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UFO lights over West Los Angeles 8th June 2013

Daylight UFO sighting of numerous hovering orbs over Los Angeles 8th June 2013
 Note: You may want to view this video in full screen.

Eyewitness report - Source MUFON
At 830pm on Tuesday I passed by my window and noticed that a green orb-like object shot into the sky at a speed that I hadn't seen before. I had seen the same type of craft last week and weeks before that in the same direction. The craft shot up into the sky, hovered around, changed colors, turned the lights off, turned them on again, and then fell into treetops. Then a few minutes later it did the same thing. I recorded the scene the best that I could with my camera and iPad.

UFO meteor crashes witnessed by many In California and Norfolk Virginia

2 unsual incidents of falling objects from the sky:
The first Mysterious burning object lights up the night sky in southern California on 24th July 2013.
A week later over Norfolk Virginia on the 2nd of August:

 Mystery object falls from sky, area sealed off by military: Simply nobody will be giving any credence to officials in America who have stated that a mystery object which fell from the sky this week - after which the surrounding area was evacuated and sealed off for some time by police and military personnel - was just a "weather balloon". Reportedly, large numbers of government operatives from various agencies converged urgently on a residential neighborhood in Norfolk, Virginia, on Tuesday night after an unidentified object fell from the sky there. News reports describe the object as "something odd", with some eyewitness accounts saying it resembled a balloon and others suggesting that the crash landed artifact had a structure similar to "styrofoam". According to local TV news: One person told authorities it was making a strange noise. People living and working in the immediate area were rapidly evacuated and the district was sealed off by a combination of police and military personnel. The presence of operatives from shadowy federal agencies in overall charge of the incident was - of course - not mentioned by spokesmen briefing the media. However it was revealed that initial contact with the landed object was handled using a robot. Following this there was consultation with experts from NASA. Not long thereafter the mystery object from the sky was apparently loaded onto an unidentified government vehicle and removed from the scene. Subsequently local residents were permitted to return to their homes and the military and police contingents dispersed.

UFO video filmed over Fort Riley Kansas 2nd August

Kansas has been very active with UFO sightings recently. This new video was filmed over Fort Riley Kansas 2nd August between 2245-230
Recommend you view in full screen:

Filmers comments:
 recorded it and we played it in slow motion, and pausing every millisecond and it changes color and shape....totally crazy...anyone know how we can have it analyzed? Normal speed it just looks like a white light dancing kinda crazy...but it is definitely not. It takes a few seconds for me to pick it up on the camera, but it starts off small and gets was close to Orion's Belt, and moved away from it by the time I started recording; so I wasn't able to see any stars in my screen or the ones that were there weren't bright enough to pick up.

UFO over California with Military jets circling nearby

Take a good look at this UFO video in Full screen. The stationary UFO seems to be attracting the interest of jets hovering nearby:

July 2013 UFO sightings in review with Darin Crapo·

A great recap of all the best UFO sightings from July 2013 by Darin Crapo·.
Many of the daily featured UFO sightings here at RealUfos are summarised on his weekly UFO recaps.
In this video Darin looks at the UFO sightings captured over Waddenzee Beach in the Netherlands; Tel Aviv, Israel; The Bronx, NY, USA; New York State, USA; Vancouver, Canada; Kansas City; Kearny, NJ, USA; and the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum in McMinnville, Oregon, USA.

UFO ovni over Mexico City. 6th August 2013

UFO ovni over Mexico City. 6th August 2013 

OVNI Video recorded on Tuesday, August 6 at around 20:30 hrs in Mexico City. The UFO remained static (apparently because he had a fall which can be seen on the screen) and then disappear and after a few minutes to reappear in the same place.

UFO news in review Cleveland and the anniversary of the Phoenix lights

Jim and Clayton talk about the new UFO capital of the world — Cleveland? They also talk about ghosts in a bottle, Phoenix lights, Roswell, and Claytons close encounter of the weird kind.

