Saturday, July 19, 2008

Larry King UFOs Over U.S. Military Sites

Here it is guys the Latest Larry king feature UFOs Over U.S. Military Sites.
This interview highlights a major threat to National security as it means that UFOs can disable out most powerful weapons - Nuclear bombs! :

pt 1

pt 2

pt 3

pt 4

Larry King UFOs Over U.S. Military Sites

Yet again Guys Larry King aired another special on the 18th of July titled: UFOs Over U.S. Military Sites - Here's the promo:

Have UFOs disabled U.S. defense systems? Wait until you hear what three former Air Force officers have to say. You won't believe the answer!" The testimonies that could turn you into a believer. The evidence is in...

As soon as i find the video for the latest interview i will post asap.

So why is Larry talking about ufos so much? Well basically the topic of ufos mean good ratings for his network - but the reason behind the high ratings more importantly, is the increased public interest in ufos.
So what do you guys think of the huge exposure that Larry is giving the Ufo Topic?

Also if you haven't seen it before here's a recap of the previous Larry King interview on the Stephenville radar reports (which i have posted in more depth here last week)

Friday, July 18, 2008

The Future of Cars - Telsa Motors Electric Roadster - Goodbye Oil companies!

Guys the future is here:

Finally a powerful electric car - the Tesla Roadster. This futuristic electric car is years ahead of all rival car companies, who have stalled on electric cars because of pressure from oil companies. You can actually buy one of these super fast cars now as they are in full production - Thank god Say goodbye to Oil for Good!

Ufo new coverage in the UK

The Uk has such better ufo coverage than the News in the US, check out this long report:

Mt. Hamilton, California July 2008 - Cigar ufo ?

Hey guys,
This guy , posted here on ATS website captured an interesting object which looks like a cigar ufo. what do you guys think of it? I have also posted an interesting piece of footage showing what a cigar ufo looks in flight (below)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Uprise against Fake CGI UFO videos !

It just terrible that numerous bored (or unemployed) graphic animation nerds have decided to devote all their spare time to deceive the public with fake ufo videos . With CGi technology now at the point where videos can be made to look too real, I believe the fakers now have a moral responsibility to disclose what they are doing because its simply too hard for the public to judge for themselves. Fake ufo videos pose a serious threat to ufology as they distract from the genuine phenomenon and confuse the masses.
I call for all posters of such faked material to be made responsible for this deception and wasting of peoples time.
So if you see an obviously fake ufo video on sites like youtube be proactive - leave comments to advise the poster to either remove their videos or do the right thing & label them as fakes
Just Look at how easy it was to create the recent UK Cgi Video:

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Triangle ufo over Kaunas, Lithuania,Europe,8 June 2008

Filmed in Kaunas, Lithuania, at around 00h15 on 8 June 2008. Three silent moving orange spots moving in formation. Two similar lights had been sighted a few minutes before.

What to do if you see a Ufo ? - according to google

He guys,

Featured on blogger mobile the animation below is such a laugh!:

I must say it shows you how times have changed on the web - Blogging is now a phenomenon in itself and is the perfect avenue for expressing ideas and news which you would not normally see on the TV - just like the ufo videos on this blog!

So addressing the serious question - what do you do if you see a ufo on the go? :

Well actually not surprisingly unlike the picture above i would recommend you whip out the best recording devices you have. Don't freak out , stay calm and keep your eye on the object at all times.

Its true most people do have video recording abilities on their mobile/ cell phones now but the quality is still not always great. If you do by chance has a high quality device such as a digital camera i would recommend you take a clear and stabilised shot of the Ufo. Many people complain ufo shots are often blurry and not clear - this can always be fixed by using a tripod to stabilised the image - (but of course not many ppl carry a tripod with them all the time, so do the best with what you have!).

Also always make sure you can include some object in the foreground or surrounding to enable people to reference the position of the ufo from the ground relative in the sky. also possibly try to focus in on the object and follow it for as long as you can - (fakers often take short clips of ufos - so the longer your video the less likely ppl are to say its a fake). Its good also to get other peoples reaction to the ufo video if you can, the more people who are seen witnessing a sighting the more valid it makes the video.

Also guys if you want me to post your ufo video here please upload it to a video sharing site first, i don't have time to down load the video sorry so i need it on youtube or dailymotion so i can preview it.

They are just a few tips, can you guys think of any more?

Ring Shape UFO

The famous black ring shapped ufos - has anyone ever see one?
My old post of this was deleted so decided to post again:

Web Bot Predictions for 2009 - the year of shortages , global depression?

