Thursday, August 08, 2013

UFO lights over West Los Angeles 8th June 2013

Daylight UFO sighting of numerous hovering orbs over Los Angeles 8th June 2013
 Note: You may want to view this video in full screen.

Eyewitness report - Source MUFON
At 830pm on Tuesday I passed by my window and noticed that a green orb-like object shot into the sky at a speed that I hadn't seen before. I had seen the same type of craft last week and weeks before that in the same direction. The craft shot up into the sky, hovered around, changed colors, turned the lights off, turned them on again, and then fell into treetops. Then a few minutes later it did the same thing. I recorded the scene the best that I could with my camera and iPad.
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Greg St. Pierre said...

Gut feeling is remote control aircraft, however I'm not sure of the range on the latest models. These seem pretty high, above the clouds at times.

Anonymous said...

Gut feeling, of a remote control aircraft,sure is worth a comment..Greg St Pierre!!:)

We were wondering though!..AIRCRAFT are constantly in movement!! how do we explain STATIONARY lights??? On larger AIRCRAFT,WE CAN!! as they approach us from a greater distance!
But when an aircraft,that is emitting a strong light,makes a TURN, wouldn't that light be blocked,from view, by some part of the aircraft? the WING for example! or the fuselage. These lights alone, "Show CONSTANTLY" except for the one at the top left,that suddenly appeared above the cloud,which might be self explaining, by the cloud cove!? YES?

Also, would we expect a controlled aircraft,to just streak straight down to the ground,it would crash,wouldn't it? I would have thought, something like a 45% angle of descent would be expected,..BUT STRAIGHT DOWN???..Could the descent angle VIEWED! have been a visual illusion?? even so, it still seems a bit fast in descent!?..I don't know! You maybe correct in your gut feeling about this,and its a bit hard to judge this, not knowing the distance away!!

Thought I'd throw this out there, to ponder on:)..........................

Anonymous said...

More than likely a remote controlled aircraft. Just Google "remote control ufo" and you'll see these 4 prop craft that can hover and fly at great distances from the controller. Most RC enthusiasts usually outfit their "toys" with lights and cameras. I know, I was racing RC vehicles as a hobby and ran into flying gurus that did amazing things in the air with their aircraft. A good tip is if that "ufo" doesn't stay up in the air for more than 10 minutes at a time it's an RC toy of some sort. Either battery powered or gas driven, typically they have a runtime of 10 mins average before having to refuel or change the battery pack. AND if the LA news didn't pick it up then it's probably nothing.

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