Saturday, June 14, 2008

Ufo Sightings - major increase in reports over the past few months

Hey Guys,
If you have been following this site you've probably noticed Ufo sightings are again on a major increase. In particular, we are seeing many more triangle ufos being recorded worldwide.
The general increase in sightings may be due to a number of factors:
Firstly with the summer period now in the north hemisphere, a greater amount of daylight hours means people can see & film ufos more than any other time of the year. However, i have noticed compared the June of last year the sightings are definitely more again, not sure why this is..
Another reason is the explosion of video media on the net with sites such as dailymotion, livevideo and youtube which has increased both the distribution & amount of ufo footage and this has boosted overall public interest & general awareness about ufos - possibly leading to greater response to recent sightings .
Another important factor it that it is so much more easy to record ufos on the spot now thanks to most cell phones having video recording & cameras inbuilt.
So it looks like ufos sighting will continue on the up and up and the path to full disclosure may just be around the corner.....
If you guys can think of any other reasons why ufos are on the increase reply to this post, i am interested also why triangle ufos are on the increase too?
Also Here's an update on the recent google trends on ufos - if you look at the bottom trend tline the news reference volume has shown a dramatic increase as well - indicating that the media is responding to the general increase in public awareness on ufos:

Orbs over San Antonio Texas

Interesting Orbs filmed over San Antonio Texas - what do you guys think this could be - space debrie? Looks like the footage was captured from possibly a constant monitoring camera

Collection of Crop Circles 1996 - 2007

I always find crop circles amazing, here's some stunning designs from 1996 - 2007

Friday, June 13, 2008

June 10 2008 Triangle Ufo - tracking reveals they are solid 3D objects

Yet again guys another interesting triangle ufo video. Traingle ufos seem like the most common ones sighted over the past few years, infact recently i have been inundated with these videos. This Video tracki the motion of a recent triangle ufo showing it is a large solid #d object:

Tirangle Ufos again - Australia 1999

Sydney August 1999 multiple triangle ufos appeared

Previously Unreleased rare footage of the 97 Pheonix lights

The second lot of footage in this film of the Pheonix lights back in 97 is new and previously unreleased. This is a very interesting example of a Triangle Ufo and unlike the orginal footage it definitely does not look like flares:

China grows powerful - underground military bases on Google earth

Hey Guys,
Just steering off the Ufo topic at the moment. We we think of Underground bases we usually think of them in the US. But now China has gone full steam building numerous massive underground bases. They are so large that they can be seen from space and are an engineering feat: Check them out with google earth:

It seems that China has grown both powerful & rich and it is a shock to know that one day it may overtake America as the leading global military superpower. The pentagon has commented recently on this: its "difficult to ignore" that China was building a major naval base where it could house its nuclear forces and increase it "strategic capability considerably further afield". read more ...

If you want to see more of the bases we recommend you get google earth to see the bases in greater detail

Triangle UFO IN Dickinson North Dakota feb 2004

Another good example of a triangle ufo , filmed in Dickinson North Dakota Feb 2004

Moon Ring Video 8th June 2008 - what is it?

This is a strange one guys - what could it be is it some camerea trick or a real ufo?

posters comments
Moon ring filmed by John lenard Walson on the 8th June 2008 using a telescope and camcorder. We have no idea what this is. Some answers would be's the same angle but the video rotates 180 degrees which gives the illusion of a different angle but is the same. Also the is a close video pan edit of the same clip

Ufo video - France 4th June 2008

Very erratic movements - interesting ufo but the filming is poor - anyone heard of a focus?

posters comments:
ufo video shows strange luminous object in the sky, Which seams to change shape slightly and then slowly disappears only to reappear a while later.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

10th of June 2008 Triangle UFos

Don't know much about this one looks like a classic Triangle Ufos to me, says it was filmed 10th june 2008

Strange thing over New York

Not sure what this is, wasn't going to post as it is a weird one - may be a ballon out of focus, but seems to be very bright and changing color what you guys think?

Cylinder UFo filmed over Guadalajara Mexico ?

As you know guys some ufos look like Cylinders, here one (i think unless its some long ballon!) filmed over Guadalajara Mexico 2000

Galactic Alignment and pole shifting around 2012 ?

Hey guys,
I usually steer clear of the 2012 stuff but recently science is staring to support the theory of the Galactic Alignment of our Solar system with the Central of the Milky Way between 2008 and 2015. The understanding is that a shift in the earths magnetic poles may occur during this time and may lead to disturbances on earth and that this has happened actually many times before. I am not however supportive of such doomsday theories of the end of the earth but regardless some changes may occur on the planet during this time. What are your thoughts on this guys? Am i wrong in my interpretation of all this?

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Annoying Banners Removed

Hi Guys,

As requested i have changed the site banners.
The "jesus didn't exist banners" have got really annoying after so long and i think they offended alot of people out there.