Hey guys,

Below is a summary of the web bot predictions we should look out for in 2009:

Just what are the web bots?
Not sure if you remember but previously i have done a few posts on the web bot predictions and even how they relate to ufos. If you dont know what they are then read my previous post's on it - they are very important because of their accuracy in predicting future events.
According to their notes they summarize that 2009 will be the year of a Global Coastal Event:
• The bigger things are in modelspace, the more lead time we get
• Collapse of the dollar has been in modelspace for 2 ½ years
or so. Even longer has been Global Coastal event.
• Global Coast Event likely in early to mid 2009
• Permanent loss of low lying territory globally but one continent in particular get hit badly. We don’t know which one, but we hope it’s like a Greenland or some not heavily populated area. (*working on this now, but it’s at the limit of our software)
• Places to avoid: anything at sea level (Bangladesh/Florida/ etc).

According to the web bot team 2009 can be summarised with a "word of the year" - specifically a word which will summarize how life will 'feel' in '09.

The direction of this word points to famine, starvation and both food & resource shortages:

Some key headlines discussed that hint to 2009 following this outlook :
"Fuel Choices, Food Crises, and Finger-Pointing"
"US shops ration food for first time"
"Chavez, allies create $100m food plan"
"Year of poor decisions created food crisis: FAO"
"Homerless begin moving back into Ontario Tent City"

"Oil gains on US inventory fall"
OpEd piece: "We must ration Gasoline"
"Gasoline and distillate inventories decline"
"Gasoline prices take a toll on vacations"
Food, foreclosures and fuel -- are these road enough markers? No...:
"Angola: Portuguese environment minister jets in"
"U.S. environment scientists report political meddling"
"The War against the Environment"
"The big turn off: Could you drink, bathe, and clean using just 20 litres a day?"
"Indebted Brits forced to change lifestyle"

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

great footage of the original Belgium triangle ufo

great footage of the historic belgium ufo triangle":

Astoria, Queens, New York City Triboro Bridge - UFO , helicopter or something else?

This interesting video captures a ufo apparently caught from cam footage over the Triboro Bridge click here to watch. I am not sure of this one guys.
This below video also does an inverse (of the above link )to see what the object is - whats your opinion guys?

Triboro Bridge UFO

Monday, July 14, 2008

Why you should boycott watching the 2008 Beijing Olympic games !

Hi guys an unrelated ufo post but an urgent call to action that bloggers worldwide are requesting of their readers:
After watching an utterly shocking documentary about the horrific treatment of the Chinese on Tibetians i now truely understand why people all over the world are so concerned about Freeing tibet from China.
The current treatment of Tibetians from the Chinese and is reminiscent of Nazi style concentration camps: From forced mass sterilisations of women to starvation and torture the Chinese government is forcing mass genocide on Tibetians to wipe their race out completely.

The Chinese government has been working tirelessly to maintain a complete media blackout in Tibet so the western world doesn't hear much of this but bit by bit more documentaries are coming out of the region exposing grave human rights abuses.
The reason for China's efforts is that Tibet is rich in minerals and oil and China will stop at no means to get these resources.
Even worse is that average Chinese people see no problem in what their country is doing (thanks to state propaganda)- and now obviously we don't either - because we let them host the upcoming Olympic games.
Its truly a disgrace and hypocritic that a country that is holding the Olympic games - which are symbol of freedom and unity in the western world - don't even value simple human rights let alone the values upheld by the Olympic spirit.
So I call upon everyone to boycott watching the Beijing 2008 Olympic games because it is compromising the values which the Olympics were built on - primarily: "peace, friendship and brotherhood".Read more here
If you are a blogger please pass on the request that your readers boycott watching the games on tv - together we can make a difference!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The stephenville mufon Texas Radar Report

Hey guys,
as you may know its taken Mufon many months to validate the stephenville ufo sightings from earlier this year. This report also validates the sighting with credible FAA radar reports: Radar data obtained by MUFON confirms that there were Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) flying above Stephenville, Texas, January 8th, 2008, just as many eyewitnesses had reported and which made headlines worldwide.

Click here if you have time to read the whole thing

Berlin Ufo Orb fleets 11th July 2008

UFO Orb Light Fleet over Berlin 11th July 2008

Interesting ufo video

This guy appareently caught multiple ufos in the one day
here is the footage

rare documentary - Alien Encounters

quite interesting theories in this documentary:

Examines evidence suggesting the existence of life from other planets. Disney CEO Michael Eisner opens this documentary originally aired from 27FEB 95 to 26 MAR95 without advance notice to 5 U.S. cities. Narrated by Robert Urich

Stephenville UFO Larry King Special 11 July 2008

A must watch guys - aired 11 July 2008 Larry King goes into more detail about the famous Stephenville ufo sighting in texas. With featured people like the ufo hunters being interviewed the special brings up some important conclusions:
pt 1

pt 2

pt 3

pt 4