Saturday, December 08, 2007

October 23 2007 quallcomm stadium, san diego CA. ufo

October 23 2007 quallcomm stadium, san diego CA. we were sitting in the parking lot around 2 in the morning and we see a huge blue green laser shoot across the sky followed by an orange tail leaving a trail of smoke. about a minute later we were looking in the sky at that same spot and we saw a big thing that looked like a star blinking so i got my camera and zoomed in and this is what i the way this is unedited footage

Friday, December 07, 2007

Clinton UFO Files on Fox News

Grant Cameron investigating President Bill Clinton's UFO files and attempt of release of further Clinton files using FOIA

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Peru UFO fleet Lima May 21st 2007 / Squadron Translation

First ufo fleets over Peru, Lima 21st 2007 - I posted this back in may but found someone tried to translate the end of the video, (not that it makes much difference!): Reporter: This is the first recorded/filmed
event of it's kind over our capital concerning abnormal aerospace phenomena of this magnitude. This is now off to be investigated, but, begs the question 'Are we alone in the universe?'

Professor Robert Carr Discloses Goverment, Alien, UFO secret

Professor Robert was a Special Advisor to NICAP and also served as a Director of Educational Research for Walt Disney Studios. He also served with the Army Orientation Service and produced educational films for the State Department. It was Professor Carr who sent shock waves through the Pentagon and the Air Force on October 14th, when he accused the Air Force of not telling the truth about Flying Saucers. At a news conference in Tampa, Florida, Professor Carr said he had information that the Air Force had two flying saucers and the bodies of twelve (12) spacemen on ice in a refrigerated building at Wright Patterson Field in Dayton, Ohio. _ He starts talking about 1 minute into this film:

UFO Files - Crop Circle Controversy with Colin Andrews

History Channel - Interesting documentary about crop circles with Colin Andrews

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Alien Implants - surgeries, science and evidence

Alien Implants - surgeries to remove the implants. Whitley Strieber is on hand to shore things up in this investigation.

Complete full length video of the National Press Club UFO disclosure event from November 13 2007

For those who are interested the Full, uncut DVD of the National Press Club event is available now from the out of the blue website.The DVD includes a presentation from the 12 panelists plus Q & A with the media.

Click here for more info

Some people ask why this isn't just for free - the reason being that the out of the blue company has to pay big bucks to organise the event including flying witnesses from all over the world to the event, plus they are using the footage for their own movie. Without the producers earning their well deserved money, many videos and events like this wouldn't be avaialble for the the ufo community.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Amazing! - Very High quality version of the Triangle UFO seen in Bakersfield November 13 2007 by Diana Blackburn

Below is the new very high quality videos of the amazing triangle ufo seen in Bakersfield by Diana Blackburn on November 13 2007, I suggest you click the full screen icon to take advantage of the quality, If you want to go straight to the craft (seen below) fastword the video time scale to around 4.30 on both videos. I have also included the map (bottom)below posted by diana to show exactly where the sighting was

Apparently UFO researcher Jeff Ritzman and a video effects technician are currently reviewing this footage to validate its authenticity. Already they noted that they could see a faint outline - possibly indicating they object is solid object and not a formation of jets!
This footage is very shocking indeed and is most likely not a conventional aircraft. The girls seem genuinely shocked - their langage is quite colourful, which is not an uncommon reaction when people see a ufo for the first time! For latest news about this read more on ATS forum page - Diana has made comments herself on the forumPart 1

Part 2

UFO Files - Alien Engineering

Another great video from the History channel, i think i posted it before but here is the complete version, UFO Files - Alien Engineering

Ufos - the hidden truth documentary

An old documentary, Ufos the hidden truth nevertheless gives a good background and history to the ufo phenomenon

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Full Video of the Bakersfield triangular Ufo Sighting Diana Blackburn

This is the full footage of the video posted previously. If anyone has any news on the outcome of the analysis of this video please advise in the comments section. On the 13 November, this year, Diana Blackburn and her girlfriend witnessed a "huge" 'Flying Tirangle' near Bakersfield California while driving on the 5 North Interstate. They followed the object in their car for some time and managed to capture some 16 minutes of footage.

Peter Davenport: UFOs Do Exist, Government Hiding The Facts

Peter Davenport is a prominent scientist and Stanford graduate who claims UFOs do exist and the government is hiding information from the general public.