Saturday, June 01, 2013

Incredible! UFO Flys Directly Into Volcano! 2013

Incredible footage of a UFO flying directly into Popocatepetl Volcano in Mexico!.
 The volcano has been a UFO hotspot for years with hundreds of sightings.
ovnis Popocatepetl

UFO Watch Over Baltimore County, Maryland USA 2013

UFO lights or lanterns? Footage taken in Perry Hall, Baltimore County, Maryland USA.

  Approx. 9:25-9:30 at night - at home, watching TV with Mom, when we hear Dad call, "Strange lights outside!" Immediately run out to see reddish orange, glowing orbs moving in a seamless, straight line, appearing over house line from SE. Four moved out first and continued in their direction, moved further away, then paused and formed a diamond shape. At this point I finally thought to go back in and grab my phone. Was able to record four more orbs moving into sight at same constant speed from same direction. Looked back to where original diamond had formed and it was gone. Mom ran back in house to grab binoculars - observed through them, they looked just like bright, orange, glowing orbs. Four orbs were moving steadily away to same place as previous four had made diamond formation. Made same diamond formation (too far away for my phone camera to pick up) and then disappeared. Did NOT move away - simply vanished. No sound made from them throughout. (In one video attached you can see two seem to vanish.)

Friday, May 31, 2013

UFO Sighted - Canadian North Shore Mountains: 2013

On Saturday morning around 10 a.m., Vancouver resident and amateur photographer Anthony Ellis snapped a photo of the North Shore Mountain. It wasn’t until he got home and viewed the digital photo on his computer that he saw the speck hovering over the mountain. “I was quite surprised,” said Ellis, who believes the object is a UFO. Ellis says he didn’t alter the photograph in any way, and the black speck does not appear on other photos taken the same day. Read more

Capture of 2 specific UFO's and "friends" traveling near city of Vancouver: by Charles Lamoureux.
Note: If any of our readers in Vancouver also witnessed similar UFOs recently please reply to this post with a description of your sighting.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Triangle UFO Over Gilroy,California: 28/05/2013

A strange triangle shaped object over Gilroy, California. This was filmed on the 28th May 2013:
Source MUFON:
I walked out my front door after hearing something outside my window. I looked across the field and observed 3 bright light low in the sky NW of where I stood. Luckily I had a camera in my truck and ran to get it. I then filmed 3.30 minutes of the objects hovering. They were in a triangle shape and move together so I thought it was a single craft until the one to the farthest right made a path to the north and disappeared. Then the one to the left did the same. Eventually the one left also did the same.
I watch the sky often and have never seen aircraft in this area like this before. I walked back inside to look at the video and heard a couple jets fly over. Now it is pretty silent. Oh, also, while I was outside the neighbors horses were acting very strange

UFO Or RC Craft In Wrightwood Skies?

Sent in by a reader, we're not sure if this footage is actually a remote control craft, LED kite or something else? You decide...

Filmers comments: "This is serisously fucked up. Saw this in the sky in Wrightwood, California at 9:15pm. It dropped a bunch of lights and moveed really fast...scared the heck outta me."

Triangle UFO Ovni Visits Rome, Italy: 26/05/2013

Filmers comments:
This Triangle ufo caught in Rome Italy 26/05/2013 around 6:30 pm. this object appeared very bright and at an altitude of several thousand meters and with slow speed.

UFOs Scan US Seaside Town: 27/05/2013

Posters comments: 2 bright white UFO's scanning a seaside housing estate over U.S coast. The objects fly in sync and by the naked eye, the witness cannot tell what the objects are. So what are they?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Triangle UFO Formation - Minto, NSW Australia: 26/05/2013

UFO video filmed over Minto, on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia.

Filmers comments: The first time I saw this 3 Object right above my house, when I zoomed outh I saw this 6 UFO was right abowe my house stationery.Watch my next upload you will surprise what you can see
My friend Laszlo captured this remarkable sightings over Minto. Outskirt of Sydney Australia.

Missile Launch Or A UFO Shot With Missile? :26/05/2013

This looks like a satellite or missile launch, but the poster of this video had a different explanation.
Look carefully at this footage in full screen. Note: Strong language.

Posters comments:
An amazed couple of men witness a rocket launched at a UFO which is dropping orbs on May 26th 2013. The footage will lead to an all out question and answers from authorities. Describing a hanging object which it dropping other objects can relate to a hovering craft being hit and dropping damaged parts or Orbs as in most cases.

UFO Crash? Lake Titicaca, Peru: May 2013

Video footage of a huge unidentified object which appears to be burning up and falling out of the sky over lake Titicaca, Peru.
News report and the original video:

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fresno UFO Makes News! What was it?

Several Fresno residents reported seeing a bright, spherical-shaped object in the sky. The low-hovering object remained visible for hours. 

Tampa, Florida UFO Sighting: 24/05/2013

A bright, pulsating Orb moves across the sky, at low altitude. Tampa FL USA.