Thursday, December 26, 2013

More UFO Ovni Orbs! Tijuana, Mexico: 25/12/2013

Yet again another parallel UFO video - this one was filmed over Tijuana, Mexico:

Sighting! UFO Visits Houston, Texas: 25/12/2013

These parallel UFO orbs were filmed over Houston, Texas on the 25th December, 2013.
Note: You must view this video in full screen to see the 2 orbs.  Please ignore the lens dust specs in the foreground.

Source: MUFON
At approximately 1:40/45 in the morning I was sitting in my truck in a parking lot talking with a friend. He pointed out the driver window and said "what is that?" I looked and saw 5-6 small red/orange lights flying in the air. My first thought was reflection on my window so I rolled it down but that wasnt it. We got out and watched as they flew in a loose formation. The lights appeared to flicker slightly not flash or remain constant as aircraft. There was no noise at all. I was watching the brightest one in the back when my friend said the front ones just faded away. A few seconds later the last one faded away as well. There were clouds and they did appear to fade into the clouds but there was no visible light behind the clouds. Approximately 10-12 min later I saw the lights reappear again with no noise. Again they were in a loose formation and again faded away. They were not simply floating randomly but were directed somehow. There were fewer the second time. Video was taken with iPhone 5s.

UFO video over Boise Idaho 24th december 2013

UFO video over Boise Idaho, Please note if you live in the surrounding areas please reply to this post with details of your ufo sighting.
Driving home when my wife and I saw a red light in the sky. It caught my eye because I am always looking up for strange lights. I asked my wife what she thought and she recommended that we pull over so I did. When we pulled over I could tell that it wasnt moving because I judged it through my view through the trees. I told my wife that we should hurry home and grab the video camera and hopefully it would still be there. Got home ran inside grabbed my camera and got it into view just in time to see it drop another orb but this one was flashing. It was moving down slowly then stopped and almost seemed to come back up. Then the flashing object went back down and stopped for a second then shot down to the ground. I didnt realize the speed of the objects decent until watching the video back in slow motion. It was like a bullet and didnt make a sound. After the second object was out of view I zoomed in on the initial object and it flickered and blinked out.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Meteor / fireball reports over east coast USA

Numerous reports have come if strane fireballs in the US this week/
If you were one of the people that witnessed these sightings over the last week please reply to this post with the location from which this occurred.

Posters comments:
Concerning tonight's fireball seen over much of the southern U.S... this is from Bill Cooke of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville...

"Definitely a fireball; time was Dec 18 at 02:20:40 UTC or Dec 17 at 8:20:40 PM CST. It started out 52 miles above I-24 just south of Manchester, Tennessee and moved to the north of west at 50,000 mph. We lost track of it at an altitude of 23 miles just to the northwest of Shelbyville, Tennessee.

The closest camera (Tullahoma) shows that the fireball was about as bright as the Full Moon, which means we are dealing with an object about 20 inches across and weighing approximately 400 lbs. Orbit indicates this object is a piece of an asteroid, with an aphelion in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, and perihelion (closest point to the Sun) inside the orbit of Venus."

Sunday, December 22, 2013

December 2013 - latest UFO news in review - UFO planet

Daren Crapo does an excellent review of the most latest UFO sightings for December.
Highlighted events include those over algary, Alberta, Canada; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Sudbury, Ontario, Canada; Los Angeles, California, USA; Miami, Florida, USA; Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada; International Space Station and News From Space at the landing of China's Jade Rabbit on the lunar surface:

UFO or meteor ? mysterious crash Santee San Diego County Dec 17th

Santee residents reported seeing a mysterious object falling from the sky on Dec. 17, 2013.
If any realUfos readers witnessed this recent event please reply to this post with your description of what you saw.
Experts believe the object could have been a meteor. Note this is not the first such event over Santee - prevously in May a report came in of a falling object from the sky.
News report

Officials received calls from residents of San Diego County reporting something falling from the sky early Tuesday.San Diego County Sheriff's Department received several calls reporting something in the sky over State Route 52 at Mission Gorge in Santee.

Deputies checked the area where witnesses claimed to see something fall to the ground just before 5 a.m. They told NBC 7 there were no aircraft missing or overdue at the nearby Gillespie Field.

Heartland firefighters assisted in the search and said they are considering the reports unfounded, believing the object may have been a meteor.

The Bridgewaterwater Triangle UFO incident Massachusetts 1979 makes the news Dec 19th 2013

An interesting UFO case - the Bridgewaterwater Triangle UFO incident that occured over Massachusetts has finally made the light of day after occuring back in 1979.
This news feature looks at the interesting case - if any of our readers have further information on this interesting historical UFO sighting please reply to this post with what you know.

Posters notes:

In February, a former radio reporter related his encounter in 1979 at the so-called Bridgewater Triangle in southeastern Massachusetts.
I tracked down the other radio reporter in the car at that time, and there's some starling new information that will have you wondering what really took place.

"Generally speaking, I thought the people who especially saw -- before I spotted this device -- I thought people who saw stuff like that were definitely a little nuts in the head. They were crackpots," said Steve Sbraccia. "Now I have a different attitude about certain sightings."

Until I tracked him down, now a television reporter at NBC17 in Raleigh, N.C., Sbraccia said he hadn't really talked about what happened to him and then fellow Boston radio reporter Jerry Lopes on March 23, 1979. After a long day at work, in the same car, they were heading to the Raynham dog track, coming down Route 24 where it meets Route 106 in West Bridgewater.

"And I was driving and I said, 'Ah gee, you see that?' As we're getting off the exit, it's a strange object in the sky. It looked like sort of a baseball home plate," Sbraccia said.

"We noticed a couple of other automobiles pulled off the side of the road, and we decided to do the same thing," Sbraccia said. "To get a good view of the thing, I had to get out of the passenger side and stand next to the vehicle. And when I did, we saw this, this, this thing coming at us with this very bright light very much like this. And it passed directly overhead."

Sbraccia said it was as big as three Boeing 707s, wingtip to wingtip. It hovered for a couple of minutes, and then took off.

If that first close encounter wasn't bizarre enough for Steve and Jerry -- and apparently many others along where Route 24 meets Route 106 -- wait until you hear what happened next.

Sbraccia at the time lived in Newton, Mass., about 30 miles away, and Jerry, about 20 miles away in Braintree, Mass.

"It was about 10 o'clock at night, and I was out jogging, and I saw the, I saw the same thing again. Now, I'm figuring at this point I must be crazy. I must be. How could I see the same thing within two days?" Sbraccia said.

He called Jerry.

"Flash forward two more days from that ... and he is coming back from a friend's house. It's about 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning, he sees the same thing. He sees the light and so forth. But Jerry, because he was mobile and because he was in an urban area, he was able to get to the Braintree police station. He goes into the police station, he talks to the police officers and drags three of them out to the parking lot of the police station, and all four of them sit there and observe the thing," Sbraccia said.

A reporter for The Enterprise of Brockton picked up the story and discovered that two credible radio news reporters weren't the only ones who saw this thing.

Steve and Jerry started digging deeper. They checked with nearby Air Force and Navy bases.

"The FAA, no radar returns. Logan Airport in Boston," Sbraccia said, "no radar returns. That bothered us tremendously."