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The most interesting Ufo videos August 2013

The summer of UFO sightings continue into the month of August with some of the better uploads of the last week:

Interesting UFO video Filmed over Quebec On 15th July 2013

Very interesting UFO video of a strange bright orb over the night skies of Quebec Canada :

Posters comments:
Quebec Canada, A surprised family notice a blobbing pulsating and exploding light in the sky, they get their high tech camera to record the object, when zooming into the object they are very surprised! A large shaped craft with a lot of plasma bursts of light is seen in very good detail, the recorder explains: I was out on the balcony with family around 9:45pm June 15th, 2013 and we saw a strange glowing orb in the sky near the horizon where the sun had set earlier. As I zoomed in with my camera which is a Canon SX40HS with a 140 times zoom, I saw this orb changing colours and shape. You can hear myself and the rest of the family freaking out on what it is. The 2 lights on the left hand side are just lights on the side of the house across from us. Have never seen anything like this in my life. This was filmed in La Prairie, Quebec.....

UFOs Appear Over Chicago 3rd August 2013

I recommend you view this UFO footage in fullscreen.
If you also saw these objects over Chicago recently please respond to this post.

Posters comments: Tony Lopez caught this interesting footage from Chicago on Saturday 3rd August 2013. Clearly the objects keep a very steady formation and they are bright enough for him to think they are rockets. Recent reports show there was a wave of sightings on the 3rd, Have you witnessed any activity over Chicago on 3rd August?

Hovering Blue orb over Fresno California Aug 2nd 2013

Posters comments:
Mike Ekesian records a hovering bright orb UFO outside his house, The object is no lantern or aircraft but one thing is for sure! Its very unusual and very bright, there have been a spate of UFO sightings right across the U.S from 2nd August to the 4th,

Monday, August 05, 2013

Unusual Bright UFO over Leeds UK 4th August 2013

New UFo video in from Leeds UK. Strange super bright object low in the horizon.

Posters comments: A bright unidentified flying object discends above countryside in Leeds UK, The object appears to be emitting its own light while slowly dropping to the treetops, the footage is short but interesting due to the daytime brightness, Recorder does not know what the object was and states: it was small and far away but looked just like the video. I thought it was a hot air baloon for a moment cos it was high and not moving. when i came back with the camera it got lower. i expected my camera to show it in focus but it was just a light. my camera is pretty good and so i was suprised it didnt pick up on what the object was Credits: Blip Street.

UFO over Novato, California 21st July 2013

New UFO video in from Novato, California. - One very strange object indeed:
Filmers comments:
My mother and I were in my room watching TV when we heard a loud roar outside. We ran to the window. It was a cop tat was out at my neighbors house. As my mom was preoccupied watching that go down, I noticed a light in the sky. I watched it, and it was just a plane, but I filmed it anyway since it seemed to be government, or at least non commercial. I walked outside and watched it fly away. About a few minutes later I saw a similar object to the UFO I saw on 07/14/13 in Novato. The sighting began at 10:04 PM. I started filming it asap. It was orange colored, and there were multiple lights. All were behaving differently. One large, bright one on the bottom and about 2 on the top. The bottom one was constant, the top ones were blinking/"dancing". It hovered in place for a little bit and then slowly drifted south/southwest. It was very low to the ground just nearby the Indian Tree Preserve Mountains. I filmed it until it disappeared around 10:06 PM, just after my camera ran out of film! The UFO is moving from right to left in the footage. I am standing in my backyard, facing the Indian Tree Preserve. The flight path of the UFO was from the vicinity of the Indian Tree Preserve to Josef Hoog Park. When I uploaded the footage to my computer and enhanced it, I could see the large lower light, a faded light on the left that was constant, and 3 - 4 smaller lights on the top blinking and "dancing" (a total of about 5 - 6 lights) It was cold outside. Very quiet. There was barely even a breeze. During the sighting I heard NO NOISE. NOTHING. In the enhanced video, you can see the Indian Tree Preserve mountains horizon. Below it, in the valley, is where the UFO was hovering.

Bright red UFO orb over Kearny New Jersey 3rd August 2013

Bright red UFO orb over New Jersey

Source MUFON: We were sitting on the porch when we noticed a bright orange object flying. I never saw anything like the object before. It was spherical in shape and emitted an orange glow. The object was moving steadily from the SW to the NE at variable speeds, at times ascending and then descending. Four objects were seen in total travelling in the same direction approximately a minute or two apart in similar paths. The objects disappeared from our field of view. All of us were stunned and surprized as we had never observed anything like this.

UFo lights in formation Over Orange County California 2nd August 2013

Sent in by a reader filmed 10:30 pacific time over Orange County California.
If anyone also witnesses these lights please respond to this post.