 30 seconds or so & suddenly it wasn't. In the video it looks like it shot off to the East but it could have been me moving the camcorder while trying to steady it. It's hard to hold it still while zoomed out over 200X. The object was a large cylindrical shaped thing that seemed to have vertical lines & a raised area on top. It reflected light like a mirror but seemed to change color. Could be caused by the distance & low budget camcorder. A JVC MiniDV 400X digital zoom about 10 yr. old. I downloaded it into my DVD recorder hard drive & burned it onto a few DVDs. It wont play back on the camcorder nor does it record anymore. I still have the original on the miniDV cassette though. Its the sharpest image. The DVDs are okay but need someone with a computer to clean it up some. I started to make this report eariler but was afraid of ridicule. Now that I have two more sightings recently I feel better about it. I also have them on video on my Galaxy S2 here. One cloaks right above me but its only there for 3 seconds. You'll get it also. It's on YouTube on channel Paladone101. "Accidental UFO" is the title. Let me know where to go now fellows. Mail you the disc or what? It A LOT better than this one here. I'll send reports on the other videos I sent over the next couple days, okay? Later.