Friday, November 23, 2012

Incredible! UFO Light Beam? East Field Wiltshire, UK: 05/2010

This was witnessed at night over a canola field at East Field, Wiltshire using night vision googles. Throughout the night we witnessed many unusual sightings of lights - fields lit up with pale blue flashes - streaks of 3 white lights shooting across the sky and then a beam of light appeared over a distant field. Due to all the activity throughout the night we had hope that a formation had appeared somewhere within the vicinity but as dawn arrived there was nothing to see so we drove through all the possible locations but to our disappointment, we still didn't see any crop formations. Canola formations can sometimes be hard to spot from the roadside so we flew across the entire location just to be sure that we haven't missed one somewhere, but yet still nothing. On the 4th of May, colleagues still out in the field begun to witness many lights which were quickly joined by military choppers. These sightings continued for over 3 hours - I get the feeling that there is a bit of teasing going on and testing the patience of helicopter pilots. We haven't a crop formation just yet but other activity has definitely begun.

UFO's Visit Kent, England? 19/11/2012

An interesting UFO reported, in Kent, England

Filmers comments:
Here is some footage and photos of UFO's in my home town, Tenterden in Kent, England: Unidentified Flying Objects/Orbs. Watch the zoom in from 15 mins 44 seconds and see the black dot thing going over the surface. Watching this with binoculars is extraordinary - shame I didn't have a more powerful lens. No, they're definitely not meteors or weather balloons. They were there too long to be meteors - and they come and go - see them pop in and out on the video. Besides, when you look at them (or some of them) through binoculars they change shape. No, certainly not any kind of aircraft (at least that I know of) - we double and triple checked this with binoculars. I wish we could have filmed what we saw through the bincoculars, with the changing shapes, the brightening and dimming, enlarging and shrinking of the lights/orbs. Even that bit where it looks like it might to some look like a helicopter - look at how it changes into two and then into one and then disappears with big flashes. And there was no noise, and on and off there were around eight of these things in different parts of the sky. Also, as the photos show they were there on and off all night and had appeared on and off over a few days.

UFO Fleet Over Westhampton, NY: 19/10/2012

An interesting set of hovering lights, filmed over New York:

Poster comments: "It was my mothers birthday roughly around 945 pm and my sister came running inside on her way out to tell us 5 ufos were flying over our home...when i ran out i saw 5 giant orange orbs slowly moving east across the sky!!! Completely in shock i took one still picture of the ufos and went to the video to record the event...the kicker was that the ufos only appeared as white dots on video...u can clearly see them but wow...they all started dissapearing..on camera too!! After they all dissapeared into thin air i reviewed the pictures and only one picture showed the white ufos and the rest showed orange orbs!!! I have an edited version of the video but i dont want you to think i messed with video so here is the full unedited version and u can hear my whole family in awww!!! I believe i caught a group of boomerang ufos!!! U tell

UFO Ovnis - Distrito Federal Mexico: 15/11/2012

A mass of UFO Ovni lights were seen in the town of Distrito Federal Mexico on 15th November 2012

UFOs Vs Insects: No Bugs Here Says Insect Expert

Follow-up report from the Denver TV station on the recent UFOs filmed there. While many are convinced they're just bugs, at least one entomologist, after watching the video, says she doesn't believe they're insects.