Friday, July 18, 2008

The Future of Cars - Telsa Motors Electric Roadster - Goodbye Oil companies!

Guys the future is here:

Finally a powerful electric car - the Tesla Roadster. This futuristic electric car is years ahead of all rival car companies, who have stalled on electric cars because of pressure from oil companies. You can actually buy one of these super fast cars now as they are in full production - Thank god Say goodbye to Oil for Good!

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Neurotoxicum said...

the efficient and cheap the car might be, its only as clean as the source the electric power is derived from...
So electric cars can only be the first step to clean energy like solarpower for example.

Did you know that the whole US could be independend from oil using only a tiny amoumnt of its desert areas for building solarthermia powerplants?

I think that could be the way...

Anonymous said...

Its a great start but we still use lots of oil burning power stations to produce the electricity.

Cannot wait to stop relying on those arabs though!!!

Anonymous said...

We use oil to make nearly every useful item in the modern world.
We don't need to say goodbye to oil.
We need to use it wisely.

Anonymous said...

oil will instead say goodbye to us.. ha ha ha.

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