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UFO - North East Vancouver

Lima, Peru UFO Fleet Video -05-21-07

Simila to the mexican ufo fleet sightings

Ufos over Stirling City 16.1.2007

UFO in Bangalore May 2007

Below Article from this Source:
New Delhi: First it was unusual sightings in the skyspace of Prime Minister's 7, RCR residence in Capital, and now "flying objects" spotted in Bangalore - the UFO theory seems to be gaining credence.

A reader sent pictures and a first-hand account:

Today (Monday) at around 9 pm (IST), I and my brothers saw a bright, slow-moving object which looked like a group of lights moving in a triangular formation in the sky towards west/north-west direction. This object was definitely not an aeroplane as it was moving very slowly. We observed the object from around 9 pm until 9.30 pm before it disappeared into the distance. During this time we managed to take some pictures with my camera. The astronomical/space/science departments of any activity in the sky during the above time can be confirmed. We live in Jayanagar area of Bangalore. Another thing that we noticed during this time was an aircraft that took-off from Bangalore Airport was flying very close to this object. It is possible that the pilot of that aircraft could have spotted this object as well.source

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Is The 'force' actually real?

A bit off the ufo topic guys....
If your familiar with 'star wars' and the character Yoda you will be interested to find that his teachings and use of the 'force' were actually historically based on the real eastern pratice of 'Qigong'. The Jedi master (similar to the'qigong master') posseses powers such as telekinesis, fast movements and other seemily extra ordingary abilities. However in china to this day, such abilities are not unheard of and are often common in Qigong masters , such abilities range from being able to boil water at will, to moving objects and creating fire (don't belive me - see the below videos!). Infact the kungfu masters of the real Shoalin temple in China (as mentioned and seen in the movie 'Crouching tiger Hidden Dragon') developed qigong to assist them to achieve extraordinary moves and defensive capabiltites beyond physical capabilities.
The below videos demonstrate the force or (qi or chi ) in action with various masters with impressive abilities. If you would like to learn qigong yourself i recommend this one

Telekinesis and qigong:

Qigong and Kung Fu:

"An ally is the Force. And a powerful ally it is. Life creates it. . makes it grow. Its energy surrounds us and binds us luminous beings, though, not this crude matter. You must feel the Force around you. Between you, me, the tree, the rock, everywhere, yes, even between the land and the ship." -Yoda, Jedi Master of Star Wars-

UFO sighting Bournemouth U.K. 24.5.07

Orange lights dancing in the night sky moved in formation, coming and going in waves.
Numerous reports were phoned and emailed into the Echo of strange events in the sky at around 10pm last night.Dorset police confirmed they had received 'a few' calls and suggested it could possibly be a meteor shower or chinese lanterns. They are discounting the possibility of a military cause because, they say, the services inform them if they are conducting exercises at night in the area.

Taxi firm boss Nicky Smith, 38, of Capstone Road said this morning: "It was an incredibly strange experience. I've never seen anything like it before.

"I was just turning my car around in the road when I saw a group of about 20 people from a nearby dance studio standing in the street looking up to the heavens. They seemed to be transfixed."I wondered what on earth they were looking at. There were about six of these bright orange lights to the right of the moon. It was an amazing sight and I was completely bemused."

Nicky, who videoed the lights, said the episode went on for about 40 minutes as the lights moved around, formed into a line and disappeared one by one, then appeared to return in two more waves.

She added: "I called my husband Mark out to take as look and although he's very sceptical about UFOs and stuff like that, even he admitted he couldn't explain what it was." Another emailer, Michelle wrote: "We saw five or six lights in the south-south-east, initially in a wide triangle and then in wide crescent formation - then they went into a straight line.

"The movement was barely discernible and they appeared to be heading upwards. This was at about 10.20pm and at around 10.25pm a huge orange/red light rose rose up from the south horizon. It seemed to stop, moved upwards very, very slowly untill it disappeared." Bournemouth resident Graham Warren confirmed he also saw six lights.

New ufo over mexico Filmed June 2006

not sure baout this one, what do you think?

ufos and 1986 japanese 747 plane

Have posted it before but this was requested by someone its from pilot ufo sightings .
This is the 1986 sighting of a UFO stalking a Japanese jetliner going to Alaska. Lots of critical data was collected in this sighting