Saturday, December 06, 2008

My Space censors Gary McKinnon song because it was too popular !


As you may know there is currently enormous pressure on the Uk government by the Bush admistration to extradite Gary McKinnon (famous NASA Ufo Hacker) to the USA.
With Gary's gaining popularity - The campaign to 'get' Gary is going at all lengths to discredit his name.

Recently Myspace (controlled by media magnet Rupert Murdoch) jumped on to the censorship bandwagon when they realised his song 'Only a Fool' made it to No 5 on their song charts..
 an extract from this site  explained what followed:

MySpace in America appears to have blocked a search on Gary McKinnons own song and video on My Space. They Deleted his last song and video on My Space after it got 360,000 hits within 48 hours and reached the top five in the Music Charts all within 48 hours.

Many people immediately complained to MySpace. In most cases there was no explanation. One person was told that "My Space" was working on the site" ....

Succumbing to the pressure of complaints Mypsace seems to have now allowed a new upload of the song to remain  (but the original was never restored) and as you can  clearly see below it does not have as many hits as the original upload - so what does this all mean guys ? - is this evidence of the media being manipulated by government pressure? Was Mr Murdoch not happy with Gary being promoted on Myspace?

UFO Hunters - The Real Roswell

Just aired the other day guys - New evidence suggests there was more than one UFO crash near Roswell.

On July 8, 1947 at 5:26 EDT, an Associated Press news wire announced that soldiers from Roswell Army Air Field in New Mexico recovered a "flying disk" from a nearby rancher's property. The tiny town of Roswell has never been the same. Now, 61 years later, new theories, new witnesses, and new evidence have emerged. The most shocking lead is that there may have been a second crash, and if it can be found, it may finally reveal what really happened at Roswell.

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ZEITGEIST, The Movie - Remastered / Final Edition

Just saw zeitgeist guys - Most of you have probably seen this movie, although i disagree with part one about the jesus myth , the 9/11 conspiracy stuff is interesting. Any comments guys:

Friday, December 05, 2008

UFO Hunters First Contact Nov 19 2008

The team researches the story of the 1897 Aurora, Texas UFO crash where the townsfolk are rumored to have tossed the ship wreckage down a well and buried the body of the non-human pilot in their local cemetery.


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Thursday, December 04, 2008

New UFO Hunters Episode - Heartland Explosion in 2008

Late in the evening of April 16th, 2008, the tiny town of Kokomo, Indiana was rocked by an ear-piercing, high decibel boom. Houses shook. Thousands of panicked citizens called 911. Police, firefighters and Homeland Security showed up to investigate. And witnesses claimed to see strange orange balls of light in the sky attached to something they couldn't identify. The team heads to the heartland to unravel the clues behind the strange booms and menacing lights over the skies of Indiana, one of the most current UFO sightings in America:

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Is 'worm' clue to Mars life CNN In Search of Aliens

Scientists wonder whether a spiral shape in a Mars photo could be a fossil. Did worms live there? Miles O'Brien reports:


new Ufos in mexico guys:

Giant UFO in Yukon Territory

In December of 1996 approximately 31 people claimed to have witnessed a giant UFO along a 340 km stretch of highway in Yukon:

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

UFO's Calling all Aliens , CNN In Search Of ALIENS

This was a continuation of the CNn special, aired yesterday:

UFO - Johannesburg, South Africa, November 22, 2008

Two UFO's over Johannesburg, South Africa on November 22, 2008.

meteor impact, Fireball field north of Biggar,

As reported just on CNN Scientists find fragments of 10-tonne space rock:

In London ? - We urgently need your support to save Gary McKinnon - Friday 5th december

Again guys,

If you live in London or the Uk this is your final reminder to come to the important protest this Friday to save Gary McKinnon - the guy famous for hacking into NASA.

There much debate about Gary - Some don't believe Gary hacked into computers just for ufos and is using the Ufo explanation as an excuse (any comments on this guys?).

However i have thought about this myself and court documents from US government prosecutors show that indeed Gary did hack into some sensitive area of NASA and downloaded and copied some files from there - which supports Garys testimony of hacking into 'Building 8 of the Johnson Space Center' - (the rooms rumoured that NASA uses to airbrush out Ufos from its footage.)

Some come and support Gary:

Date: Friday 5th December

Time: 5 pm -7pm


Embassy of the United States of America,
24 Grosvenor Square

Media Contacts: - being arranged - email [email protected]

Location Maps:

Map on the US Embassy website

Monday, December 01, 2008

Ufo that crashed over Aurora, TX 1897

History channel looks at the Ufo that crashed over Texas in 1897:

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Real Ufos Forum

Hey Guys,

With the popularity of increasing we have also attracted alot of unwanted attention online recently.

Due to ongoing problems with spammers & haters the forum will be temporarily Closed.

I need to sort out with our current moderators the situation to ensure to forum remains a friendly place for people to discuss the Ufo topic.

I am asking our moderators to please email me to discuss the situation.

Hopefully will have this sorted out guys


Alien Graves in the USA

There are many famous reports of Aliens being buried in the early 1900's int he USA.
To read more about the locations on these graves click here and here

An Old Air force ufo report

This is an audio recording of an old Air force ufo report

More Ufo stuff on CNN