Anyways all fixed now


Startling Triangle UFO

Not sure where this triangle ufo was filmed but it sure is interesting:

Triangle UFO

Bit out there guys - - Mount ISA UFO ?

Hi Guys,
This is a really out there but Brian from had a really interesting ufo dream predicton this week. I have been following Brian's site site since 2005 and i am always shocked when these things come true. Actually I didnt think much of his site until strangely, things i read started to occur in the news . He's predictions have a fairly high accuracy rate and he has successfully predicted events such as the landfall and timing of hurricane Katrina, the UK subway bombings and the recent Chinese earthquake. If you don't believe me check the list of confirmed dreams against predated posts from the Internet archive - you'll see what i mean!

Although still a prediction, Brian's recent dream is quite alarming and points to some object being retrieved from Mount ISA in Australia:

"red blue, 7th string, look for green streak in sky - it's not a sonic boom - string 7 shift ISA mountain 2137 Australia ADF trucks are going to mine now"...several military trucks are going to ISA Mountain in Australia, I checked and this is a real place. I think this is some sort of worm hole devise, very strange and very least for me.

Important notes in interpreting this dream

  • Yes Mount ISa does exisit and is a mining town in Australia
  • Mount ISA has many long term reports of ufos and even a crash retrieval
  • ADF stands for the Australian Defence Force ( like the CIA but australian version)
  • ‘String’’ sounds like the string theory from physics - basically interdimensional travel

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


poster comments:UFO OVER ALTOONA, PA JUNE 7, 2008- June 6th and June 7th we saw a ball of light coming from the west and hung out over Wopsy mountain in the early evening, this night it morphed and did wacky stuff, then left heading east over Brush mountain. We watched it and video taped it on and off for 2 hours. I will post the procession of video through out the evening of June 7 ...This went on so long that my brother in law drove to my house to see it and this video was what happened when he got here.

UFO Melbourne Australia -Triangle 2004

Very interesting 2 ufo triangles over melbourne australia 2004

UFO season starts guys !- 3 CANADA APRIL 27 2008 1130 PM


Southampton Triangle ufo - a kite ?

This strange triangle thing was reported on the 1st of June over Southampton. Is most likely a kite or something like that isn't it?

Triangle UFO - Southampton 01.06.2008

Many Ufo reports coming in - June 2008 !

I'm being overloaded with all the latest ufo sightings. It seems that June 2008 is one big month for ufo sightings and there is a hive of activity happening all over the globe at the moment. I will try and post a summary of all the recent sightings soon.

Ufos at the International Airport of Romania

Once again guys the Romanian government is coming forward with more disclosure about ufos - this time about a ufo seen near the International Airport of Romania:

UFO Caught by Airport Surveillance Cam in Romania
This UFO video were not published until "the Guardian" insisted (under the freedom of information act) to have access to the materials. .The newspaper managed to obtain now another record after the one with the Mig21 incident from Gherla.. The images were recorded in the summer of 2004 , they are authentic (provided by the airport authorities) and can be found on
The movie shows a static light , appearing for 30 minutes - light that is apparently moving from time to time.. It could not be an aeroplane prepared to land as the video is longer than 30 minutes.The light seem to remain about the same altitude during the observation time.
Regarding the incident of last year ( the MIG21 incident) , one of the object was ascending and one descending. At least one of they could not be originated (from the ballistic point of view) from Earth. Both objects had irregular shape.
The images presented are not unique . The newspaper managed to access more similar recordings.

The video presented above (with the light) is authentic, and the original is held by the Romanian ministry of Defense , secret services and airport security services.We will also release the making of the examination ( “forensic video”) executed by Catalin Grigoras, from the National institute of forsenic expertise."

The official explanation states that at least of the objects could not be originated from earth. On a special interpolation zooming (1000Xtimes) all the objects seem to spin (trigonometrical direction ) and one of them seem to have a propulsion system

Monday, June 09, 2008

HAARP - Ionisphernic warfare weapon that caused the China earthquake or just research?

Hi guys , this story been circulating the net for the last 2 weeks, just thought i would raise it here if you haven't seen it:
I have previously posted about HAARP the high frequency active auroral research program developed by the US government. According to the HAARP site the purpose of the program is to ''study the properties and behavior of the ionosphere, with particular emphasis on being able to understand and use it to enhance communications and surveillance systems for both civilian and defense purposes''.

Using HAARP, the military can focus a billion-watt pulsed radio beam into our upper atmosphere, ostensibly for ionospheric research. This procedure will form extremely low frequency waves and send them back to the Earth, enhancing communications with submarines and allowing us to "see" into the Earth, detecting anything from oil reserves to underground missile silos.

