Saturday, January 03, 2009

New UFO Hunters - the Lost UFO Files

As usual Ufo hunters have done a great Ufo documentary here - its called the lost Ufo files:
pt 1

pt 2

pt 3

pt 4

pt 5

Friday, January 02, 2009

Ufos 26 and 29th December 2008

Underground bases and the Hadron Collider

A look at the extent of building the large Hadron Collider& other underground bases

Ufo over staxtonwold uk Dec 3rd 2008

As you may know guys Ufos always seem to visit to military bases (probably due to them monitoring nuclear installations). These objects below been seen over the RAF base in saxtonwold on 3 seperate occasions, this one was filmed dec 3rd:

Was it a ufo over quebec Canada, December 30 ?

Whats this look to you guys?

Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year Ufo Bucharest Romania 2009

A 9 minutes video showing some strange lights in the night, 40 minutes after the 2009 New Year, Bucharest, Bucure┼čti, Romania

Ufo recorded on 29th december 2008

George Knapp at MUFON La

George Knapp, the award-winning journalist who broke the Bob Lazar/Area 51 story, joins us at MUFON-LA to catch us up on his latest investigations. From Area 51 to government secrecy, from Soviet UFOs to Col. Corso, this lively presenter will touch on many of UFOs hottest topics in an informative and engaging way.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nancy Talbott - hard science behind the study of crop circles

You may or may not know that there are large scientific research groups all over the world using evidence based research to study crop circles. The finding of these studies are conclusive and show that crop circles do have an extra terrestrial origin. Nancy Talbott is the world leader in the scientific study of Crop Circles and related anomalies :

Nancy has been in collaboration with BLT Research colleagues Levengood and Burke since 1993. BLTs breakthrough investigations established protocols in field and plant studies respected worldwide, and recounted in several documentaries. In 1999, an opportunity to carry out some new research presented itself when New York philanthropist Laurance S. Rockefeller offered funding. In order to meet Mr. Rockefeller's requirements Ms. Talbott sought and was granted non-profit, tax-exempt status, and BLT Research Team, Inc. was created, with Ms. Talbott as President.

Triangle Ufo in 1997

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

30 RAF staff witness UFO fleet says radar chief

An extreemly interesting article surface today in the Sun paper from the UK,
here's a extract of the article:

AN RAF expert yesterday revealed how he tracked a whole fleet of “spaceships” on military radar — but the Ministry of Defence told him to keep quiet.
Wing Commander Alan Turner, 64, said colleagues sat stunned when 35 super-fast vessels appeared on their screens.

Wing Cmdr Turner, who was a chief operator of the RAF’s radar system for 29 years, said the craft were equally spaced and shot from 3,000ft to 60,000ft at almost 300mph.

Incredibly, every few seconds one of the UFOs would suddenly vanish from radar and be replaced by an identical vessel moments later.

Wing Cmdr Turner said six military radars, plus operators at Heathrow, spotted the UFOs east of Salisbury Plain and filed reports on the unexplained phenomenon in 1971.

“It wasn’t just me.

“More than 30 pairs of eyes of RAF staff and radar operators at Heathrow Airport witnessed the same thing.

“It’s arrogant to believe that we’re the only ones in this universe.”

ufo over Norway Dec 27th -08

An unidentified flying object made itself visible at December 27th 2008 over a city in Norway,

it was very cold and dark outside but a clear starry night nevertheless - even tho the cold temperature makes stars and planets appear smaller than with warm weather, the object in the sky was quite huge and clear, at least twice the size of planet Jupiter. Both Jupiter and Venus is located at different dec. and the object disappeared from location after 1 1/2 hour. The telescopic filters shows that the object pushes red light (high energy), and blocks blue, the object also appears to be of a Dropa shape - it is at least similar. We were 5 witnesses present when the object appeared.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Ufo over Buenos Aires December 2008

Ufo over Buenos Aires December 2008 in Distrito Federal

UFO information ‘ Above top secret ’ says Australian political leader

Malcolm Turnbull , a famous politician and the leader of the opposition party in australia was recently interviewed about Ufos by AllnewsWeb and his comments were shocking indeed:

'Michael Cohen, of All News Web, happened to chance upon Mr Turnbull and ask him a few questions regarding UFO related topics, probably the first time he was asked anything on the topic by any media outlet. Some of his answers were startling.:

On whether he would disclose what the Government knew about UFO and Alien visitation and contact with humans he was rather evasive, claiming he wasn’t sure they knew anything and if they did they weren’t telling him or anyone he knows. Then he made the surprise revelation:‘That information would be above top secret, highest classification of secrecy’. This was a truly remarkable comment.'

So here again guys this shows you how elected officials and party heads of countries aren't able to disclose information, even when they are in the know of whats going on - so what chance do the public have of ever finding out themselves!

Ufo over Lima Peru

Ufo over Lima Peru 10.6.1999