Saturday, July 06, 2013

Ufos' or sky lanterns? over Chicago Illinois 4th July Independence day

Did anyone else see these lights over over Chicago Illinois on Independence day the 4th July ?
Filmers comments: Filmed by a friend of me who lives in Chicago. The quick flashing light on bottom left around middle-time is probably a firework cause it was Independence Day and you can hear the fireworks going off in the background. Nevertheless there has been 3 hovering lights in the night sky, actually maybe a fourth underneath, that are slowley moving. This is non edited, non fake, non cut 100% real footage. Later he said to me that he might have should recorded for a bit longer and that it was his first sighting. For me actually it's just a typical triangle UFO.

Friday, July 05, 2013

UFO Lights filmed over Rumson New Jersey 3rd July 2013

New UFO video in from Rumson New Jersey filmed on the 3rd July 2013
Source Mufon
Second sighting in 4 days. Rumson N.J. location close to Atlantic Highlands sighting. Just a few miles. Driving in a car talking to friend about first sighting, and they appeared again, this time a dark object as well. Should have stopped car but we were in shock.

Thursday, July 04, 2013

UFo over Popocatepetl Volcano Mexico June 8, 2013 ovnis

Yet another UFO video filmed over Popocatepetl Volcano Mexico June 8

 This is a recording of an unknown object heading toward the same direction where was the Popocatepetl, we have some great shots of the volcano from Alzomoni, which reveal the majesty of the colossus and how helpless they could be facing a possible eruption colossal proportions, this surveillance were invited by Yohanan Diaz Carlos Clemente and where they were broadcasting live from the site, and hopefully we play for all to witness an unknown object that crossed the sky slowly and Popocatepetl direction at dawn the June 8, 2013 ovnis

UFO lights over North Myrtle Beach 20th June 2013

New UFO videos in from Myrtle Beach South Carolina. The area is an ongoing UFO hotspot. These new videos are really interesting and i would like to hear your thoughts on what you think we are seeing here in the footage. Also if any residents or people in the are can come forward with any further information on sighting in the area this would be appreciated.
Note these videos need to be viewed in FULL screen to appreciate them:
Video 1 -the large bright UFO orbs

Video 2 - Please view this videe in FULLscreen:

 Source: MUFON Filmers comments: I regularly witness many bright quick flashing bright white lights that travel in groups and when in particular locations they emmitt orange glowing lights that accelerate away from me rapidly. at times it looks like the orbs are multipting one after the other and i have seen them make a long string of these orange lights 20+ in numbers. i have now seen these particular lights over my house and within 500 feet of me at least 75 times!!! local news has even covered it a few times even contacting f.a.a and shaw airforce basu themselves, nothing came out of it, air force had no training exercises in our state.

UFOs over Lake, The Pines Texas 30th June 2013

An Interesting new UFO video in from above the skies over Pines in Texas.
This was recorded on Sunday, 30th June 2013:

Filmers comments:
 At 10:20 PM at Lake, O the Pines TX, two UFOs appear above the water. I filmed as they raised in altitude. At about 10:25 PM the objects disappear without a trace. This is an ongoing occurrence that has been observed multiple times, and is still going on today.

Unusual objects over Tahrir Square Protesters Egypt 03/07/2013

With the recent unrest in Egypt, all eyes have been on Tahrir Square.
Someone with an eager eye spotted from news footage what looks like some objects near a fleet of helicopters monitoring protestors over Tahrir Square.
The objects could be surveillance drones, but there is debate whether Egypt has such drones yet.
Your comments appreciated on this footage:

Poster comments: looks like UFO's over the protesters in Egypt during the military air show of strength on 03/07/2013. One saucer and two half visible rod - cigar shaped craft all seen during the fly pass of 6 military helicopters. If confused look at the pictures at end to backtrack!

UFO lights over Charlottetown Canada June 30th

Interesting UFO video in from Stratford PEI Canada June 30.

We saw one of these pulsating red orbs going from behind the point and climbing fast and steep. Then a few minutes later we saw these two doing the same thing. In this video you can see one travelling upwards like the first and the other travelling horizontally.
Note: The strange language in this video is an ancient dialect of our ancestry.

Monday, July 01, 2013

UFO over Mexico compared to plane

UFO filmed over Mexico late June 2013 compared side by side to an airplane:

Here is a UFO caught on tape filmed in Mexico in early June, 2013. In this video we filmed a random plane at night to do a side by side comparison. The UFO  appears to have three solid lights with no obvious blinking which most aircraft have. Look up at night, you'll notice that 99% of planes have some sort of flashing or blinking lights. ovnis

Fast Flying Triangle UFO filmed over Fresno California June 27th

UFO filmed over Fresno California June 27th:

Filmers comments:
A UFO triangle was caught on video on June 27, 2013 at 3:50 AM. The craft was seen coming from the west, heading east towards the mountains very fast. It had a slight red color to it; three lights were seen. Filmed with SONY camera trv-103. I was on about 30 times on manual focus. Night vision was used during some of the video. I was the only witness on a clear, calm early morning. The object was too fast for a plane, and no sound was heard. Maybe a secret military craft, or alien? Thanks to Robert Thorson

Further UFO videos in from Surrey British Columbia june 25 2013, 10pm

Further UFO videos from Surrey.
Second video: Note the object stays motionless even with fast moving clouds:

Third UFO video (please view in full screen - see below)

This Is the third video from Surrey BC which shows a UFO in storm soaked weather. This footage proves without doubt that UFO's were at the area before and during the storm. The evidence is real, the footage is real, with 3 videos we have the proof its real, but will the government news agencies show the footage? Silverfox441 who uplauded the amazing catch states: UFO over Surrey witnessed by my wife and I. It's a crappy Iphone video i'm afraid. Sorry for the bad language. I'm an ex-Canadian Air Force member with 11 years of service and a licensed pilot. I have been working at or near airports most of my life. I know a thing or two about aircraft, choppers, weather balloons, rockets, swamp gaz. This wasn't any of them

UFOs over Atlantic Highlands New Jersey 6/29/13

Daytime UFO video with strange orbs filmed over the Atlantic Highlands:

Witness :"I saw 20 of these, but phoned mysteriously turned off while filming, still got three of them. They were heading south towards the ocean.".