However, several researchers claim HAARP poses many dangers, including blowing thirty-mile holes in the Earth's upper atmosphere. They also warn of possible disruption of the subtle magnetic energies leading to severe earthquakes.
The below documentary explains in detail HAARP can cause such earthquakes:
pt 1

pt 2

Now this leads onto the recent conspiracy theories surrounding the recent sichuan earthquake in China. The conspiracy seems far fetched until the occurances of the clouds is looked at in detail. Large auroa like clouds were filmed just half an hour before the Sichuan earthquake in China in the area of the epi-centre of the quake. Some believe these strange clouds are caused by man made manipulation of the ionosphere from something like HAARP, which may have then triggered the quake below: (i am not sure what to make of this myself but the co-incidence that these weird clouds occured just before the quakes is very strange indeed - what do you guys make of all this?:)

These weird clouds filmed just 30 mins before earthquake in Sichuan:

Brilliant Triangle UFO formation

Brilliant Triangle UFO flying over a mountain, apparently recorded 08 June 2008 in the USa - does anyone know anything more about this one?
Its very interesting that stunning ufo footage like this is much more freely available on than youtube - is this because daily motion is operated from and hosted in France and thus not bound by USA gov censorship? - discuss further in my forum post.

another interesting piece of footage recorded back in 1997

UFOs: The Real History ?

UFOs: The Real History is a documentary about how how flying saucers were apparently developed secretly by man. I am not sure that all ufo sightings can be attributed to this, but its an interesting theory.

pt 2

pt 3

pt 4
pt 5
pt 6

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Translation of Romanian government Ufo Jet incident video release

Guys, some kind person from Romania translated the previous post with about the video of UFO jet incident released by the Romanian goverment:

On 30 October 2007, a MIG-21 Lancer of the Romanian Air Force has escaped through the miracle of collision with some so-called UFO (unidentified flying objects), random confirmed as the pilot reached the ground well, as well as images carlinga of the plane, run by Realitatea . According to Lt. comandorului Marin Mitrică that the aircraft pilot, during a routine flight, some objects "strange" and had hit carlinga have broken glass dome, in ricoşând oxygen mask.

Everything has happened with a speed fulgerătoare This proved later and the images caught by video camera in operation on board. On the recording made during the flight concerned, the impact lasts no more than 67 milliseconds! Although the risk of crash seemed imminent, the pilot managed to return safely to base unit Campia Turzii from being directed from the control tower.

Mystery was to increase along with investigating the case, led by Lt. Nicholas comandorul Grigorie, himself MIG pilot and graduate of the French Institute forSecurity Aeronavelor therefore one of the Air Force specialists to investigate such incidents. Officer reported for the newspaper Gândul how, row on row, all assumptions that could provide a scientific explanation of chance were cancelled.

First, have been excluded natural causes: the device has not been hit by a bird (in Romania because the birds not to fly at the height of 6,500 meters, and the body of the plane was not found any trace of organic matter), nor a piece of ice (because the sky was clear and did not contain any conditions that norişor with water to freeze) or by a meteorite, because no astronomical data confirms entry of such bodies in the air that day.

Then, have been excluded and what the causes could have been made due to human activities.
There were no civilian flights at any hour that at about 30 km from Gherla, where the unit MIG-21 Lancer, no exercises with artillery cannons or missiles, no incidents reported to police on missile launching craft or Fireworks and no weapon had not been launched a weather balloon. Data collected by Nicholas Grigorie have been supplemented by a survey of the National Institute of Criminalistică, appreciated that the hardness of the object that struck the aircraft was greater than the organic glass that was hit.

The object that struck the device was a motion of rotating around its own ax, have a trajectory towards oblică trajectory aircraft, but rejected the assumption that the analysis had been talking about a projectile. "We can say with certainty what was not, but not what it was - an object that struck the MIG, but we do not know what material was or origin", declared to us lt.-com. Grigorie, refusing to make any speculation about a possible "Extraterrestrial origins." Everything we could confirm was that, indeed, during the 67de milliseconds by "unidentified object" in the images are caught in carlingă see fugar and also two objects have passed through before the aircraft "as something which passes through the front of a car, but without a hit."

Neither European experts have not found an explanation
The incident above Cluj County has been discussed in the framework of the Security Forces in Europe Air - AFFSC (E). However, none of the experts military aircraft from other European countries has not advanced any plausible hypothesis nine, to those already dismantled the Romanian investigators. Finally, as a participant in this body for consulting experts in military aviation safety, lt.-com. Nicholas Grigorie is of the opinion that in Romania, nefericite incidents in which to be involved apparatus of the Air Forces "are just like the others, not more or fewer."

Romanian MIG fighter plane stuck by UFO - Government confirms with video !

Guys this is big news! - I previously posted the news report about this a while ago but now they have released actual video of the ufo that hit the plane:
June the 6th - The Romanian Defense Ministry has confirmed that a fighter plane was struck by four unidentified flying objects and released a video of the incident.
The ministry said the MIG 21 Lancer fighter plane was struck by the objects during an Oct. 31, 2007, check flight but was able to land safely, reported Friday.
Lt. Col. Nicolae Grigorie said a video recorded by cameras onboard the plane depicts "two solid bodies, which are not translucid."
Note - not in english - If anyone can translate romanian please reply to this post: